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pebblebeach3 01-23-2013 12:31 PM

Car accident
I cant believe this. This morning I was about to go see my neurosurgeon for a followup visit. Then this afternoon I see my pain doctor to remove the staples from the Intrathecal Pump Impant.

Well this morning I got rear-ended then pushed into someone else. Really no damage to speak of. Very minor rear damage; some scrapes but real minor. But it was the impact that got me. First when I got hit in the rear then hit the car in front of me.

Here I am 10 days post surgery and worried did it do something to the implant. So my neuro guy sends me for xrays. I am feeling some stiffness/tension in the neck area. but I dont know if its from the accident or my normal issues. Tough to separate. I'll have to see over the next few days to see if anything new pops up or gets worse then usual.

Can I get a break for once?

gmak 01-23-2013 01:31 PM

Re: Car accident
Dear pebble, I was waiting to hear about your dr visits wheni saw this pop up in back prob list & i freaked out when i saw your name!! Thank goodness it was not too serious but you are a new post op & your neck!!! Did the dr check you, is the catheter placement ok, are you ok? Im so sorry, praying for you now! Please update what the pm says, xrays show & how your neck & back are feeling.

pebblebeach3 01-23-2013 03:02 PM

Re: Car accident
X-rays were done of the thoracic area since that is where the catheter and the Pain Pump were implanted.

Just got in from pain doctor. Staples and bandages were removed. Doesn't look like any damage to the catheter or any affect on the staples.

What is bothering me is my neck. Some tightness in the neck area itself. Cant say that I have radiating pain. Just tightness in the neck area above the shoulders. Feels stiff.

But is this the from all the past issues or what happened this morning. It wasnt a major impact in damage to the cars. VERY little hardly noticeable. Cound't have been going more then 25 mph at most. Stop and go traffic. But I got hit from behind then hit the car in front of me. So 2 impacts.

Will see how I feel in the next few days to see if things seem to be out of the ordinary. Time will tell. But it will be difficult since I have so many issues to begin with how to separate the old from the new.

gmak 01-23-2013 04:18 PM

Re: Car accident
Hi pebble, Once hit in the rear on galvez seawall @ 5mph in car accident & i was bad for a week. In another, years later when a car pulled out in front of us going 35mph totalling my car & nothing! Time will tell, but im glad all ok with the pump catheter & hopefully you will be also. Try soaking in hot bath. Hang in there, friend.

pebblebeach3 01-23-2013 06:41 PM

Re: Car accident

Since I had the staples in from the surgery. I was limited on showering. I had to sponge bath myself from the sink. But since the stapes were taken out today I was able to at least get into the shower for the first time. They did put on a new type of dressing over the surgical areas which will eventually fall o ff on their own in a few days. But I still have to be careful with them on. I CANNOT sit in a tub. I'll never be able to lift myslef out of the tub physically.

I also CANNOT use the swimming pool at the gym for at least another few weeks. Also limited on things involved in twisting; bending & lifting for 3 months. So even while I can slowly go back to the gym I'm still on limited activities.

It did feel good to finally get back into a shower after almost 2 weeks of sponge baths/clothes.

I gave msyelf another "bolus" shot tonight when I got home. Also took hydrdrodone/tizanidine to help with any issues on the neck.

I did see my neurosurgeon this morning. As to the MRIs that were done in December. Really no changes. Nothing got worse at least. My grip seemed a little better. I was trying to work on that over the past year. But realistically there is nothing that can be done for the myelomalacia. The thing is to hope that it doesn't progress. I'm doing what I can to slow it down as much as possible.

Will see surgeon again in a years time.

deanh 01-23-2013 07:21 PM


Wow, hard to believe. Is not your neck already giving u hassles. Even at ur speed, a lot of damage can be done.

Hopefully u will feel better and not worse in the am. Is your car ok!

pebblebeach3 01-23-2013 07:33 PM

Re: Car accident

Yes I have had cervical issues for years. I have been thru several surgeries on the cervical area in the past.

In 1995 I had surgury for stenosis. Then in 2000 I went thru a 12 hour surgery on the neck done in separate surgeries for "Kyphosis." This required Harrington Rods from C3 to T5 done posterior and bone grafting from C3/4 to C5/6 I think were the levels.

Since that time I have had radiating pain from the neck to the shoulders; weakenss in the arrms; weak feeling going into the fingers.

The MRI's that were done of the cervical spine showed "myelomalacia" "focal cord Atrophy" "bone spurs" "loss of disc height at C5-6. With the Harrington Rods there is some loss of motion to the neck area as well.

Since I had the intratthecal pain pump put at the T-10 level I was getting primary relief in the mid back to low back. But I was getting secondary relief in the cervical area as well. After the accident I was getting stiffness in the neck area as well & pain. Can't say that I was getting any radiating pain from the accident.

I did take some Hydrocodone and Tizanidine to help me with any neck issues from the accident. It -- the medication -- did put me to sleep for a while. But as I am sitting here I am feeling some stiffness in the neck region. Will see if that feeling eases up over the next few days.

It is tough to separate my old injuries from anything that may or may not have been cause from the accident. All I know right now is that I am hurting. I would say that the pain level is on the moderate side. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the worst it is probably around a 5 I guess.

So I'm keeping an eye on it at this point to see if things get worse or if anthing new pops up in the way I am feeling. Will seek medical help if need be.

deanh 01-24-2013 09:16 PM

Re: Car accident
How ru feeling the day after?

pebblebeach3 01-25-2013 12:49 AM

Re: Car accident
My neck was bothering me yesterday. I think after I had the intrathecal pain pump implant done I was feeling pretty good. While the pump was directed at the mid to low back I was getting some relief in the neck as well.

But then when the accident occurred I feel that my neck started to act up again. So I started to take my Hydrocodone & Tizanidine. I tended to take these meds only when I really needed it for the neck. But then when the accident occurred and my neck bothered me I made sure I took the Hydrocodone/Tizanidine nore regularly as the prescription called for. It was helping somewhat. And usually bedrest seemed to help.

But I just happened to wake up after resting a long time and logged on. It seems that in a short period of time I am feeling somewhat more strain on my neck a lot sooner then normal.

I found that witht the pump I was able to do things for longer periods of times and did feel the strain n my back. Now I am feeling it a lot sooner.

I'm still keeping an eye on things. Not sure if what I am feeling may be jsut a temporary feeling or set back.

I also with the intrathecal I am allowed to give myelf a "bolus" of 0.100 ml once every 8 hours. I found I didnt need to do the bolus for a few days. But with the accident I was giving myself a bolus as a backup since I was feeling the need for the shot.

I see my pain management doctor soon. I saw him a few hours aftr the accident occurred. I see him again in the next 10 days or so as another followup to the procedure. He was aware of what happened. I will let him know if things are still bothering me at that time.

In the interim if something really gets a lot worse out of the blue I would certainly call him.

Not sure how I can differentiate at this point in time between the old pain and what I am feeling now. Im trying to be conscious of what I am feeling and if it seems in any way differeent from what I have been thru already.

pebblebeach3 01-25-2013 08:29 AM

Re: Car accident
Not sure if I did anything to my neck or not after the accident. Neck has been stiffer/tighter more then usual. And I have been taking Hydrocodone to help me. But getting little to no relief at all.
And I have noticed that my legs are acting up. It seems the pump was helping my legs as to pain and I was getting a burning feeling in my legs too. That had stopped or minimal for a while but started up again after the accident. So I am wondering what is going on and if I should just be more patient and see what happens. Its only been 2 days since the accident and I really dont want to jump to any conclusions.

Any thoughts?

gmak 01-25-2013 09:02 AM

Re: Car accident
[QUOTE=pebblebeach3;5122822]Not sure if I did anything to my neck or not after the accident. Neck has been stiffer/tighter more then usual. And I have been taking Hydrocodone to help me. But getting little to no relief at all.
And I have noticed that my legs are acting up. It seems the pump was helping my legs as to pain and I was getting a burning feeling in my legs too. That had stopped or minimal for a while but started up again after the accident. So I am wondering what is going on and if I should just be more patient and see what happens. Its only been 2 days since the accident and I really dont want to jump to any conclusions.
Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

Pebble i have heard many stories about displacement of catheter & im am wondering if you know for certain that the catheter is patent no crimps & remains intrathecal. Did the xray show that is emphatically in place & if not can they put dye in pump to check this?

pebblebeach3 01-25-2013 10:58 AM

Re: Car accident
I happened to see my Pain doctor after the accident. I had the x-rays with me. Everything look fine with the catheter itself.

The radiologists weren't too clear if the catheter was in place or not. But, the doctor saw the films so he double checked it. It is extremely difficult to see the catheter on the X-rays. But the pain doctor has been doing this for a long time and was able to read the X-rays better then the radiologist were.

The Radiologist did suggest that MAYBE a CT should be done to just double check. The pain doctor was satisfied that everything was OK so I guess no need for CT at this point in time.

As to the question on dye, don't forget that I have to be extremely cautious on the use of dye since I have kidney disease. While it was used in putting in the permanent implant, my pain doctor and kidney doctor touched base prior to surgery just to discuss any issues on using dye on me and I guess how much can be used without causing any concern.

I think if my pain doctor had any questions or concerns he would have spotted it.

Thanks for your input. Will have to keep it in mind in the event any issues pop up in the future.

gmak 01-25-2013 01:05 PM

Re: Car accident
Thanks pebble, i didnt know for sure that the dr said it looked fine. Also, i remember about your kidney but im unsure how much dye etc. I really hope all is ok with pump & your neck!

pebblebeach3 01-25-2013 05:21 PM

Re: Car accident

Thanks. Yeah after my neurosurgeon in the morning told me to walk-in and get an X-ray this way I would have the films ready when I saw the pai doctor in the afternoon.

I did see the films and it is tough to see the catheter. I guess you really need a trained eye to pick up on it. And the pain doc having so much experience doing this was able to see that it looked ok to him.

As to the issue of dye I know doing this procedure on the (pump) it required the use of a SMALL amount of dye. I wouldn't have gone thru the procedure until my kidney doctor and pain doctor spoke. I wanted clearance from my kidney doctor.

I know years ago before I went thru my pancreatic surgery one of the doctors want a CT scan of the abdomen. At the time I had the SCS so an MRI was out of the question. So he wanted a CT with contrast. The CT scan was to be done at the hospital in Philadelphia. There was a whole big issue with the radiology departnent hesitating my doing the scan with contrast. There were calls back and forth between the two.

But if I remember correctly this is some medication - liquid - that I took before hand which acted as a protection for the kidney to stop any damage from the contrast. So there is a way of my doing it.

But the radiology before they did the test on me and in order to protect their interests spoke to me about the risks about the scan with the contrast. They wanted me to understand completely that the contrast could really mess the kidney up right away. They even had me sign off on some forms giving my OK to do the scan

so I do have to be EXTREMELY careful. I certainly shouldnt use contrast without giving it some serious thoughts.

As to the way I am feeling neck is still bothering. Seems to be a continual issue. Also some pain here and there in the lumbar region. Nothing that is excruciating or anything but I know I feel some pain here and there.

My neck is still tight/ Some tightness into the shoulder areas as well. I did give msyelf several "Bolus" thru the pump which is controlled on the amount I can take.

Also took Hydrocodone and tizanidine. Is percocet and hydrocodone basically the same medication?

I have to admit I am somewhat concerned about the neck and if something occurred as a result of the accident. I dont want to make myself crazy with worry. But it is on my mind. My hands also seem to be a little stiffer the usual. It is cold outside so could be arthritis. But they feel stiff.

Again Iam trying to be somewhat aware of what is going on to keep on top of the changes if any since the accident.

gmak 01-26-2013 06:03 AM

Re: Car accident
Pebble, That is scary about the dye & if the dr saw it as fine, for now i guess maybe keep a diary of everything just in case but Im sure the dr wouldnt say it was ok if it wasnt ok & the kidney risk is life threatening so i think all you can do is fight pain unfortunately. Percocet is oxycodone which is the mildest triplicate medicine & is considered a little stronger than hydrocodone but of course it depends on the person if thats true for them. When i had the "seawall wreck" it took a good week & 1/2 for the stiffness & pain to gradually subside & i know it has been super cold there so it may be difficult to assess exactly what is causing the problems & these particular variables is what i would put in a sort of diary, i.e. 10 & stiffness bad where my hands..., but hopefully all will subside with time. Ive been having CNS symptoms & it is really hard to figure out what is happening b/c the CNS is so vastly complicated i sometimes feel like i cant figure it out b/c i keep doubting myself on if its my imagination, anxiety or real because its vague, unpredictable, different everyday but definitely there! So, i think i can understand that it is hard to know for sure what you are feeling other than i know you know pain but the pump medicine being on the CNS must make symptoms vague, weird, unpredictable etc Does this make sense?

P.s. it has been 80 here the last few days, i wish i could send you some heat! We had to turn on the a/c last night!

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