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justjay 11-29-2011 01:23 PM

Does this sound like anxiety?
[LIST][*] I am 30 years old[*] I am a non smoker[*] I do not drink[*] I do not consume Alcohol[/LIST]
My doctor says the only option is to sedate me but i feel like there is something going on.[/B]


My health and energy has been deteriorating in the past 2 year’s.

In the past 6 months i have been having tingling in the arms and legs[LIST][*]decreased cognitive function
[*]I have severe pains in the center of my spine with pains shooting up to my head occasionally.
[*]I have extreme restless feeling in my lower to mid back area when i sit down for a period of time.It actually causes me
[*]to squirm and move around.
[*]My body seems to have oversensitivity to light and sounds.
[*]Wake up with hands feeling shaky/internal chest tremors.
[*]Tinnitus/ ringing in both ears
[*]Difficulty swallowing
[*]Pain in sternum/upper abdominal area[/LIST]

[B][U]Other unrelated symptoms[/U][/B]

[LIST][*]Feeling of constipation/stool is not hard
[*]Abdominal discomfort in morning
[*]Cannot drink alcohol/tea/coffee
[*]Alcohol causes anaphylactic response/as with coffee
[*]Certain generic medications cause break out of chest and neck
[*]Random hives redness neck/chest/legs/arms/back[/LIST]

[U][B]Tests Completed[/B][/U]
[LIST][*]CBC BLOOD TEST/2011[*] EKG/2011[*] Abdominal ULTRASOUND/2011[*] Abdominal X-RAY/2011[*] Upper GI ENDOSCOPY/2011[*] 24 HOUR HEART MONITOR/2011[*] SCOLIOSIS SCREEN/2011[*] GASTRIC EMPTYING TEST/2011[*] ECHO-CARDIOGRAM/2011[*] 24 HOUR URINE/5-HIAA/2011[*] STRESS TEST/2006[*] C Spine MRI/2010[*] CT HEAD/2010[*] THORACIC/LUMBAR X RAY/2010[*] CT ABDOMINAL/WITH CONTRAST/2011[*] THYROID/TSH/2011[/LIST]

[B][U]Blood Tests[/U][/B]


[LIST][*]DDD THORACIC SPINE/2010[*] CARPAL TUNNEL BOTH WRISTS/2011[*] KYPHOSIS C SPINE/2010[*] TSH WAS 0.4/2011 Rechecked yesterday now 1.09[/LIST]

[B]Final note[/B]

I do not enjoy constantly attending the doctors, however i am suffering with multiple symptoms that are severely affecting the quality of life.

I would like to get to the bottom of this as i am only 30 and have a family and 3 children who need me.

I am no doctor but i was wondering about these

Nero logical Problem

Auto Immune


endocrine blood scan

What am i missing the doctor wont even take me seriously i have had to go to the hospital or clinic to get referrals for tests.

tygriff 11-30-2011 09:20 AM

Re: Does this sound like anxiety?
Could it be anxiety? - yes

Could it be something else? - sure it could

Based on your first statement of lack of energy and over deterioration, while still passing all these tests, I would lean toward Depression / Anxiety.

My first symptoms appeared when I was 27 years old (11 years ago). Initially, my doc asked how my life was going (ie: work, marriage, etc.) and I said everything was fine.
In hindsight, my work was taking a toll on me. I was taking everything as being my responsibility both work and home life. I was putting way to much pressure on myself. My marriage was and still is great.

You need to look really deep in to yourself to see if anything could be putting pressure on you. This may be something that you have dealing with for years, but only recently has your body reacted to it.

As for your Dr.'s recommedation to sedate you, I am not sure that is the answer you are looking for.

Head over to Chapters / Indigo and take a look at the Phobia and Anxiety Workbook by Edmund Bourne. This is a great book and explains all the symptoms and where they originate. See if your symptoms match the ones in the book. I am sure you will find they do.

From there you can decide how to proceed. For me, I have been on Paxil for 11 years and feel great (note that I was afraid to leave my house for 6 months in the beginning - so I have made huge strides!)

Good luck.

Daisy65 11-30-2011 09:33 AM

Re: Does this sound like anxiety?
I hate it when a doctor won't listen.

have you been checked for allergies? I didn't notice that on your list.

do you drink diet drinks or eat fat free food (very bad for you)? those will cause some of the type of symptoms you mentioned. They caused me to have seizures.

Have you taken a look at your diet? do you eat a lot of dairy? I had to cut out most dairy it was making me very sick.

How about sugar, do you eat a lot of things with sugar. Bread has a lot of sugar.

Did you get checked for yeast? or do you eat a lot of things with yeast in it.

The symptoms your mentioned can be caused by anxiety, however the above list can also cause those symptoms.

I am so sorry that your doctor is just blowing you off, maybe you need to go to a different doctor.

hugs to you!

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