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  • nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

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    Old 06-20-2008, 06:57 AM   #1
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    kelly1986 HB User
    nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    hi everyone my name is kelly, i have been trying to decide which board to post on because my symptoms and situation actually fall under multiple boards. anxiety right now seems to be the biggest problem, so i chose this one to start (lucky you guys)...and thanks in advance because i'm not sure where this is going....

    here are the basics...
    1) i started drinking when i was 13 and am a recovering alcoholic (10 yrs sober by the grace of God) drank for 17 yrs heavily (addiction and recovery board)
    2)since 15 or so have battled depression and started antidepressents about that age (depression board)
    3) i suffer chronic pain due to gynecological issues and will for the rest of my life which is controlled at this time with the narcotic Norco (pain management)

    anyway i figured the more background the better chance you guys can help me get through what is happening now....
    i went to school 3 yrs ago and graduated last stressed me out so badly i ended up on blood pressure meds. toward the end..and had multiple times where i just broke down crying due to the pressure of exams and check-offs etc. i just don't handle pressure well...i was wanted to quit so many times by made it through.... first job was a terrible experience and i ended up walking out...after 3 mos. they have since dissolved their company it was so april i began a job ...and it is a nightmare.....mass mangagment communication...they recently changed to 12 hr shifts from 8 so i'm there 15 hrs. by the time everything is done...i'm a brand new graduated so i'm still trying to do everything "the right way" and am having a hard time dealing with "the short cuts" the other staff i'm always behind...anyway enough of the sob story information....

    heres my question...i have been going to my Dr every 2 weeks since i had a breakdown at work about 1 month ago...crying hysterically to the point of sobbing and hyperventilation....first visit he added buspar for anxiety,(because i've been having spells where i swear i'm having a heartattack due to the pressure in my chest and its almost like i have to think to breath)...
    i haven't been able to fall asleep (skipping aroung here) for the last 2 years because my brain WILL NOT shut off and everything just keeps spinning through my mind so i'm on ambien...Dr. added amitriptyline to current i sleep a few hours at least

    and put my on "Pristiq" for depression

    i was scheduled to work wed and called off...because when i get ready to go...its as if i physically cannot...i get sick to my stomach and can't breath...

    back to the Dr. started me on AMBILIFY ...and took me off work for 1 week then i see him again...I AM SO SCARED...he says he feels i either had or am having a nervous breakdown...but that i also my be bipolar??? i'm so confused???and scared and nervous...oh also i was wondering i anyone has ever felt "disassociation" its almost like at times when i talk its really loud and sometimes i feel like i'm sort of watching my life like i'm there but not really??? ok i'll shut up, if you have ques please ask...if anyone can even relate it would help me soooo much....thanks for listening...kel

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    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    It sounds like anxiety not bipolar. You may want to see another Dr. for a second opinion. Are you seeing a psychiatrist or GP? Some of the meds you're taking could be upping your anxiety and with your history of addiction I would think a Dr. would be very careful what they prescribed to you. You might also think about looking for another less stressful work environment. That place sounds like a "zoo" and would stress out most people. There are many people on this board that know alot more about this and I'm sure they will chime in with other advice. God bless and take care.

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    kelly1986 HB User
    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    awww rudiraven,
    thank you...just to know i'm not alone...someone answered...
    to answer you question. and for to clarify for anyone else that may see my post...i go to a GP...same one for 25 yrs...he went through the whole alcohol battle with me and i give him a huge part of the credit for my being sober (and alive) yes we are watching the pain meds. very closely...i physically couldn't stand or make it through a day <WITHOUT>them however, alcohol was my drug of choice so yes with my hx. its a concern but not a huge part of any of this...i also wanted to let you all know my meds because now you scared me...about some adding to anxiety...i take ziac (blood pressure) norco (pain) buspar (anxiety) Pristiq, amitriptyline at night and ambien at night and as of yesterday Ambilify. thanks again, kel

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    wangela67 HB User
    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    {REMOVED}Also, pat on the back for staying sober as long as you have. You have a lot of reasons to be proud of yourself.

    My opinion, I understand your present doctor has helped you through many difficult times in your life. I think that he is treating you mainly for depression and not the anxiety. The symptoms that are referring to below are anxiety. I've been there and have suffered what you are describing. Both the ADs that you are on are for Major Depressive Disorder. I would think you would do better on something that would treat both the anxiety and depression like Lexapro, or Paxil. I'm on Paxil it treats both the anxiety and depression.

    Also the AD that you are on (Pristiq(sp)?) is contraindicated for someone with high blood pressure. If I were you I would find out who a good Psych doctor is in your town and go for an appointment. I'm sure your doctor is being careful about prescribing a benzo (for anxiety) because of your addiction issues. Also, how long have you been on the AD? If you just started in the last week or so you may feel a little worse at first (more anxiety, stomach upset) before you feel better. These meds usually take 2-3 weeks to take effect.

    Another thing, your job!! It sounds extremely stressful and maybe you need to look for something else. {REMOVED}Maybe you need a job a little more calming than your present job. This would probably help to reduce some of the anxiety.

    I really don't feel like you are having a nervous breakdown. You are suffering from stress overload, which has caused extreme anxiety.

    Hang in there! Try to focus on relaxing while you are out of work this week and maybe checking with another doctor (Psychiatrist would be best). Go do something that brings you relaxation (reading, swimming, walking, whatever you like).

    Best Wishes!

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    Lindaru HB User
    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    I have to say your symptoms do not sound at all like nervous break down or bi-polar.

    I had a best friend at one time who suffered from repeated nervous break downs. She would go to lunch with me, not say much, and pick at but not really eat her food. She would manage to go to work every day and do her job, but she did not really interact much with her co-workers. Then one day, she got to the point where she simply could not function either at home or at work.

    I also have known several bi-polar sufferers. They would be euphoric one minute, maybe hateful of the world the next, calm for a little bit and then down in the dumps. The mood swings were very dramatic.

    I agree with those that say you should see someone that specializes in anxiety disorders. They can also recommend counseling regarding job choices or dealing with difficult bosses. They will also be more knowledgeable about medications that would work for you and not interfere with prescriptions taken for health problems.

    Best of luck to you!


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    kelly1986 HB User
    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    hi everyone,
    thanks for all the replies and suggestions..i really do feel like i am losing my mind...i just kind of wander through the days...even when i was at work (dangerous) i was functioning but my mind wasn't really there.

    wangela67...i had been on lexapro for 3yrs and may 20, he took me off lexapro and started the Pristiq from one straight to the other...i even ask the pharmacist when i picked it up about stopping one and starting the other and she said i should be fine since they are the same type of drug...

    anyway...i have been anything but fine i have been on Pristiq and buspar (same day) since may 20...and started ambilify yesterday...

    also my memory is shot...i am forgetting things that i wouldn't usually forget.
    is ambilify for bi-polar or depression? i'm going to look it up now...haven't had a chance till now...from what he (Dr) explained it is more mood swing..which i do have quite badly.
    also someone mentioned a benzo...which med is that...i was most concerned about the opiate of Norco ...maybe i'm watching the wrong drug...see ..i just get to rambling and my mind goes so fast, i just have to all are helping...thank you so much...i appreciate it..and i hope i didn't get anyone in trouble . i didn't read the posting rules before i started...i apoligize...thanks again kel

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    GatsbyLuvr1920 HB UserGatsbyLuvr1920 HB User
    Re: nervous breakdown?? bi-polar??

    Abilify (technical name of "aripiprazole") is a form of atypical anti-psychotic that is primarily prescribed for bipolar mania and schizophrenia. However, the atypical anti-psychotics can be used for other conditions, usually when other "more common" medications for those conditions haven't worked. For example, my doctor recently started me on Abilify, even though I don't have either bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. I have OCD (as well as Asperger's Syndrome and panic attacks), and I have what is known as "treatment-resistant OCD." I've tried three different SSRIs (two different Zoloft trials, Lexapro, and Prozac), and I've also been through three rounds of CBT, and I have yet to find relief from my OCD. The atypical anti-psychotics are now beginning to be used for OCD and other non-psychotic conditions, because they help with abnormally high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

    Benzodiazepines are anti-anxiety medications, such as Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, and Valium. Some people take a benzo each day, to keep anxiety at bay. Others, myself included, only take them when their anxiety is unmanageable; I take Klonopin as needed for extremely severe panic attacks. It is the decision of you and your doctor as to which method works best for you.
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