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MSH 01-31-2003 02:47 PM

Dropping Buspar Cold Turkey? Starting Xanax
I've been on Buspar for about two months (causing me tremors maybe) so I went to another doctor(who I trust more) and he told me to immediately drop Buspar and prescribed Xanax. Anyone ever dropped Buspar cold turkey??? Side-effects??? Anyone tried Xanax? Did this work? I understand it's addictive so I'm a little bothered by that fact, but if it works, even for just a while, it will be nice to feel normal again. Also, does anyone drink alcohol when on Xanax? What are the xtra effects they experienced? I drink beer a few nights a week but will stop if it has a negative or dangerous reaction.

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kate_wv 01-31-2003 03:16 PM

I was taking BuSpar and my Dr. told me I could just stop taking it. It wasnt doing me any good at all that I could see. I didnt have any ill effects when I stopped it. I have taken Xanax in varying doses for over a year...I started out on 2mgs a day and then cut myself back. I've never had any trouble cutting my doses back when I'm feeling better. I'm in no way addicted and find it to be most effective for my anxiety. As for alcohol with Xanax..that's not good. Xanax can make you very sleepy and when you first start taking it this is even more a side effect. Alcohol only intensifies it. So on nights you want to have a beer...just dont take the Xanax...Hope this helps a bit..Good luck

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Been there, done it...If I can answer any questions you might have about symptoms, treatment, etc...I'd be glad to help.

MSH 01-31-2003 03:26 PM


That was right on point with the personal experience I needed. Thanks for taking the time for that quick response. Any other experiences by anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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kate_wv 01-31-2003 04:21 PM

You're quite welcome...if you have any other concerns or questions you can call your Dr. too...everyone's experiences are different...I think you'll find the Xanax helps a lot quicker and better than BuSpar... :)

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