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freakingout77 02-27-2009 03:51 AM

anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
I have recently turned my life around for the healthier alternative, but I feel the years of my past life are
Catching up with me both physically and mentally and I’m struggling to cope with everyday life.

Dry Throat (feels sensitive / too small, strangles, tight or feels like a lump)
Difficulty Swallowing / Eating (I panic when it happens from intense fear of choking)
I seem to produce lots of frothy Saliva - too much and can’t swallow it and need to spit.
I suffer Panic Anxiety constantly because of this physical symptom.

7-8 years ago I was diagnosed/treated for depression and later on now anxiety, while the medication "Zoloft"
Allowed me cope with the anxiety and treated my depression it never really took away the swallowing problem.

I honestly believe my constant anxiety and sleep like apnea is a symptom of a long-term underlying physical problem
that is still to be diagnosed correctly.

I only found out this year that my Mum also suffered similar symptoms (swallowing and throat issues) most of her
Life and never told me - I have been suffering these symptoms for about 10 years.. We have both had barium meals
and throat x-rays at different times in our lives including having camera in my nose down to the throat about 10
Years ago and I was informed everything was ok. But its seems to be worse than ever now and I still don’t know what’s
Wrong with me - I do have good days but mostly bad.

I stop breathing in my sleep (almost every night - sometime up to 11 times in a night) I’m not at the stage where I’m
Too scared to go to bed most nights because I just know it’s going to happen the minute I fall asleep.

How do I cope when it happens?
Hide away from people - loud noises and bright light
Lots of throat lollies (Eucalyptus lollies act)
Plain Salt Crisp Chips (Salt numbs my throat)
Temaze (sleeping pills) settles my Nervousness usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in, agitation and allows
Me to sleep a little bit.

I believe when I swallow in my sleep feels like it gets stuck or my throat closes over - and it wakes me instantly
Scaring the hell out of me, I jump 10 foot in fear - all disorientated and dizzy.

I stay up very late every night to make myself extremely tired but I believe the more tired I am the quicker I fall
Asleep to more its happens that night.

I have quit smoking 1 months ago because every cigarette I had made my throat feel like it was swelling up and I
Could not talk or swallow at all for about 30minutes - instant anxiety attack - really freaked me out.

I avoid any stimulants - I have somewhat remove from my daily diet -caffeine (Coke and Coffee) and alcohol.

I am a 31 year old male
Otherwise physically healthy, about 12 kg over weight (96kg) for my height (1800mm)
My BMI is 29.9

I used to binge drink as a teenager.
I have been to hospital once with alcohol related (gastritis) alcohol attacked my stomach lining.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I need to get my life back on track my wife and my daughter are suffering and
Begging to lead a life of solitude with me because I am getting worse and slowly staying at home indoors more and
More. I’m starting to avoid public lots of people / load places or direct conversations with people I don’t know -
Eye to eye contact makes my anxiety slowly creep in and the swallow starts to go hard.

I can’t handle people looking at me when I eat; I get a complex and it cause anxiety every time, I choke on my food - and then it takes me about 1 hour to eat my dinner every night in very tiny small mouthfuls fully chewed.

If I massage the glands around my neck/jaw area its feels better but the problem is in that area, I cannot handle anyone touching my Adams apple it’s a sure panic area for me.

Like when a old mate puts you in a headlock or you carry your kids on your back and they grab around the throat I get really nervous that they might gag me..

Other related type issues
# Nervousness, agitation
# Irritability
# Restlessness
# Erratic behaviour (become angry / temper)
# Itchy skin
# when I go out in the sun on hot days my skin gets a prickling / pin head poking type sensations
# chronic sinus infections hay fever really dry nostrils
# Itchy ear drums and eyes, allergies and I’m a asthmatic.

I’m just sick of being told it’s all in my head – its anxiety... I believe something is not right.


paranormal2 03-01-2009 05:24 PM

Re: anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
[FONT="Courier New"][/FONT]interesting, the part about hard to swallow/throat pain. I have a neice that is constantly having sore throats and sometimes says she can't swallow at all. I noticed that this allways and only seems to happen, when she is under tremendous stress. I try to talk to her about it, but she is afraid any talk about possible behavioral health, means she is crazy. she always goes to the doctor and demands penicillin, and they don't want to give that because they never find any infction or strep.

WantToManage 03-02-2009 04:59 PM

Re: anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
Some people with anxiety issues develop "globus hystericus," which manifests as a feeling of tightness or a lump in the throat. It's actually fairly common. It's important to have your doctor confirm that there's no other reason for the feeling (sounds like you've had this done with throat scopes, x-rays, etc.); once it's clear that there's no organic cause, you can explore treating the problem as a symptom of anxiety. Check out the symptoms on the Internet and see if you agree.

Regarding your sleep apnea, my guess (though I'm certainly no doctor!) is that it's a separate issue but aggravates your tightness/lump symptoms because sleeping with an open mouth (as those with apnea often do) dries your throat.

Hope these comments are helpful -- good luck to you!

freakingout77 03-02-2009 11:12 PM

Re: anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
Thank you for the comments they do help..

I went and seen a new doctor today, but before I had a chance to explain what my exact problem was he basically cut me off and printed out a script of SSRI meds - Aropax (like paxil) for treating anxiety.. he does not believe I have sleep apnea and more or less a night-time panic problem "nocturnal panic disorder" which makes a bit of sense - but its caused by me swallowing constantly in my sleep because my throat is dry from having my mouth open... when I swallow my throat "sticks" and does not follow through the smooth swallowing motion everyone the way normal people do and seems to cut of my airway.. and I can feel sinus like fluids moving around behind my forhead - its the worst feeling to wake up too.

He stuck a paddle pop stick down my throat very very quickly had a brief look and said its a bit red. its always a bit red - I want to know why...

Now I'm being referred to a psychologist who deals with panic, depression and anxiety.. I mean this is good and I'm happy to do this for my panic but its being caused by something physical not emotional..

I swear the minute you mention that you suffer from anxiety to a doctor - they (the doctors) just disregard every other word that comes out of your mouth thinking 'he's a hypochondriac' give him some depression pills, sleeping tablets or a script with anything written on it - next please!

I've dealt with anxiety/panic since I was 18 and I'm now 32 I should know when something different is happening to me.. in the last month it has become so much of a hassle to go to sleep.

I decided not to take the temaze (sleeping pills) last night - just the zoloft, and guess what I jumped out of bed I reckon 7-9 times between 10:45pm and 12:10pm - and then I woke up and it was morning.. dry throat and mushy brain..

I honestly believe what ever is happening to me has to be killing my brain cells..

freakingout77 03-03-2009 12:01 AM

Re: anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
I think your on the money

Im taking a print-out to my Doctors and ask them to read and understand what I feel regardless of the drugs they give me..

Salt and vinegar chips ease my discomfort during the day - but its not healthy, and would cause me heartburn if I ate them before bed.

It does get worse when I'm anxious which is about 10% of my day, I feels the throat lump about 60-70% of my day for the last 10 years.

It just gets to a point in your life where you think "If they diagnosed me with cancer or something else just as severe - I would be somewhat relieved" because its closure and understanding for me and everyone around me who also has put up with me over the years.

Yes I smoked for 15 years and its very possible, but never again.

Im starting to feel good, just imagining "What if....?" after all this time they found a real issue; significant or not and I was free from this feeling or being tourchered... who knows, I seem to have some hope again. :)

vh90453 03-03-2009 04:00 AM

Re: anxiety is killing me... Ive changed
I had globus hystericus about 30 years ago. It went away after I decided to believe my Doctor that that is what it was. I also had all the tests available to me at that time. You say it's there 60% to 70% of the time. Don't you think if it really is anything serious it would be there all of the time and getting worse? I honestly believe your Doctors are on the right track. I'm saying this from personal experience, I also suffer from anxiety and depression. Perhaps if you could some how convince yourself ( I know that isn't easy) that the throat thing is caused by anxiety it would eventually go away. By the way i take nexium for gastritis and a small hiatus hernia. Sometimes when I'm anxious the lump in the throat returns, I find if I just acknowledge it's there and accept it for what it is and not let it frighten me it soon goes away. All the best.

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