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Looly 03-02-2009 08:06 AM

Can One Have Anxiety Symptoms When Not Anxious?
I am a generally anxious person. I worry about everything and lately I have many issues in front of me to cause worry.
My question is.....when I'm not in an anxious situation, but have it in the back of my mind, could it produce symptoms associated with anxiety such as chest tightness on the right and left sides of the chest (not in middle), vibrations and stinging in my back and left arm discomfort. I can have this for a few days at a time, while not going through an anxiety attack - just a generalized feeling.

erika74 03-02-2009 03:58 PM

Re: Can One Have Anxiety Symptoms When Not Anxious?
hi I know I get weird sensations too throughout the day, even when I am not anxious. I asked the Dr. and she said that it does happen. hope this helps. erika

TEdds83 03-23-2009 10:39 PM

Re: Can One Have Anxiety Symptoms When Not Anxious?
I have symptoms too without being in the middle of an anxiety attack. Like right now I have the pins and needles sensation and itching and I feel calm. I wonder if this would be considered generalized anxiety disorder?

graces23 03-23-2009 11:26 PM

Re: Can One Have Anxiety Symptoms When Not Anxious?
This is me!

I have had "anxiety attacks" before several times, and each time I am NOT anxious at all, but have been going through stressful times...I just wasn't feeling anxious at the specific time of the attacks, and had no idea what they were. I assumed they were pre-migraine things again (I've had migraines for years with the aura being the main part I hate).

I would tend to get a feeling of weird tension, though not in a bad way, and then my muscles would begin to shiver slightly in my butt. lol. This would spread down my legs and up to my stomach and soon I'd be shivering all over, and then it was as if I was freezing (but I wasn't) and I wasn't just shivering but actually JERKING and shivering at the same time, and I had to try hard not to bite my tongue, and my jaw is clenched, all my muscles are clenched, my heart is beating quite fast, and I feel sort of nauseous.

The whole time I'm totally lucid and thinking to myself What is this? Calm down, will you? And I'm not even stressed. It's very strange. The next day my entire body aches from the clenching.

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