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qzwxec 10-09-2012 08:29 AM

Hello newbie here & questions
Hi my name is Kevin and I am 52 and have suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia for nearly 27 years.

It has ruined my life and my ambitions and finally my worst fear has come true, I am nearly alone - no family, not married, no children can't get a job. I am scared about what will lie in the future.

At this point I do have help from my brother who does do my grocery shopping every two weeks, and I pay for his tank of gas and a nice meal (either take out or I cook myself). This helps me a lot but it hasn't always been this bad. I have held jobs outside of my home but not since early 2000 when I was the night manager at a local (nearby of course) gym.

I have looked at a program called "Panic Away". Trying then to do some research on it, I saw some people calling it a scam, and others defending it. I joined this board and did a search trying to find a thread on this program and came up with nothing.

I have tried Lucinda Basset (I think that's the name) her program a few years ago. It was expensive and I even tried her ultra expensive "coaches" (cost me $ 2000) and I found it all to be a big nothing. It helped a little bit but I guess my disorder was untreatable with her methods.

So I am asking is this program different than her's ? Is it the same stuff (that didn't work for me) or is it something completely different ? I notice the price for the program seems to be a lot less. Any reason why ?

Thanks for any responses, I really need to get out from under this, it's serious. I have no real friends except two or three that I know online since its almost impossible to go more than a few blocks from my home because of the attacks. I needed to go to the eye doctor just a little more than a week ago, but couldn't go and its only 4 blocks away. I just got trapped at a stop light and panicked out. I was blocked by a city bus on one side, and by a car in front of me in the turn lane and one behind me. I had to come was embarrassing since my cousin was with me in the car and she said something like "Thank God you didn't get us killed" when I turned the car around. She hasn't spoken to me since and won't answer my phone calls now.

I am in deep deep trouble and am just looking for help. I am desperate. Please help.

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