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moniquee21 06-09-2010 06:57 PM

My story so far... (To hell and back)
I was in the car that was my then boyfriend's and noticed my whole surroundings started to look weird. I felt I was in a dream, everything looked weird.
I brushed it off and continued with life but it would not go away. I did not want to leave my house in fear of things looking weird. I was to scared to go about my usual life. I loved to party but found myself staying at home, afraid to drink etc incase it made it worse. I had no idea what was wrong.

depersonalisation disorder came up with my google search of symptoms. I had come to the point I seriously considered killing myself. There was no way I could live in this place anymore, be someone who I felt was no longer me.

I went away with all my friends for a week to a beach. I spent that whole week in bed scared and unwell.
I finally decided to go to the doctors. I explained what I had and what I thought she brushed everything off really. Said I had anxiety and gave me SSRI's.

They helped. They made me forget about everything looking weird and by things were feeling and looking better everyday.
I was sick of taking them. I really hated having to take a stupid pill everyday so I weened myself off them for a few months. I felt terrible coming off the pills but finally i'm off them. Things dont look like i'm in a movie anymore.

They do sometimes when I think about it but i'm feeling really positive.
Thats my story :) I just wanted to share what happened to me hoping it will help someone else

Archimedis 06-12-2010 05:45 PM

Re: My story so far... (To hell and back)
Great job Monique, I am glad to hear you stuck it out and stared down this ugly beast. If things ever start looking wierd for you again don't try to fight it on your own. The SSRI's are for great people like us who want to see normal things in our lives again.

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