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  1. Schizophrenia: Was anyone else extremely gifted?
  2. Clozaril
  3. Paranoia
  4. Mysterious voice on my teeth ...
  5. I need some advice on getting a job and going back to school
  6. Healthy lifestyle management
  7. Brexpiprazole
  8. Maybe I should switch to a different medication
  9. I feel debilitated right now
  10. Been feeling unsafe
  11. Been on two antipsychotics for 6 months
  12. Beginning of Psychosis???
  13. Mother doesn't believe me
  14. How do i deal with schizophrenia while working?
  15. Boyfriend is schizophrenic ... many questions
  16. Niacin Treatment Of Schizophrenia
  17. Hearing voices
  18. Please help. Did you experience it too?
  19. Can this be schizophrenia?
  20. My husband
  21. Please, Help
  22. is this schizophrenia? i see doctor today.
  23. Medication for schizophrenia (psychosis)
  24. Help find proper board
  25. Is this schizophrenia?
  26. Schizoaffective disorder
  27. I need help!
  28. So am I alone???????
  29. So, what's the truth about scizophrenia?
  30. Problems using nonliteral language
  31. Schizophrenia, or reality.
  32. Starting Orthomolecular Therapy for Schizophrenia
  33. Does this sound like schizophrenia?
  34. The Gary Gomez Legacy
  35. I lost so much time
  36. The doctors can be useful
  37. The fight to reclaim your life
  38. Reprogramming a deluded mind
  39. Anhedonia is almost gone
  40. Meta-awareness
  41. Possible Recovery
  42. They call me Gary
  43. what is this? anyone else?
  44. abilify side effects, do they go away after a month or so?
  45. Schizophrenia ... Is this me?? ... Please help..
  46. might have Schizophrenia ... ? scared
  47. when do i go to the hospital
  48. What are the best tests to determine schizophrenia?
  49. Birth control? Schizophrenia? Anxiety/Panic? HELPPP!!!!
  50. help anyone ?
  51. Psychotic episode blackouts?
  52. Schizophrenia housing options
  53. I Am Suffering ...
  54. Psychotic episode from pain medication/unintentional self-injurious behavior
  55. Question over Schizophrenia?
  56. Memory loss and more
  57. Why am i so paranoid ?
  58. anti psychotic med help..
  59. Will anything get rid of this voice?
  60. akathisia 'managed' by valium taken as needed
  61. Two types of anti-psychotic medication?
  62. antipsychotics and sexual problems
  63. Drug induced psychosis converting into schizophrenia and relapses
  64. Hospitalization.. a fear-striking threat?
  65. Will Schizophrenia ever go away?
  66. Project on Schizophrenia
  67. schizoaffective and pregnancy
  68. schizophrenia and the devil
  69. Niacin and auditory hallucinations
  70. Medication and the voices?
  71. Thinking in "dialogues" as if I'm speaking to someone else. Does anyone else do this?
  72. I Am So Scared !!!!!
  73. Hallucinations
  74. risperdal vs Epilim
  75. Paranoid schizophrenia
  76. schizophrenia
  77. On the verge of cracking
  78. Telling parents or psychiatrist about shizophrenia
  79. Schizophrenia and Puberty
  80. I Am Terrified.
  81. what to believe
  82. Schizophrenic's Wife
  83. Am I Schizophrenic or is it Just Another Obsession?
  84. Possible to get 1st visual hallucination after 5years of schizo?
  85. Schizoaffective Disorder
  86. Experience with zeldox
  87. Careers?
  88. This world is my dream
  89. How to distinguish between inner thought and auditory hallucinations?
  90. Is It Schizophrenia or Extreme Paranoia?
  91. Schizophrenia or Extreme Paranoia?
  92. i think i might be schizophrenic
  93. dystonia tremors?
  94. Someone relate. Be crazy with me.
  95. denial and poor memory in schizophrenia
  96. Schizophrenia? Or just Hypochondria?
  97. Possible Schizophrenia or Schizo affective disorder?
  98. Drug addiction and schizophrenia
  99. Hallucination friend?
  100. Meds that work?
  101. Question about Schizophrenia medications (Clozaril and Haldol)
  102. My psychotic history
  103. Could I have early stages of Schizophrenia?
  104. What do schizophrenics do with their time?
  105. started vitamin b6 600mg b.i.d.
  106. Is this schizophrenia?
  107. Has anyone taken Lutada
  108. I think I'm getting worse... I'm really scared.
  109. Do YOU have a full time job?
  110. HELP NEEDED! What med(s) work best for you??
  111. My thoughts wake me up
  112. schizophrenia--when will i recover???
  113. I need advice on what to to about undiagnosed and ignored schizophrenia syptoms
  114. Schizophrenia and eye straining
  115. Signs I'm possibly developing schizophrenia?
  116. My parents won't believe I have schizophrenia or take a hint that I do.
  117. Symptoms decreasing or increasing
  118. Fear induced by antipsychotic medication
  119. Taste of Clozapine/clozaril?
  120. Thought broadcasting
  121. Risperdal effects on th
  122. Seeing things on the Wall When I wake up?
  123. Schizophrenia making my gf want to leave me what do I do?!
  124. possible schizophrenia?
  125. How do I report an unethical therapist?
  126. National warning about Zyprexa drug with 'Epileptic' like side effects
  127. Miss the hallucinations while medicated?
  128. Newly Diagnosed
  129. Voices vs Internal Dialogue?
  130. Question for anyone on Invega..
  131. recovery is really possible?
  132. Orthomolecular psychiatry in Toronto?
  133. Akathisia cure?
  134. cheapest antipsychotics and side effect
  135. anyone tried the generic of geodon - ziprasidone?
  136. involuntarily committed, background checks, getting a job
  137. coffee/coke and strange feeling/hearing voices
  138. Thought broadcasting - A sure sign?
  139. Zyprexa problems???
  140. The Police Follow Me
  141. Zoloft and brain zaps
  142. akathisia or ongoing panic attack
  143. Might I have anxiety induced Schizophrenia
  144. Cause of schizophrenia / schizoaffective disorder?
  145. is it possible?
  146. What is this in my head?
  147. Pain
  148. I cut down the dosage on my med from 2 mg down to .5 mg
  149. Coming off geodon.
  150. Voices
  151. Stories
  152. I've just been diagnosed with a thought disorder and am in need of some serious help.
  153. Derealization and Depersonalization ??
  154. Does anyone else see Shadow People?
  155. Schizoid Personality Disorder
  156. I think I'm paranoid schizophrenic
  157. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) to cure schizophrenia?
  158. Can you have Schizophrenia and Bipolar together?
  159. Spirits/Angels/Demons... or just what? craziness!
  160. alter ego = schizophrenic??????
  161. All just a big bunch of garbage with medication
  162. Visual Symptoms, Schizophrenia, and Social Anxiety
  163. Resperdal effects years later
  164. Geodon & Abilify questions, Need help!!
  165. schizophrenia help me know what i have please
  166. Fish oil, have you tried it, and does it help you?
  167. He's a schizophrenic, and I think I love him...
  168. Am I schizophrenic?
  169. No meds- Dream lands, black holes, anger, mania, racing thoughts, voices
  170. Mild Schizophrenia without Hallucinations (most of the time)
  171. Punning, Double Meaning - Help?
  172. Suffering from bad thoughtbroadcasting people playing tricks on me
  173. What drug to treat extreme agitation, nervousness, compulsions
  174. Sensing unseen people in room, even sitting right by you?
  175. Schizoaffective disorder
  176. Thought Broadcasting
  177. Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
  178. eye contact
  179. strange feeling after taking invega
  180. major depression or sch
  181. can anyone shed some light on paranoid schizophrenic?
  182. niaspan for schizophrenia
  183. Paranoia
  184. Pleaseeee Help! Am I showing signs of schizophrenia??
  185. Skizotypal Disorder
  186. Hallucinations Almost Gone
  187. Therapy for 'Voices'
  188. Grandiose beliefs/delusions?
  189. Hallucinations help.
  190. Invega side effects
  191. Why do anti psychotics cause weight gain?
  192. Rather Complex Visual Hallucination
  193. Am I having delusions?
  194. schizoaffective and thought disorder(s)
  195. OCD and Schizo
  196. Schizophrenia and Love?
  197. Depersonalization/Derealization
  198. Schizoaffective and finding giving up cigarettes excruciating!
  199. anyone on disability for schizophrenia?
  200. It Went Away?
  201. My experience over the last 8 months.
  202. Guess I don't have Schizophrenia
  203. might i have schizophrenia?
  204. Paranoia. Delusions. Voices. Hallucinations.
  205. 99% schizophrenia cure
  206. Am I mentally unstable?
  207. What is Tangential Thinking
  208. im constantly talking to myself... driving me crazy
  209. meds for schizophrenia
  210. No psychotic experiences for 3 weeks
  211. Question about Hallucinations
  212. Aural hallucinations
  213. respiridon
  214. Reiki and Psychosis
  215. Do I have schizophrenia or just psychotic Depresion?
  216. Help for Tardive Dyskinesia
  217. Antipsychotics and Depression
  218. Racing thoughts.
  219. What can make it worse?
  220. Orthomolecular psychiatry.
  221. Sensitivity of your mood and mind to weather and time of day
  222. Bordaline Schizophrenia
  223. Can you concentrate?
  224. Catatonia or absent seizure?
  225. 25mgs of Zyprexa?
  226. Thoughts speeding up cant stop
  227. Schizophrenia or just ADHD and bad life?
  228. Hearing voices
  229. Thought Intrusion
  230. Taking Depakote ER and Risperdal
  231. Schizophrenia and traumatic events? Please help!
  232. So i have a question. Read it and respond please :]
  233. Schizophrenia or just Paranoia
  234. How can you tell if you have schizophrenia or Bi poler?
  235. Thought Broadcasting and Bipolar disorder
  236. this is real! i swear i need advice
  237. Associations as part of hearing "voices"
  238. Question: Male vs Female Voices AND talking back to them
  239. Voices vs Auditory Hallucinations
  240. Therapy for schizophrenia!
  241. do you have schizophrenia? Test yourself
  242. schizophrenia or actual possession
  243. respiredol
  244. Fear and paranoia. Doctor bumped me up to 800 mgs of Seroquel.
  245. Psychosis..delusions..depression= finally correct diagnosis = environmental illness
  246. Does zyprexa work?
  247. Is this psychosis or just my OCD?
  248. Questioning Reality - Anyone Else Experience This?
  249. If psychiatrists cant be sure btw anxiety disorders or schizophrenia. what do you do?
  250. here's an actual experience with schizophrenia. No holds barred