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Starryeyes24 08-24-2012 08:39 PM

Is it truly anxiety??
I am 24 a mother of three who depend on me.. The last couple months I have been struggling. Please let me know your thoughts. I have been have a lot of things going on. One is sharp chest pains, that comes with shortness of breath after cleaning my house or exercising. I have went to a Er and a doc they did a EKG only said it was fine.. I have heard Ekgs aren't good. Also said I have acid reflux. I took the meds, even the 14 day treatment. It did nothing. I am also getting some tingling thought my whole body, my neck hurts and sometimes burns on my left side.. I did have a inner ear infection in both ears and had dizziness etc.. The doctor said it is gone.. I am still feeling everything. I have also had times at stores church and at home where I would get dizzy and feel like I am about to die from pains or faint. I have also had loose stools with abdonimal pains for 8weeks, and some discharge. Also have blurr vision sometimes and very bad pressure in my head. I had a ct scan Cus my doc 1st thought I had mini strokes. Now, My doctor says it is all my nerves and wants to put me on celexa. The only test I have had done is the EKG, a CBC blood count and a blood test.And a ct scan. Is this really all anxiety??? Or should I get more test done? I feel like something is either wrong with my colon, pancreas, or heart. I have been worried as I have three small children. I also took a xannx the other day while hurting in th chest etc and it did not good.. If it was anxiety wouldn't my pains have stopped?? Do not know if this helps, but my moms fmily has had chornes disease. And looking up this things on google has made me even scared more. :dizzy:

Skip4 08-25-2012 01:01 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
The medication you took for anxiety may not have necessarily worked even if it was anxiety. Different kinds of meds work better for different people, also there's the dosage to consider.

I would consider getting a second opinion from another doctor making sure that both doctors know that you have a family history of chrons.

Chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, pins and needles, diarrhea and stomach pains are all anxiety symptoms but they are also symptoms of other problems and it seems like you've had a bit going on so it's always ok to get a second opinion.

Also, if you're not already, try seeing a female doctor. I find they tend to be more thorough than some male doctors when it comes to treating female patients.

Anxiousgrl35 08-25-2012 10:18 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Agree with Skip... maybe see someone else or be a little more persistant, although most of it sounds like anxiety. I also get blurred vision quite a bit, and dizziness, feeling like I'm going to pass out in stores. Your worrying could be making all your symptoms worse because you are focused on them. Could you have maybe pulled your chest somehow?...and where is the pain? I dont normally have chest pain with my chronic anxiety but I have pulled my chest (moving stuff) and of course it was still there when I took my Xanax, but it calmed me so I wouldnt lose it.
The dizziness, faint feeling, shortness of breath, and the head pressure sound so panic related. Get yourself fully checked out for sure to rule out anything else. Maybe even a stress test. Let us know how you are doing....

Starryeyes24 08-25-2012 10:41 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Thank you both for the feedback. I have not notice any pulling of the chest. I use to walk 30mins a day on my trademill and now I can't even do that without feeling faintish. I do have young kids I have to pick them up a lot. My doctor seems to not really take me serious anymore Everytime I go he just says everything is nerves. I do not have insurance at the moment and I am working on trying to get some. I can be going to my daughters cheer leading practice and my head gets full of pressure and the room sometimes looks like its moving, if I close my eyes it gets very worse. And I have been worried and looking things up, which just adds more to the worryness of it all. Google can make you go crazy when looking up things. My head gets that feeling as if it is floating or something it is very hard to describe how it is. I will update everyone once I know more going on. Does anyone know anything about celxa? He wants me to do 20mg I have not tried it yet, only the xannx. I heard some scary things. And heard AD's can cause anxiety to be worse. I know I have some anxiety, Cus I do fear things. Death etc. only because I do not wanna leave my kids. And i was very stressed before everything happened. I have had in the past felt the fainting sensations before, butit always went away so i never worried about it. Now it is almost a everday thing. But I have never felt this bad. So I think I will call around and see about another doctor looking at me. the stomach n bathroom issue is really getting to me with the bad abdonimal pains. Once Again thank you for ya'lls time :)

Skip4 08-25-2012 11:16 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Haha, yeah I would STOP googling stuff! It's the worst. I get a friend to google my symptoms if I'm ever worried about something now, because she is more logical than me and won't freak out when she gets the mandatory self-diagnosis via google cancer result :P

I get chest pains and shortness of breath even doing minor exercise. I have an average BMI and actually used to be quite fit! What happens is that our body's reaction to exercise is very similar to anxiety symptoms/a panic attack, and so your brain misinterprets it as something bad happening and goes into freak out mode regardless of what you think about the situation consciously. At least that's how my psych explained it to me.

If your doctor has become complacent it's definitely time for another opinion. Even though I have been suffering from GAD and Panic for 4 years my doctor says "well it's probably your anx, but we'll check it out anyway just in case". Because even though some of us suffer from anxiety it doesn't mean we don't have other things wrong with us from time to time. Having said that, I tend to only go in there once every 3-6 months now.

Also through all this I'm wondering if you've been getting much sleep? It sounds like you're having an awful time and if you're not sleeping much it may be contributing to the light headedness.

I hope you start feeling better soon

Starryeyes24 08-25-2012 12:46 PM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
I am glad I am not the only one with th chest pains and about google itself LOL. I go to sleep around 1130-1240 pm and wake around 7am. I can be sitting still or trying to cook and all of a sudden the room will spin or I'll feel dizzy. Or like when I am reading it looks like the screen is moving back n froth. Freaks me out.If it is anxiety, isnt there a way to over come it with out medicines? My doctor had told me if I didn't take celxa than why come to him, if I don't trust or do what he says. Which to me, I still seem like there is a underlying issue. And it had made me worry and stress over it which has lead me to have anxiety with it. If that makes sense. Lately I keep telling myself stop worrying its just anxiety, you won't pass out or fall out and collapse and die. Also like yourself I use to be great in shape, love to workout. This has stopped me from doing so. :( I even get scared to go to church, mall, or cheer leading practice with my daughter, just because I do not wanna faint in front of people etc. that sounds crazy huh? Lol

Starryeyes24 08-25-2012 12:54 PM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
I meant to ask does anyone feel a anxiety symptom all day long? As far as dizzy and pains go.

Anxiousgrl35 08-25-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Ohhhh....yes, im feeling it today, struggling big time right now. Took my prozac (day 3) and i'm a disaster now. Not sure why, i know its not the pill doing it too me...but i can hardly stand up. I'm lightheaded right away, and think im going to pass out.. this has been going on for about 3 hours now. I keep trying to sleep it off but i need to go the the washroom constantly (another thing that happens when im having a severe attack)Get in washroom, shake, dizzy, turn all red, and cant breath until i curled up again. I suppose im having a panic attack, i dont even know right now.... :''o but i cant stand it. "Yes, i feel dizzy somedays all the time"

Starryeyes24 08-25-2012 02:00 PM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Hope you get to feeling better anxious :) I have still not tried that celxa to scared of side effects lol. Praying for you to get s fast recovery and hope that pill starts to work for you :)

Skip4 08-26-2012 08:42 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Yeah, it's normal to have symptoms all day long unfortunately! I had a 3 day long panic attack once, chest pains non-stop for 3 days. I thought I was having a heart attack.

I dislike your doctor the more I hear about him :S has he explained why he thinks you should go on Celxa other than "you have anxiety, take it because I said so"? :S

[QUOTE]If it is anxiety, isnt there a way to over come it with out medicines? [/QUOTE]

It is possible to overcome it without medicines, but I won't lie to you, it is far from easy and it takes a long long time (from my experience anyway). I found that seeing a psychologist really helped out. She explained to me how anxiety works, gave me healthy coping techniques and was just a great listener which took some pressure/stress off me. I do a bit of meditation when I'm feeling really bad which helps a little.

Other than therapy it's back to basics: eating right, sleeping right, minimum of 30-40 mins exercise per day, setting aside time to solve problems and other time to try to relax.

It's my opinion and that of my doctor to try therapy and a healthy lifestyle before resorting to medication. HOWEVER, in your situation you may need to start with medication. You are in a really bad place at the moment and if you get the right meds and assuming you do have anxiety they will really help you get your symptoms under control while you work towards a longer term solution. The symptoms can cause a bit of a vicious cycle which the medication can help you break out of. But you should definitely see a psychologist/therapist/whoever to help you deal with your condition in combination with the medication and not just take the medication by itself.

If I could go back in time and talk to the me of 4 years ago I'd slap myself over the back of the head and tell me to just start taking meds straight away due to the state I was in and how much easier it could have been to deal with.

[QUOTE]I even get scared to go to church, mall, or cheer leading practice with my daughter, just because I do not wanna faint in front of people etc. that sounds crazy huh? Lol [/QUOTE]

I'm crazy too then :D back before I had my Panic Disorder under control, I would be scared to just go see a movie, go to the shops or to a friend's place because I was scared I would be sick or have a full blown panic attack. I'm still a little weird when I go shopping but I manage now, I just avoid eye contact with people and don't stay too long in any one shop =/ they probably think I'm shop lifting LOL

Starryeyes24 08-26-2012 10:56 AM

Re: Is it truly anxiety??
Thank you :) I use to walk everyday for 30mins sometims 2ce a day. Use to get good sleep until the pins and needles started. Eve time I lay down to sleep I get the pins and needles starts at my feet than goes all the way up to my head and it doesn't stop. Sometimes It will go away and I can fall asleep and than I wake up due the pins and needles feeling, he told me that was from some Benadryl he had me on but i haven't took that in about a week and yet I am still feeling them badly.

You sound like me my husband wants to go to the movies and I am to scared to go due to feeling faint.for me It lasts a while whenever I do get hit what that.

My doctor really didn't say much. I had a serve inner ear infection in both ears, he gave me the celxa when I got hit with that and told to start taking it, because he said he "thnks" all my other problems are from anixety.That was a month ago. I had the inner infection for a while. And it took 2 anitbotics to get rid of it. But I am still having problems with feeling plugged ears etc.

Also, he said my bowel problems were from anixety, I don't know if this had anything to do with it but now my 1year old and 6year old are having bad bowel times too at the moment... And my 3yr old is starting to complain of his stomach hurting him. I am suppose to see the doctor tomorrow. Let's see how it goes again.

It's hard not having all the answers you would like to have lol.

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