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BabiMay 04-06-2012 07:29 AM

Large Menstrual Blood CLots, Lower Back Pain, Headaches

Since the birth of my only child 5 years ago, I have been experiencing some lower back pain with each menstraul cycle. I believed this to have something to do with the child barring process, the birthing process and my age (32). Although, Over the past 6 months the pain has moved from uncomfortable to excruciating. Laying in the fetal position seems to relieve the pressure some.

The location of the pain I experience is directly where the epidural needle was placed in my back.

Just last month I passed two very large blood clots and should point out that I have never before passed even small clots. Just before passing these clots I developed a severe migraine which pasts within an hour of passing these clots.

I would like to also point out that the lower back pain and pressure feels identical to that in which I had during labour and it is in the same location that the epidural needle was place in my back. During the insertion of this needle, it made a loud cracking and snapping noise which startled me and the attending anestisiologist. Enough so that the anaesthesiologist blurted out before I had a chance "What was that?".. Not sure if this has any significance or not?

Though some may find this odd, I have entered a link to a photo of a mentral blood clot I found on the net while trying to research normal vs not normal.

The photo in the link below is similar to the two clots I passed, only my clots were slightly larger, smother and much more solid. My description, they looked and felt like raw hunks of liver (one was passed in the shower, my immediate reaction was to pick it up in disbelief and shock).


The following day I went to the ER. The attending Physician asked me why I hadn't booked an appointment with my Family Physician, who was on holidays. They checked my Iron level through blood work and found no anemia and my white cell count was normal. It was concluded that my pain and clots were normal although the attending physician never ask me for a specific size or description. Large to him might be the size of a quarter and this was more like a roll of quarters. I'm worried that something else is going on with my reproductive system.

Any possible causes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I visit my physician.

jmcw 04-17-2012 08:27 PM

Re: Large Menstrual Blood CLots, Lower Back Pain, Headaches
I have experienced much the same thing, though only once spoke about it to my gyn. She wanted to test me for fibroids. I didn't follow through due to a family emergency. In addition to your listed symptoms I have long, frequent, overly heavy periods. This may be something for you to discuss with your gp or gyn. I wish you luck in finding the cause.

Kszan 04-17-2012 08:51 PM

Re: Large Menstrual Blood CLots, Lower Back Pain, Headaches
I think you should get checked for fibroids. Typically when they start acting up, they cause big clots and also flooding. From what I can recall before my emergency fibroid surgery, I think I had some pretty major pain accompanied by the clots. The pain was like what I imagine labor pain to be, it was that bad.

Anyway, go see a gyne, don't waste your time with a family practitioner who won't be able to properly diagnose a fibroid problem.

twohands 04-18-2012 07:36 PM

Re: Large Menstrual Blood CLots, Lower Back Pain, Headaches
Agreed - the pain and clotting is likely related to fibroids, and you need to see a gynocologist for this. Family practice docs and ER docs see this from time to time, instead of a gynocologist who sees a lot of it. They will likely order an ultrasound to see more about what you have going on inside.

Regarding the back pain, it's odd that it's only during your periods and only in the location of your epidural. Fibroids and endometriosis can cause back pain during menstruation, but it tends to be a diffuse pain instead of located in a specific spot. There is a rare condition called arachnoiditis that can happen anytime the spinal canal is invaded, such as from spine surgeries or even from an epidural. This condition causes pain all the time though, not just during your period, so I highly doubt this is your issue. Be sure to bring it up to your gynocologist though.

Best wishes!

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