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SilverSurfer NZ 04-21-2010 01:35 AM

My Crazy Story
Hi, I am now to this site and I would like to share my story with you guys and hopefully find some answers to my problems :). This whole thing started on the 19th March 2010 (Thursday). I went to work as usual, after a hard day's work I came home and started watching TV with a glass of red wine (I am a social drinker but can go overboard sometimes). While watching a movie or two I had finished a bottle of wine, which is my limit.

While sitting on the sofa I felt my left arm is feeling numb and also a little weird (tingly / pins and needles line sensation), I didn't think of it much. After going to bed I couldn't sleep as the numbness feeling was weird and restless, I started reading on the internet as to what can cause numbness / pins n needles in left arm. Internet can be your best friend or your worst nightmare as the first website I visited mentioned “tingly-ness / numbness on left arm means you are about to or are having a heart attack”, WOW!! alarm bells ringing in my ears (don't trust everything you read on the internet).

The next day I woke up and went to work as usual and still had the tingling / numbness in my arms, it started worrying me and at about 2-3pm I drove to the emergency with my partner. I was very surprised and disappointed that you have to wait 40-50 minutes in an emergency clinic and I told the front desk that I think I might be having an heart attack and he blinked and said please fill out the forms. While we were in the emergency, I started feeling trembling, my hands started to sweat and for a minute I knew something was coming as in an Attack, I suddenly stood up and and had two attacks within 10-15 seconds where I went dizzy and disoriented. I requested to see the doc or the nurse. At that time I was feeling the following symptoms:
[LIST][*]My hands were sweaty (mainly left)[*]Trembling[*]Feeling really cold[*]Dizzy (when I moved my head)[*]Red eyes[*]My hands were really cold[*]The vision in me left eye was weak[*]Blurry vision[/LIST]
The doctor checked my reflex's in both arms, legs, fingers and had ECG done which came out negative. All blood results came out negative as well, from the medical prospective I am healthy although I am overweight. After coming home It felt like I am having an attack every night, during the day it's not that bad.

After that I never had an attach like the one in the emergency but I feel dizzy for a 1-2 seconds and that's it and this could happen during day or at night. I feel like I will have an attack when I close my eyes and then I have to open my eyes to disregard it.


I woke up at night and couldn't sleep and woke up at 4am and started trembling and feeling cold, I felt another attack is coming, so I had the medicine, which calmed me down.

Since then I have been having dizzy-ness here and there but nothing that great and started feeling better as I wasn't drinking and started exercising.


I had few friends come over for dinner and I had 3 beers and went to Indian restaurant for dinner, the food was amazing. At the restaurant I had a little dizzy spell when I got home I was tired and feeling like the attack might be on it's way the following symptoms were:[LIST][*]feel like throwing up[*]dizzy-ness[*]red eyes[*]feeling cold[*]Blurry Vision[/LIST]
at 2-3am I decided to take the medicine and at about 4am I fell asleep.

[LIST][*]My eyesight was perfect but after the attack, I am seeing blurry[*]My head feels heavy all the time[*]At night when I close my eyes I feel dizzy and will have an attack soon[*]Belching a lot due to gas build-ups[*]restless left leg[/LIST]
Could this be related to a problem in your body? I am not stressed to the extent of getting Panic attacks... what's going on?? The doctor I went to mentioned it's panic due to over stressed which I don't get.

Hope I didn't bore you guys. Your comments are welcome...

God Bless

moweaqua 05-12-2010 07:39 AM

Re: My Crazy Story
Hi, I have had similar symptoms in the past and present,
and if you have disqualified all medical causes, then it really sounds like anxiety has crept up on you. The good news is you are not going to die from some crazy illness,, the bad news is that it may or may not be around for awhile, depending on what course of action you have or may not have taken. if the symptoms are all physical in nature, then your seretonin levels may be depleted and/or low. in this case some sort of non permanant drug such as lexapro (or something else) may help re establish your seretonin levels.

i still have tingling, and weirdness in hands and feet, but have disqualified all medical reasons.. so.. i am trying to get a good therapist who can address these issues, and help me talk about the source of my stress.. the bottom line is, a therapist can help, as can your gp, if you contact him or her,, good luck!!!

WhenItRains 05-13-2010 05:35 AM

Re: My Crazy Story
You said you aren't stressed to the point of having a panic attack,yet to me,a panic attack sounds like what you are having.
The reason I think this is so,is because ALCOHOL CAN bring on a panic attack in some people(self included). Caffeine can too,so you may want to watch your intake on that as well.

I'm surprised when you went to the emergency room they didn't tell you that or they didn't offer you something for anxiety,such as xanax or ativan to see if it relieved your symptoms.That would be one sure to know if what you are dealing with is in fact an anxiety/panic attack.

The problem is,is that often times a panic attack can FEEL like a heart attack or a stroke is happening.You did say they tested you in the ER and everything was fine,so that leads me to think it is anxiety related,and not a physical problem.

One question though.Did they test your thyroid in the ER?
An over active or under active thyroid can cause many of the same symptoms as an anxiety attack.Particularly the tingling in your hands and the feeling cold and dizzy.

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