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CANEY GIRL 04-21-2009 10:10 AM

I need some support
Has anyone ever become overly aware of their thinking. For example like if I do something i'll ask myself how did i know i wanted to do that? it's like your having a conversation with yourself constantly. it's like my thinking is slowed down or something. I hate it. its like my thoughts have a voice of their own.(no,i dont hear voices) its hard to describe. if any one has had similar things please share with me. thanks

AnnD 04-21-2009 10:26 AM

Re: I need some support
You have a long history of anxiety do you now take anti- anxiety medicines or see a therapist? Medicine might help to keep your mind clear of 'clutter'. Also do you stay busy in your life or are you a stay at home kind of person. Perhaps you need more activity so your brain doesn't have time to ruminate on things. If you live alone you might consider getting a small animal(indoor cat/dog) to keep you company? You could spend you time 'talking' to it and it wouldn't seem so strange to you. My mother use to talk to herself all the time and I am sure when she wasn't talking out loud she had the same thoughts bouncing around in her head...she even answers herself....she is 95 and in good health so it keeps her going I suppose.

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