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vick03 09-27-2008 06:34 PM

Lexapro & Wellbutrin Combined???
Hey guys,

So i had a doctors appointment earlier this week and told him about a few of my side effects with Lexapro. I read the advice here and thought he would switch me to Wellbutrin, but instead he recommended that I take it with the lexapro. Is this normal? Have any of you guys been put on both lexapro and Wellbutrin at the same time?

<BY THE WAY>, I got the generic brand of Wellbutrin, not sure if it makes a difference but I do gotta say that I haven't felt anything different with this new addition. Although the lexapro has me feeling much better.

I told him about my prolonged orgasm and he just kind of shrugged it off as a "well, it's one of those things that come with it" Which again, has been great for my fiancee for obvious reasons but tiring and tough for me. Also asked about the weaker erections and he gave me levitra. I only tried it once and it didn't do a thing. Waste of money in my opinion (and a lot at that) 6 pills for $90!!! I think I will stop after I finish them up.

Any help or advice on these matters will be appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

CircusSquirrel 09-28-2008 04:55 PM

Re: Lexapro & Wellbutrin Combined???
It is becoming relatively common for people with sexual side effects to get an "add-on" medication like Wellbutrin to counteract sexual side effects. The thing is, Wellbutrin works for SOME people with anxiety, but it isn't an SSRI and it doesn't work as well for anxiety as it does for depression. In experimenting, psychiatrists have found that they can keep their anxious patients on the SSRIs by adding the "atypicals" like Wellbutrin. It is considered safe and is becoming more commonplace as more people admit to their psychs that they are having sexual side effects.
As for Levitra, I have a friend (honestly, it really is a friend!) whose husband has ED and they first prescribed him Viagra, it worked great for him but then his insurance took it off their "formulary" so they wouldn't pay for it, and the insurance added Levitra to its formulary. She and her husband thought, hey, they are pretty much the same thing except Levitra is supposed to last longer. Their experience has been bad, she said it is hit or miss with Levitra and it is causing tension, so they may go back to the doc and just shell out the bucks for the Viagra, so you're not alone on that one. Her husband, to my knowledge, is also not on any medications that would affect it, either.
Best wishes to you.

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