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bratforlife 04-20-2010 06:48 PM

Exercise Anxiety
Does anyone get anxious when they work out or think about their heart rate going up? Even when I walk up the stairs my stomach bloats up. Not sure what is going on because I hate going to the doctor. I am not on any meds and I do have acid reflux. It is frustrating because I really want to lose weight and I can't because my stomach bloats up and I get anxious that my heart rate increases which I know it is suppose to but my fear is what if it doesn't go back down. I have suffered with anxiety for 20 years and deal with it most of the time however this one frustrates me because I really want to work out.... I pray someday everyone finds relief from this horrible disease....

ritualangst 04-20-2010 07:24 PM

Re: Exercise Anxiety
i used to love going to the gym ~ i took yoga ~ pilates and zumba then one day i had a massive panic attack in the middle of yoga and could not force myself to go back for 6 months ~ it was ridiculous!! i had lost yet another activity i loved to panic ~ what a waste :-( i finally convinced myself to just go back inside of the building and see how i felt and after many trips to just walk in and orient myself i am finally back to my classes again and feel wonderful ~ i hope you will find a way to start exercising and enjoying it ~ keep the faith ~

hollygirl33 04-21-2010 04:37 AM

Re: Exercise Anxiety
I'm afraid to even walk to fast. I have the worst anxiety, it keeps me from doing anything that exerts me. I'm so scared I will just die. I know my thoughts are crazy and anxiety is causing me to feel this way,but I still back away from doing alot. I hate hate hate anxiety..I know if another person is with me i will do active things,maybe thats what you need to get you started. We realize we have anxiety but we still let it overcome us.. we have to go on and try. Plus exersise is a good medicine for us. I hope you can get out there. I would be your exersise partner if i lived nearby.:)

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