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Alnnurs 02-03-2013 12:06 PM

Possible thyroid problem; anxiety issues
Hello all! New to this site. I have been reading the many posts about thyroid problems because I've felt for sometime that I had most of the hypo symptoms. For quite a few years I've had: 1) Very dry skin and brittle hair, which falls out constantly; 2)acne that has gotten progressively worse (worse than puberty);3) intolerance to cold which is so bad that I'm having to bundle up with layers just to sleep or be comfortable;4) exhausted most of the time, often have to nap. Even when I sleep 8 hours, still feel tired. Caffeine used to help but I cannot tolerate it due to bad anxiety; 5) muscle weakness that comes and goes; 6) weight gain and difficulty losing weight; 6) heavy heavy periods ( I have an iud for 4 years so I thought it was because of this); 7) hard to concentrate and stay focused which is affecting my job and personal life. I constantly feel overwhelmed and unfocused; 8) anxiety and depression. These are just a few that I felt are hypothyroid. At times I feel like maybe hyperthyroid because sometimes feel hot flashy, have trouble sleeping, which leaves me exhausted. I also feel hyped up but so very tired so it makes me feel disconnected.

So here is the underlying issue. I've always had bouts of mild anxiety but not to the point of affecting my life. Then while in school I was feeling more anxious and had strange symptoms including chest tightness, numbness down my left arm, tingling fingers, bouts of nausea. Had EKG and exercise stress test. Was normal. They checked my gallbladder, was normal. They said you have anxiety, exercise more and stop drinking caffeine. I exercised but it only helped a little. Then in 2009 my husband left just before graduating from college. I was now moving, left with 3 kids, finding a new job, new place to live, and going through a divorce. About 4 months later I was having increased anxiety and new symptoms including: 1) ringing in my ears; 2) intolerance to loud noises; severe headaches ; dizziness; and mild feelings of panic and fear of losing control. Ended up in ER. Cat scan and MRI normal, but blood pressure through the roof. Was given Xanax, and recommended to stop drinking coffee. I finally took that to heart. Stopped caffeine, started exercising, progressive relaxation, etc. it helped tremendously and I started feeling better until anxiety symptoms were only mild. Then I changed jobs, started working night shift, then started to go downhill again. Starting drinking coffee to stay awake and started having issues sleeping. After doc put me on ambien I had my first panic attack. I had two that week and thought it was the ambien. Was given some meds to chill me, took time off work, and stopped the ambien, and no more caffeine. Fought headaches and started to feel at my baseline, which is crappy but not panicky.

Sorry for the long post. Doc ran labs on me after my panic attack. Didn't really look close at them but recently checked back to see what they were last May. My tsh was 2.86. I'm now concerned based on what I read that I may be hypothyroid. Lately I've been feeling so much worse, symptoms have worsened and anxiety has increased. I stopped drinking caffeine but now I have hardly any energy to get through my job, or do housework. I feel so tired on my days off that I just want to lie in bed. Skin is dry and itchy, acne out of control, cold all the time. So exhausted all the time even after sleeping 8 to 9 hours. I just feel off like something isn't right. My boyfriend who I've been with for 3 years says that I used to have much more energy. He has noticed how disconnected I am, and exhausted. He is very concerned for me.

Now my question. Has anyone here had anxiety caused from the thyroid? I'm wondering if there is a connection. I'm going to have a complete work up next week. I know for sure I have anxiety but I feel like it spouts out of nowhere even when I'm happy, with nothing stressful going on. I feel myself slipping away physically, mentally and emotionally......

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