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Someone please help me

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Troubld HB User
Someone please help me

I have had anxiety for a while now. I don't know exactly how long. I am 17 years old and have nobody to talk to. Know one around me understands or has gone through the same thing. When I try and talk to someone about it all they say is "Oh" or "That sucks" or something like that.

I have had a really tough life and have never gotten the chance to get things off my chest. There is no one to just sit down and listen to my problems, and TALK to me about them. No one had feedback for me. I need someone to care.

My anxiety started minor, then increased over the years. Now I have intense anxiety and I am seeking for help. I have panic attacks every now and then. When I get one I get dizzy, then everything goes white as if I am blind, my heart races, and I can't hear anything. When it passes, I get sick and get migranes. This doesn't affect my life too much because I have learned how to control the attacks.

However, the anxiety will not go away. I have a job, and in the morning I wake up before my alarm even goes off. I cannot explain the feeling it is. I know I have to be at work and my heart races. If I do something that I think might have upset another person I get extremely worried. Like last night, I fell asleep before my boyfriend had a chance to call me and slept through his call. This morning I woke up feeling extremely anxious like it somehow affected him in a great way.

I know that the things I get anxious about are not a big deal, but the feeling is still there. I experience it ALOT during the day, and I never go a day without feeling it. It is almost all day long. If I have to drive somewhere I am not familiar with, I get anxious. It even happens for no reason. I could just be watching TV or reading a book and my heart will start racing, I get paranoid, and I feel like I am doing something wrong. If I should happen to make a mistake and do something wrong, I freak out. If my mom yells my name from downstairs my heart races, and I get scared because I think I am in trouble and shes going to flip out. In order to understand this one I have to tell you that my mom has depression and bipolar II. I could go into detail about the things I have gone through with her but it is a long story. In short, everything ends with her telling me how much pain I cause her, then says shes gonna go kill herself and will leave the house without her phone. She has breakdowns that scare me half to death, but like I said that is all a long story.

As you can see I have a lot to talk to someone about. There is a lot more but I wanted to keep this kind of short so someone will read it and help me out. If anyone is interested in hearing my whole story, please let me know. I'm open to your opinion.

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Mattster HB User
Re: Someone please help me

Have you been to the doctor to rule out the possibility of any illnesses, I'm not saying you have any, sounds like anxiety to me, but I'm not a doctor. Have you tried to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist? But I believe you need a parent there if you are a minor. But I have some of the same anxiety symptoms as you, dizziness, migraines, eyes are more sensitive, etc. What helped me out a lot when it first started happening for me, which was almost 5 years ago, was going to my school psychologist in high school. I didn't even know we had one! Can you talk to your boyfriend about it? My girlfriend is very supportive and when I have to I talk about what's going on to her and she understands. What also helps is reading books on panic and anxiety attacks. Books on self hypnosis are good as well because they teach you how to relax and focus on your breathing. Just take slow breathes in from the nose and out through the mouth focusing on something calm and soothing that makes <YOU> comfortable like the beach, or in the snow etc. And remember to practice that because it may not work at first but over time it does. But I know what you're going through and you're not alone. My anxiety still gets really bad sometimes, but I just remind myself I'm ok, focus on my breathing and it calms me down.

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WantToManage HB User
Re: Someone please help me

Hi Troubld -- my heart goes out to you, hearing everything you've gone through at just 17 and having no one to talk to. Welcome to these boards, where you'll find many others who've had experiences and symptoms similar to yours. Visiting these boards has helped me a lot, just to know there are others going through what I am.

To me it definitely sounds like you're suffering from anxiety. I've suffered from anxiety for years, but it's gotten increasingly worse over the past two years or so. Among many symptoms, I've had some similar to yours -- like if I make even a small mistake at work I'll get fired, or if I have a random pain I immediately think it's a deadly disease. Sometimes it gets really ridiculous, for instance if I'm out to eat with a group and I've picked the restaurant, I feel responsible -- like if someone doesn't like their meal, it's my fault!

About two months ago I had my first panic attack and I finally decided to do something about my anxiety. I'm going to a therapist and taking an SSRI (Lexapro) and it's helping me a lot. I would urge you to talk to your doctor, who might recommend a therapist or medication. Best of luck to you!

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Aletam HB User
Re: Someone please help me

hey is hard. i am 19 years old and have suffered from anxiety....i would say almost 6 years however i have just been recently diagnosed because it finally got to be so bad. i mean mine is to the point that i make myself believe that i have some serious is always this time its a brain aneurysm last time it was colon cancer ovarian cancer and a blood clot, it is different. but i also have ocd and my obsession is my health which causes me anxiety. anyways i just kind of wanted to let you <KNOW> <YOU>arent alone, i do believe the way you grew up has to do with how you are when you are older. my dad was/is an alcoholic, he no longer drinks but once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, anyways it has ALWAYS bothered me but i never thought about or so i thought i never thought about it and never worried about it. my dad was diagnosed with congestive heart faiure and diabetes like 5 years ago and i never have really talked about it and then just recently he found out only 24% of his kidneys are functioning. i have been in a depression and ithink it all stems form this....from me not talking about this or getting my pain over the situation out.....i mean that is the only thing i can think of...anyways to get to my point, you need to think about what is causing you to be anxious, are you depressed, if so why? when you think of these things it may help you. obviously seeing a doctor and finding things ot helps, and you do not need an adult there with you and you can tell them anything and they cannot repeat it. once you figure what depresses you you can figure out how to deal with it. i think i have anxiety over myself because i can help what happens to myself but i cannot do anything about my dad. i mean i havent been told but its like everything is just kind of fitting together.....hopefully this helps! oh yea and i always am on lexapro which has helped with the depression and anxiety

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