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ANOTHER anxiety symptom? Please help!!!

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morgansmama HB User
ANOTHER anxiety symptom? Please help!!!

I'm new to this, so I hope someone can help me out. Last fall I didn't know it at the time, but I had a full blown panic attack after a few weeks of having heart palpitations/fast heartbeat. I got dizzy, heart was racing and I felt like I was literally on the verge of death. After a trip to the ER they found very elevated thyroid levels. Dr put me on meds and I was ok for a few weeks. Then the heart palps started again....needless to say after tests and a trip to a cardio dr, they found nothing wrong and dr talked to me about anxiety.

I had also experienced "shortness of breath" while I was waiting for results from cardio, but I think now it was all in my head. I had just got myself too conscious of my breathing and felt like I couldn't take a good full breath. So my dr put me on Paxil, only 10mg/day and I have felt pretty good.

Sometimes I have to admit, I have gotten lazy and often go days <WITHOUT> taking it. Is this bad?? Then I start to have "issues" again and start taking it. I know this is dumb.

Well a few days ago I started feeling like I had something stuck in my throat after I woke up. I thought maybe my pills before bed didn't go down right or something. But it has lasted for three days now. Just feels like a lump in my throat. I have read this can be a symptom of anxiety too. Well it doesn't bother me now except for when I swallow food, it hurts a little on the right side. My husband just said maybe something irritated my throat. I had my tonsils out last year, <FOR YOUR INFORMATION>.

I just don't understand all this yet. I have a good husband, a healthy toddler and a good, not too stressful job. We have not had any catastrophic things happen to us and all in all, life is pretty good. So WHY am I having these anxiety issues???? I have always been a worrier though. Like I always think the worst....example if my husband doesn't come home when he says, I think he's had an accident. Can people have anxiety just from simple things that most people wouldn't worry about?

I think a lot of it lately has been health anxiety. Every time I get one little symptom, I'm afraid I'm dying. Like awhile ago I got these little twinges of pain in my head and was afraid of it being serious (it went away), or now this problem with my throat is making it something to do with my thyroid? What the heck is going on??? I often worry of dying before my son is grown.

I'd really appreciate some help!

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calidreaming HB User
Re: ANOTHER anxiety symptom? Please help!!!

This sounds a lot like Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

I have this too. If I called my parents, and they didn't answer. I was positive something terrible had happened.

Anxiety is often worrying about things most people wouldn't worry about. I get the lump in the throat too. Its all in our heads. If there was something that big in your throat... you wouldn't be able to swallow or breathe. You have to put in context and try to ignore it. I usually find after I go to sleep... the feeling is gone. I think a lot of it has to do with throat muscles and them getting tense because of anxiety.

Meds, counseling and support groups can help you learn and deal with anxiety. i was a pretty normal girl with a pretty normal life when my anxiety came about. Some people just have chemical imbalances. Its just there.

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gigi11 HB Usergigi11 HB Usergigi11 HB User
Re: ANOTHER anxiety symptom? Please help!!!

I know where you are coming from I feel that way too. I had anxiety for years - it comes and goes. Your not alone I worry about my health and lately I have worried about my parents - like what will I do without them. I believe I have a chemical imbalance because I live in a nice house, have a understanding husband, two healthy young kids, I am able to stay home with them and homeschool. So why am I this way? I worry alot and I can't even watch the news because I start to cry if someone loses a loved one. I feel like I will be there one day too and how will I be able to handle it. Ever since I turned 40 I have been more concerned about health and death.

If you look up on the internet about the symptoms of anxiety you see a page of symptoms. You can get a choking sensation because your mind is so powerful it can make you believe it. You will also feel a tight sensation in your chest. Adrenline is released in the body and it is absorbed in the muscles which may make you tired or will sore. What you need to do is some breathing exercises. Like have you tried yoga or meditation. They even have walking meditation if you can't sit still to listen. I take 30 minute walks to calm myself down. I read alot of self help books and they have anxiety workbooks. Your local hospital should have group meetings and you could meet people with the same problems. It makes you feel good when you talk with others who may be going through the same things.

I don't like using medicine but some people have to. I take supplements b vitamins, I eat the right food - no sugar because it can make my anxiety worse. I eat non processed food and no caffiene. I also see a acupuncturist every week. She puts the needle in the right spot for anxiety. When I need to calm down I doing breathing exercises and I use positive affirmations. I do the "what ifs" and I worry for nothing. The reason I worry because I think I will die too young and I won't be there for my kids or something tragic will happen. So I have to use positive affirmations to erase the negative feedback I give myself. What does FEAR stand for "False Evidence Appearing Real"

I can't mention any resources on this message board but if you really do your research at the book store or online you could find so much stuff on anxiety that would help you. Your not alone, just be patience with yourself and you will recover from all of this. If you ever want to write feel free.

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gigi11 HB Usergigi11 HB Usergigi11 HB User
Re: ANOTHER anxiety symptom? Please help!!!

Calidreaming is right about your muscles getting tense - every muscle tightens in your body because you are not relaxed. Also, if you keep your mind worrying about a lump in the throat you will believe it so you do have to keep your mind on other things and don't worry or concentrate on a symptom. I know it is hard but try to keep busy.

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