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Hiallz5500 01-28-2012 01:02 AM

Anxiety/hypochondria help. Sorry, kind of long
I have been having panic attacks since November of 2011 and I think it started off my video games and I know you might laugh at this, but I was one of those who would get mad at video games and I read anxiety can come from video game.

Anyway well I have always had this feeling that I have Deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embosis. I have no bluish skin on my legs, no swelling either, no heavy cramps, BUT the 3 things that FREAK me out is. With pulmonary embolism people get left chest pain which I get and mine are light ones that last a couple of seconds and comes and goes.(sometimes to the right)

Shortness of breath. I have had this since I first had my panic attack but I learned to keep it in control a bit. It still kind of freaks me out.

As I mentioned above I never gotten heavy leg cramps but get a light one from the rigt leg at the back side, or under my right thigh that barely stings which can last a couple of seconds and comes and goes. From a scale 1-10(10 being the worst) the leg pain is 1-2ish

I lay on my stomach when gaming sometimes and my back hurts after it and I get back pain(lower back). I read Leg pain can be associated with back pain.

I know doing things you like can get you to stop thinking about it but I am so paranoid when I game that I might get a blood clot in the leg and I constantly think about it.

The reason why is also because I used to sit to the computer for so many hrs(maybe 4-6 hrs a day) which I quit doing almost 5 months ago. Yet even when I stopped sitting to the computer whenever I want to play 30 mins of games on Xbox while sitting I get up and get worried I might get a clot for sitting for 30 MINUTES ONLY :(

Now I go outside when I can but it's cold here mostly in virginia. So I just sit to the tv still worrying about clots because I cant go outside cause its cold.

I have a neurologist appointment I march following a physiatrist or counselor something like that for my anxiety.

I want to tell my mom but I can tell she gets stressed over me telling her to take me to the doctor or hospital. I hate stressing her out because i feel bad for her and since when I first got my anxiety I have gone to A LOT to the doctor appointments. Now this time I want to tell her that I want a CT scan but don't want to stress her out because she starts to worry about me.

I have gone to a cardiologist about 3 weeks ago and it's not my heart because he said everything was fine. The echo, and eKG.

Now my questions are: if I get worried over me sitting to the computer all day which I quit months ago can a person have a blood clot for 5 months?

Can the echo test find blood clots in the heart/lung area? If so, should I still get a CT scan?

- I am a teenager, 6'1, and weigh 197lb(lost weight because of anxiety stress but I can eat now because before I had no appetite due to anxiety and I can control it a bit now)

MichaelZ 01-28-2012 08:31 AM

Re: Anxiety/hypochondria help. Sorry, kind of long
hey man, i feel your pain, the chest tightness and shortness of breathe scare me :(. I always feel like I have something wrong with me that will kill me, I have been to the ER to get chest xrays, everything turned out to be fine. Anxiety can play dirty tricks on your mind, and it's hard to ignore it, I go through this every single day. I am a severe hypochondriac and my friends and family don't understand me, they say "you're fine, it's all in your head." that's what the doctors say too, but i can't trust them, i still feel like there is something wrong with me, i also feel very alone on this because nobody I know understands. So the best thing you can do is be reassured that your heart is ok, you are young and your heart test turned out to be normal. I'm sorry that you're going through this but just know that you are not alone. :)

d0ink 01-28-2012 09:01 AM

Re: Anxiety/hypochondria help. Sorry, kind of long
Think of it this way: if you didn't know about thrombosis you would have no fear for it. Can it be that you saw something regarding it on television or read something considering this in a magazin or on the internet?

Personally I think that if you had had thrombosis you would be dead by now, so it most likely is nothing to worry about. I had similar pains that would come at night when I am in bed. This was when I was a teenager (or even younger). These feelings were not permanent and I didn't feel them every night, but they were there for quite some time if I remember correctly. If I knew about thrombosis by then it probably would have worried me, like it does you. But thank god I didn't and it made it a lot easier. What I want to say is that not worrying about something makes your life easier whether or not it actually is a problem. You might run to several different doctors and if you are honest to yourself you know that it wouldn't make you feel better, because you still might have the pain.

Try to walk as much as you can, even inside your house. Never use an elevator if you can take the stairs in a building. It is the best you can do know and try not to pay attention to the pain. Say to yourself that it is there, it is part of you, part of what you feel, but you accept it for what it is and you let it go and are free to do whatever you like even though you feel it. Disctract yourself with things that make you happy. But don't play too much computer games as they tend to build up stress and make you nervous and anxious.

noah4444 01-31-2012 08:10 AM

Re: Anxiety/hypochondria help. Sorry, kind of long

I had DVT about 15 years ago.
Tell you hurt like hell. My leg was swollen and when I changed position...laid in *really* hurt. Ankle was also swollen. This pain was a 12.

A Doppler on your leg/legs could tell you quickly if you have a clot.

In my humble opinion I would bet your don't. I would bet it is the anxiety...but to calm your fears, see a GP, explain and he/she would tell you if you need the doppler done.

When I was your age I had many many fears about illnesses and such.


Beasty340 01-31-2012 06:05 PM

Re: Anxiety/hypochondria help. Sorry, kind of long
Hey man I feel your pain big time. I have horrible anxiety about health issues although I'm a pretty healthy guy. I have recently started becoming depressed at school because I feel so stressed but I'm trying really hard to find ways to relax. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and I expect to find nothing wrong which finally might relieve some of my stress

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