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Natty44 09-04-2008 10:32 AM

How long does it take Lexapro to work???
I started 5 ML of Lexapro last Friday, Aug. 29, and don't feel anything different as of yet. Some people I have talked to felt better within 3-5 days. I wonder if I'm on a high enough dose? It seems most people are started on 10 ML so not sure why I was started on 5. I would just like to know if anyone felt any different after 1 week or if it'll take longer to feel the effects? So far the only side effect I have is no appetite (which is miserable) and dry mouth. Thank you

cg030281 09-04-2008 11:19 AM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???
According to my doctor (and everyone's is different) she started me in 10mg and said that I need to stick with the 10mg for at least 6 weeks to see if that dose will work for me. Her reason being is that in most people, it can take up to that long to get the FULL effect of the drug. You may start to feel better much sooner, but I would stick with your 5mg for a while and go from there.

Also, those side effects should subside within a week or so.

shrtcak81 09-04-2008 01:11 PM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???
Hi there. I'm also waiting for the Lexapro to really take effect. I started at 2.5mg for a week because even 5mg gave me yucky side effects. Then I was on 5mg for two weeks. I noticed slight improvement, but it wasn't enough. Now I've been on 10mg for almost a week and I'm feeling a bit better. I know that I have to give it another couple weeks to feel the full effect. I would stick with 5mg for another week to see if it's working and if not, up it to 10mg. Hang it there:)

violet312s 09-05-2008 08:53 PM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???
Natty - posted a long reply in another post

Others - For all those taking Lexapro:

1) Gotta give it at least 3 weeks to know if the dose is working.
2) The vast majority of people WILL have horrible side effects for the first few weeks. The first week is the worst. You will feel more anxious than you did before. No appetite. Agitated, frequent bathroom visits, etc. Horrible.
3) The starting "theraputic" dose per my doc is 10mg. If you start on a low dose and then go up unfortunately you get to start back at square 1 on the side-effects front.
4) Full benefits happen after about 4-6 weeks. That's when all the side effects go away (including the annoying gastro stuff).

This is one of those drugs that takes a LOOOONNNNGGGG time to work. For me it works fabulously in conjunction with Buspar and therapy. I'm back at work after not being able to walk outside my house a short 3 months ago.

Tip: Count the days on Lexapro. By the time you get to around 15 you'll stop counting (or at least I did).

shrtcak81 09-07-2008 08:42 PM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???

How long did it take you to feel the effects on the 10mg dose? I started out taking 5mg for a couple weeks and today is day 9 taking 10mg. Will it be another week or two before I'll really know if it's working? Well, I already know it's working because I have far less anxiety, but I still got a little bit today. I just don't want to have any. Thanks!


violet312s 09-07-2008 10:12 PM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???
Within the next few days you'll feel it working. For me it felt like a switch got flipped in my brain and I was able to tackle the anxiety.

Just to dispel some expectations. You will still have anxiety. You may still have panic attacks as you tackle anxious situations. The medication alone will not "cure" you. Does it help you tackle anxious situations better? Absolutely. But you still have to tackle them. Therapy has helped me in amazing ways in conjunction with medication to tackle each of my fears in a repetitive way so that I no longer fear it.

The medication gives you focus and relieves some of the horrible feelings. Doesn't make them go away. You have to do that on your own. :angel:

And even though you're on day 9, keep counting. I stopped counting around 15 because the count no longer mattered. I was out and about and gradually reclaiming my territory.

Good luck! Hopefully your brain will flip that switch soon

emmablue13 09-08-2008 09:42 AM

Re: How long does it take Lexapro to work???
I totally agree with Violet. You will still have some anxiety but that's good. Acording to my counselor anxiety is a normal emotion. It's just that for us- suffer's of GAD- anxiety can and does get the best of us. We still need anxiety in our lives to a degree. Hang in there with Lexapro.

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