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magicdragons 07-24-2012 02:16 AM

I've constantly been in fear. I can't go anywhere without thinking people are following me. Sometimes I can go days without sleep out of fear. My friends mess with me to see my reaction. The slightest noise or touch I jump from. I'm tired of living like this. I'm tired. I don't exactly know what paranoia is, but I know something is not right. My friends say they had this problem when they were younger but I'm getting older and it hasn't gotten better at all if anything it's gotten worse. My friends think it's weird I act like this all the time. Constantly on guard. I'm paranoid about my friends, noises, shadows, family, strangers, anything and everything. I need some help. Please tell me why I act like this. I want it to go away so I can be normal. I can't go to my parents about this they won't understand me. I've tried before. I'm afraid of being alone and home invasions mostly. If it gets really bad I'll get knives sometimes and then I'll cry and pray it goes away. Please help me.

rocker1965 07-25-2012 02:22 AM

Re: Paranoia?
I am so sorry to hear this. This sounds just awful. You really need to talk to someone you can trust and get some help. I know some people don't do medication - but I can say that the right meds saved my life. It also sounds like you may not be getting enough restorative sleep. Paranoia can be induced by lack of sleep. I was having hallucinations from lack of sleep and was put on Remeron (Mirtazapine) and it really helped me so much. I hope you can get some real help.

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