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morgansmama 12-16-2008 04:58 AM

Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....
Two mos. ago I ended up in the ER. I had had heart palpitations on and off for over a week. One Fri it lasted all afternoon/evening. After going to bed and not being able to sleep I started feeling really WEIRD. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. My husband was still up watching TV. As I sat on the floor, I started getting sweaty and faint and literally felt like I was going to die. I went out in the living room and told my husband SOMETHING was wrong. With our son sleeping, he didn't know what to do....wake him up and take me to ER? Call an ambulance? I ran to the phone and called my parents. She said she and my dad would be right over to take me to the ER. While at the ER, they did an EKG, chest xray, bloodwork....the only thing they found was my thyroid was EXTREMELY high which often causes heart palpitations. Told me to follow up with family dr the following week.

So looking at my results from the ER, my dr put me on thyroid meds <WITHOUT> doing any further testing. She also put me on a beta-blocker to stop the heart palpitations because thyroid meds can take awhile to "kick in." In 6 wks or so she had me go for bloodwork to check my thyroid levels and then I was to see her the following week (last week). A few wks after starting the thyroid pills my heart palps started decreasing noticeably. Then over the last 3 wks or so, they seemed to be coming back even being on the beta blockers. My dr said my thyroid levels were now normal, so she didn't know why I was still having the palps. She did an EKG while in the office which came back normal. So she had me do a 24 hr holter monitor. I had it removed last Fri and they said she would call me early next wk to give me the results.

Well Sat afternoon, the palpitations had gone on for several hrs! Then I started panicking and my husband seemed to be getting irritated that I wouldn't relax, which made it worse! He told me to call my dr, so I did. She told me to take one of my beta blockers and call her in a half hr. It was amazing, as soon as I hung up the phone.....I started to feel better and my heart stopped pounding out of my chest. When I called her back she told me that she had looked at my monitor results and from what she saw, everything looked ok. SHe said she still had to have it looked at a little closer, but overall, nothing looked alarming. Then she asked me if I was stressed....I said we're just relaxing at home waiting for friends to come over later....I wasn't having any stress. But I told her about a friend of mine who has suffered from anxiety for awhile who mentioned that's what could be going on with me. My dr kinda didn't come right out and say it, but then when I mentioned that, she said yeah, she was kinda thinking it. She gave me her cell # and said call her anytime, esp if I felt worse. Said I probably shouldn't worry if it's just on and off heart palps, but go to ER if I have any pain or trouble breathing.

Prior to probably the last week or so, the heart palps oddly have been starting about the time I leave work and while I am at home in the evenings. I am always "at rest." I must say my life at work is much less stressful than home. Seems my husband isn't as understanding as I need him to be and honestly we haven't been getting along real well in the last few years. Seems like we're always irritated with each other. We have a 3 yr old....and anyone who's had a toddler knows how challenging they can be sometimes! LOL It can be hard being a mom, wife, and full time employee. I do a lot to keep up with the housework because my DH works a FT job and then cleans our sons daycare in the evening in exchange for free daycare. I was talking to a friend at work about this. I said I haven't had anything MAJOR in my life that would cause anxiety/depression like a job loss, etc, but she said it could just be a lot of little things piling up and it's causing anxiety/stress/depression that I don't even realize. Honestly, I am a VERY uptight person anyways who has ALWAYS tended to worry about everything.

Over the last 2 days I've also had some "chest discomfort." I hate to call it chest pain, but it's just little twinges of pain off and on in my upper chest. My chest also feels a little sore. It is not anything SEVERE and I don't have any other symptoms like shortness of breath. I am able to sleep through the night. Done some research online and I'm starting to think it's just anxiety, esp reading other people's experiences. Yesterday my husband and I got into it....which I think made it worse. I think he's worried about me too, but he responds by getting all irritable and nasty. I cried and cried last night and he said I irritate him when I have problems and he has to keep telling me to call the dr. He keeps telling me to relax, that I'm making things worse. I just don't feel he is comforting or understanding, which adds to my problem. After I got all upset, he is trying to be there for me by telling me he loves me and I'm not alone....but it's not enough.

Over the last week I have cried a lot too. Anything makes me cry. I'm very emotional anyways, but I just feel really sad this week. I think things with my husband aren't helping the matter. I worry that I have something majorly wrong with my heart and often I worry about dying and worry what would happen to my son without a mom. Is this crazy?!??! Am I being irrational??Although my tests seem to be normal so far, the anxiety of not knowing why this is happening is really driving me crazy! My dr is going to have me have an echocardiogram next month also. I just want to feel NORMAL again. I've started to think about other things I've experienced with my health that could also indicate anxiety.....A yr ago I went to my dr for what I thought was IBS....put me on meds for that and it is controlled now. Then this summer I was having a little insomnia so she gave me some sleep meds to take when I can't sleep. So is this what anxiety feels like?????

idreamofsilence 12-16-2008 06:05 AM

Re: Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....
Hi morgansmama. It seems like you are going through a very rough time right now. You have ome to the right place. Anxiety can be horrible. If you read through some of the previous posts you can find people who have had a very similar experience to what you have when it comes to the symptoms. You said you had your tyroid checked and it was high when you went to the hospital the first time. Do you know exactly what test they did on you? I would suggest getting your TSI, TPO, FT3, FT4 and TSH done. There are some other tests you can get done as well. It seems as though your anxiety is stemming from your thyroid problem. If your thyroid level (most likely your TSH) was high you definetely have a thyroid problem and that usually triggers panic and anxiety. Its a common "side effect" of a thyroid problem. I would make sure the doctor (I'd say get to an endocrinologist if you coud) do a full thyroid testing on you so you can be treated properly for this problem. It will not go away on its own and the medications you are taking now dont seem to be helping you much. I recently noticed my thyroid levels are off and I have an endo appt on Jan 19. I am going to get more testing done. This is mostly likely what caused/is causing my anxiety and panic symptoms. Its horrible. It is also tough when nobody in the family understands especially your husband. Once you get the treatment you need you will be fine. You will be okay. Anytime you need to talk we are here to listen and wont judge you. We are going through the same thing. Good luck to you. =)

morgansmama 12-17-2008 04:34 AM

Re: Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....
Thank you so much for replying. When I had my bloodwork to check my thyroid levels a few wks ago, she was checking my T3 and T4 levels. Both showed normal. Is it possible something still isn't right with my thyroid? My dr seemed pleased with the results and therefore didn't adjust or change my meds. I am on Synthroid 0.05 mgs (which seems like quite a low dosage to me).

Last night I feel like I had another panic attack. Only 2nd time this has happened to me and both at the same time/situation. The first time was the night I went to ER. Laying in bed unable to sleep....heart beating a little fast then I start to PANIC. I got a sweaty faint feeling, my heart was pounding like crazy and just had this feeling like I was going to die...hard to describe. Lasted about 10 mins then I was able to lay back down and fall asleep.

Like you said and like I've also read, thyroid problems can cause anxiety problems. Since my levels are normal, I figured whatever is going on with my heart and this anxiety I've been experiencing is unrelated.....?? I don't know if I should ask my dr to do further testing or go see a specialist. I just want to feel NORMAL. The holidays are coming up and I just want to be able to enjoy it and not have to deal with this anymore. I know my mom has had some issues with anxiety. She said she has Xanax (sp) that she has to take on occasion. I don't really want to have to be on anymore drugs than I'm already taking, but if something like that will help me, I'm at a point where I'm willing to do anything to make me feel good again. Not knowing why all this is happening is really bothering me.

idreamofsilence 12-17-2008 05:23 AM

Re: Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....
Just because those levels are "normal" doesnt mean they are. This is a common problem with thyroid sufferers. Do you know your lab results? Also have you had antibodies tests done? These are sometimes definitive for Hashimotos or Graves disease or both. I would ask to get a TSI (Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin) This test with antibodies will show that you have Graves disease. The TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies) will show if you have Hashimotos. People can also have both. You can also get your thyroglobulin level checked as well. Your panic attacks can also be unrelated to thyroid. I would say it would be safe to check more thyroid tests. Sometimes it takes a while for people to actually be diagnosed with anything, but the sooner the better. You want to make sure you are getting treated for what is bothering you if there is truly an underlying condition to the panic and anxiety. But like I said, it can also be unrelated. I just hope you do find the help you need with all of this and hope you start to feel normal again. I understand the feeling. Everyday I have things in the back of my mind or have a physical symptom that I ponder on and then my anxiety gets worse. Its horrible. The xanax may help. It makes people sleepy sometimes but I took it a few times when I really needed it. When I felt a panic attack coming on, I took it. I didnt take it every day though because it is habit forming. Let me know how it goes for you. I really do feel for you and hope the best.

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