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devyn2727 08-13-2012 01:01 AM

umm... mind set change?
this is weird, just a few weeks ago it's like i've been having a mind set change, it's harder to concentrate, i'm constantly exhausted, when i get up im dizzy, and i've been having alot of memory issues lately... it's like my brain isn't getting enough oxygen, i'm not sure if this is typical with severe anxiety, but i want to be re-assured it's nothing serious. thankyou!

d0ink 08-14-2012 09:15 AM

Re: umm... mind set change?
No one here will be able to tell you what is going on inside you based on a few sentences. The first thing to do is to see a doctor that you trust and get yourself examined. Avoid looking up your symptoms over the internet. It does not help, but might give you fear over different illnesses, many of which have similar symptoms.

Than you can report back here what the doctor said and give us some more information. Maybe then we can give some advice. But you should really go and see the doctor first.

escapegirl08 08-14-2012 01:02 PM

Re: umm... mind set change?
I did the same thing by searching the internet and getting all worked up. Best thing you can do is see a doctor first!!!

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