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Peaattacker 07-08-2012 12:16 AM

Hi all

I'm not sure if this is anxiety, but I've been having this on and off for about a few years.
Every once or so I lose my appetite to eat, get nausea, get a lot of trapped wind in my stomach, occasionally puke what I just ate, and also feel the urge to take a dump, and all these happens for about a week and then it goes off.

They mostly come when I know something big is going to happen, like if I'm going to travel somewhere, or when I have an important interview to attend. It usually starts about a week before the big day and lasts throughout the event and after that slowly subsides. And sometimes it happens when I've been too hungry for a long time.

When it doesn't come to food, everything else is normal.

Lately I've been eating Actal in an effort to try to make things well. Sometimes it does help in bringing my appetite back, then I'll eat a little and just not think about it until the next meal.

So can someone tell me what this is, and perhaps recommend my next step of action. Thanks!

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