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momoftwo1128 04-26-2003 10:47 PM

I am wondering if anyone out there is on this medicine. My cousin started taking it but said its for PMS but it makes her a lot less anxious and depressed. She has been very stressed out and since she took this med she has been very relaxed and enjoys life much better. It is a PMS type of pill but since it seems to work for her I was going to ask my doctor about it rather than the Lexapro that I am on because I think Lexapro is making me more nuts. I enjoy my life but am just a little depressed due to many family issues (a few immediate family members are fatally ill and it takes the best of me) since we are all very close. But I need to do something to keep myself from losing it, beside this I am losing my hair and thanks to this site I have plenty of ideas to try to help resolve that issue. But please let me know if anyone has heard of or has used this med.


Just-A-Boy 04-27-2003 03:44 AM

SARAFEM is same as PROZAC... Eli Lilly renamed it for PMS, and also because the patent on Prozac has expired...

Its all about money this days, what about our health... and whats scary, its ran by humans!

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