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Wildanniels 08-29-2012 05:50 PM

My anxiety is completely wrecking my life.
Basically for about a year now ive been living with the hell that is anxiety, by the way the reason that i have decided to post is because i need to find out if the things that happen to me, happen to other people, or am i going insane. i find my anxiety really hard to talk about, because i think don't even understand it myself.
i am on tablets to help me with physical side of anxiety, the sort of symptoms i have had in the past are tings like,-
- constantly been paranoid about my heart and dying
- headaches
- feeling like sometimes im drifting in and out of my own existence
- lump in the throat and heart racing
-pains in my chest
Thing is im not the sort of person to have something like anxiety, i was always a very confident lad, that enjoyed going out with mates and basically just loving life. I dont find it as easy to go out anymore as i always feel paranoid and like something really bad is going to happen. I just dont understand why it happened to me, it even effects my sex life with my girlfriend cause i get so stressed and sometimes panic. any helpful comments to help me understand would be great, thanks very much. Will. :)

Skip4 08-30-2012 01:29 AM

Re: My anxiety is completely wrecking my life.
I get a lot of those symptoms too.

- I get headaches and a sore throat/lump in the throat when I'm stressed.
- I get pains all over my torso when I'm anxious, especially the left side of my chest which is always scary :(
- and of course heart racing

My main symptom is nausea and when I am heading into panic attack territory I have shortness of breath.

I don't know exactly what you mean by "feeling like sometimes im drifting in and out of my own existence" - but I might get something similar due to depression? I tend to zone out a lot, then come back to my senses a bit. I also have a bad short term memory usually because of my anxiety. Not sure if this is the same thing as you or not but everyone gets different symptoms with different severity levels so you're probably not strange in that regard don't worry lol

and I know how it can affect your sex life too :S sex = heart racing = brain thinking you're having an anxiety symptom or heading into a panic attack = making your body freak out and actually have a real panic attack.

I was quite happy and confident too when it really hit me bad, it seems like it is common for confident happy people to suddenly get hit by this thing. For me my doctor and psychologist think it happened due to having poor coping techniques and failing to work through my problems and everything just built up until my body finally caved in under the pressure of all the unresolved stuff. Not always 100% if that's true but it makes sense to me and could easily totally be it.

Have you spoken to your doctor or a counsellor or anyone about your anxiety? If not, give it a go, ask any questions you have. I find that the more I know about anxiety and my symptoms and how my body reacts to it all actually helps me to manage it much better than I used to when I was first diagnosed and knew nothing about it.

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