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Rodey 11-26-2010 06:12 PM

Lightheaded, spacey-could this be anxiety?
I am a 38 year old male. I am in pretty good shape, teach school, live the normal American life. About a month ago (Oct)I woke up and my world had changed. I was lightheaded, heavy headed, and in a brain fog. The symptoms have not gone away. They are better in the morning but worsen as the day goes on. I have had bloodwork and everything on the surface seems just fine. I have been to the doctor twice and he thinks that I have anxiety/depression. I have never had anxiety or depression before. My friends all consider me very laid back. My Doc prescribed Celexa, 10 mg which I took for two days, but hated the way it made me feel, and was questioning whether I should be taking it. I did not have any symptoms of Anxiety until the day I began feeling lightheaded and spacey, then I guess I did get anxious thinking I had a serious disease. I want my Doc to refer me to a Neurologist to check anything else that is a possiblity. My question is that could I wake up one day, with no previous symptoms and have anxiety that would cause these symptoms. I want my life back- any directions would be appreciated. Thank You- Todd

TwinsFan 11-27-2010 10:56 PM

Re: Lightheaded, spacey-could this be anxiety?
I have the same symptoms and it is anxiety in my case. Anxiety is an ever changing condition and it manifests itself in a ton of different ways. I have had diagnosed anxiety for about 15 years and just in the last couple of years has the symptom of the lightheadedness and spacey feelings.

It is a pain, but I live with it. It affects the way I walk. I kind of do a bow legged shuffle type thing because the lightheaded feeling affects my balance somewhat and that way I feel more steady. My fear is that I am going to faint. Mind you, I haven't fainted in the 2 years that I have had this symptom and I know that fainting is due to low blood pressure and when you are anxious your blood pressure is anything but low.

I am 38 as well. I have a great, steady job, no wife and no kids. I really don't have much stress at all. I eat all my meals out and have my house cleaned and my laundry done for me. With my easy going life, I would be the last person one would think would have anxiety. But, I do.

I take Celexa and Buspar and the Celexa works pretty well. When I got on Celexa, my anxiety was so bad I was going days at a time without sleep and shaking like a leaf. I was basically having a nervous breakdown. The Celexa gave me my life back. I am now able to take trips and go to sporting events. The anxiety is there and it sucks, but it has been manageable for the most part.

The medications such as Celexa take awhile to kick in. I think about a month in some cases. Since everyone has a different chemical make up, what works for one person often will not work for another.

Kind of a long answer, but yes it is entirely possible and even highly probable that your feeling is due to anxiety. Best of luck to you!

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