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  1. I canít get my girlfriend of my mind
  2. Am i fat ?
  3. Sleep?!??!!?!?
  4. Anyone ?? 13 year old son Fatigue, Achey, sleeping all the time. please help
  5. Two times period in one month ... why???
  6. Gastritis
  7. Help me I have a question
  8. 5 months into accutane for acne.. not worked
  9. Celebrity obsession
  10. Anemia
  11. Help
  12. Hereditary Autoimmune
  13. need help please
  14. Flat chested and can't gain weight?
  15. can i grow talller after 16???
  16. Growth pattern
  17. can anyone help me.
  18. White spots on breast??
  19. EDS. (Excessive Daytime Sleepiness)
  20. 3 months no period then 2 full weeks with a period!!!
  21. people make fun of my name.
  22. I'm 16 and scared to meet up with her
  23. Help...please! I'm confused !
  24. i don't know.
  25. Can I still grow taller at 15?
  26. Concerned a lot.
  27. I dont know what is wrong.. Can i get help?
  28. Chronic heartburn/headaches/nausea
  29. my insecurities about my looks are killing me
  30. worry about my height
  31. Hesitant to Say - Depressed or overreacting?
  32. Sweaty palms, shakiness and watery eyes. Help.
  33. Parental Problems
  34. Thigh Gaps = Being Loose?
  35. My boyfriend got aroused with another girl..
  36. Illogical fear of pregnancy?
  37. My boyfriend's mother is difficult
  38. Hard lump in the middle of chest just a little to the right.
  39. Why am I so mean??
  40. Game Addiction
  41. Currently seeing Black
  42. Progression of Puberty at age 15
  43. I'm 15 and 5'5" will I grow?
  44. Am I almost done growing?
  45. how do i deal with a difficult and controlling best friend?
  46. Get a bra?
  47. How can i grow taller
  48. My boyfriend doesn't want to talk to me...
  49. 15 and haven't hit puberty, I think
  50. Anxiety and my boyfriend, please help!
  51. My best friend is 15 and pregnant .
  52. How do I flirt with girls and avoid the friendzone?
  53. Irregular eating and 'pooping'. Related?
  54. why doesn't my girlfriend tell her parents we are dating yet?
  55. Symptoms include swollen nodes, lump on back of head
  56. Health Anxiety, teenager. Life is hell.
  57. Constant nausea ruining my life :(
  58. Swollen lymph nodes
  59. What am I Having ?
  60. Super Worried. Please answer(:
  61. incomplete puberty?
  62. Is this normal?
  63. Hard & puffed out nipples
  64. Breast Reduction Proposal Questions
  65. Almost constant tiredness(with full energy episodes)
  66. Can't take this anymore!!!
  67. Hi, I need help regarding my poop.
  68. Head Rushes Causing Spazms/ Short memory loss.
  69. Fordyce Spot Infection?
  70. Redness in cheeks and forehead
  71. Having Moderate/Severe Pain In my Lower throat when i swallow, help please?
  72. Strong heartbeat/palpitations
  73. could an injury to your penis when your yound cause it to stop growing?
  74. I've been throwing up for two weeks... What's wrong with me?
  75. What if water gets in to the penis?
  76. Puberty Questions
  77. I'm a teen and all things point towards it, PLEASE HELP!!!
  78. Lower abdomen/pelvic area sticks out slightly??
  79. My boyfriend is cousins with my best friend?
  80. incomplete puberty
  81. When i get up fast i get dizzy and lose my balance?
  82. Very late period?
  83. My guy friend is ignoring me! I'm really sad! :((
  84. Girlfriend can't express her feelings
  85. Girl started to feel awkward
  86. lump above chin
  87. Jealousy?? Overreacting? Helpp?? It would mean alot...
  88. Does my mother truly love me?
  89. Cold testicles
  90. little painful bump between thigh and anus?
  91. Is there anything to do for scar tissue in the throat?
  92. I love a girl who is already taken.
  93. functional dyspepsia- how long?????
  94. bf only wants me to wear short skirts
  95. My Girlfriend Wants To Slow Down
  96. Frustrated! Oh, where do i begin....
  97. Black Stool For Two Days Now
  98. Ringing in ear
  99. glandular fever
  100. Growth spurt?
  101. I need mature advice.
  102. Curved penis
  103. Pain in Left Side of Chest
  104. What does it mean when you have a nose bleed on one side?
  105. First doctor visit
  106. Mucus and Sore Throat
  107. Does age really matter when it comes to love?
  108. Hot flashes
  109. Im 15, can i use dumbbells?
  110. Swollen Epididymis
  111. 14 y/o boy with knot in left breast
  112. 14 year old with several black tastebuds what can i do
  113. Tiny white spot on tip of tongue.
  114. - How 2 Shave & NOT get razor bumps !
  115. Message to Adults that use this Board >
  116. Son Wants Me To Allow Him To Be Tased...Is It Safe?
  117. do you get over your first love?
  118. extremely hairy legs
  119. Wrist pain?
  120. Red Rash on Testicles
  121. what is the yellow stuff in my underwear that leaves stains
  122. Why is my belly button ring hole thinning in the middle
  123. Peeing alot
  124. I rarely get my period!
  125. how do you get rid of wrinkles on forehead
  126. shaved my belly
  127. When does your penis stop growing?
  128. My 15 year old daughter has migranes only at menstrual time!
  129. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  130. Incomplete Puberty
  131. Lump behind jaw/ear
  132. Bruise on penis!
  133. I've only urinated once today!!!!!
  134. Fusing of Growth Plates/overall height
  135. little bump please help
  136. One testicle bigger than the other?
  137. What are the circles called around your nipple
  138. Glandular Fever
  139. if you are 5'7 in height at age 13 what height will you have when reach a adult
  140. Is something wrong with me
  141. Why does this one girl continuously stare at me?
  142. tiny black dots on upper lip
  143. Hairy, Hairy Legs
  144. Need help to lose some weight!
  145. How to stop your period for good
  146. What do annual physical urine tests test for?
  147. Does l arginine cause acne?
  148. how long for shaved eyebrows to grow back
  149. Broke up with girlfriend, don't think i can handle it.
  150. Going to the doc with shaved pubes
  151. Pimple on Vagina?
  152. Very Moody...
  153. Why doesn't she believe me?
  154. Rectum hair problem, help please :D
  155. earrings on guys....definately NOT gay
  156. Black 'shadows' under my eyes
  157. tiny black dot near lips
  158. Girl trying to steal boyfriend!!
  159. 17.4 BMI : 5'11 - 125lbs
  160. Period on valentines day!!
  161. Blackheads on legs - please help!!
  162. belly button ripped from ring what to do
  163. what age will a human stop growing in height?
  164. does it hurt to have your belly redone?
  165. When Do Women Stop Growing
  166. white hairs at 17?
  167. underwire bras cause breast cancer?
  168. Incomplete puberty?
  169. how tall is the average 14 year old?
  170. Late growth spurt?
  171. if a guy calls u fat....
  172. How can I look older?
  173. I feel I am losing my precious daughter...need help
  174. what is wrong if you black out
  175. Little white bumps inside nipples?
  176. Twitching
  177. Excessive sweating
  178. Please use the correct board for your health issues.
  179. I Need To Talk! I Cant Stop Thinking About Him!
  180. I honestly hate my father. Help..-_-
  181. Girlfriend always on my mind, bad thing?
  182. Girlfriend and parties causing me to really worry..
  183. JockStrap/Cup problems!!!
  184. Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!
  185. What do i really look like?
  186. HELP!!!...huge breasts, and i'm still young?
  187. Breakdancing making you shorter
  188. I moustache you a question
  189. Bad breath is killing me
  190. Certain Dri
  191. Rapid puberty?
  192. Irregular Periods?? possible?
  193. I feel bad for my mom, what can I do?
  194. Anorexia
  195. Ways to grow taller
  196. Feel The Urge To Urinate When Nervous
  197. cherifer vitamins?
  198. Embarassing Question About Breasts...
  199. Brown circles around nipples.
  200. Wet the bed.First time in 10 years.
  201. Physical exams
  202. Height..
  203. Question about my deformed abs
  204. 16 and shorter than average
  205. Red dots everywhere help?!
  206. I have a really bad sweating problem
  207. Girls, shaving advice needed
  208. acid reflux?
  210. Sexuality
  211. Advice required re podge belly, exercise, food, and general life!
  212. Can any guy get any girl?
  213. Prom Night is near....
  214. Any teens taking Phentermine?
  215. sweaty armpits- ah!
  216. bacne+prom=big problem
  217. What is a great inner thigh workout???
  218. Leg hair less long on one side
  219. where has my period gone?!
  220. Tissue behind Nipple
  221. Enjoy kissing?
  222. cloudy urine?
  223. I like my boyfriends brother more than him.. help?
  224. Tall is annoying!!!
  225. Help me, girls
  226. white stuff under my tounge after makingout...
  227. boyfriend coughing up blood
  228. fear of piercing my ears. is it worth the hassle?
  229. Dont know what to say around girls
  230. Belly button pain?
  231. trying to burp?
  232. I may never see my friend again
  233. 12 yr old have terrible menstral cramps
  234. my 13 year old and irregular periods
  235. Girlfriend's Dad
  236. I'm really nice but... what DOES she think of me? :(
  237. I got a "lymph node" like thing on the shaft of my penis
  238. Growth Spurt and Weight Gain
  239. Red bump + Throat + Ear + Red Line...
  240. I have a crush on my friend
  241. Just turned 18.... Can I still grow? PLEASE ANSWER!
  242. Parents want me to have therapy - Legal rights?
  243. Abusive boyfriend
  244. Hand tremors
  245. what are pancake nipples?
  246. What is a normal BMI?
  247. Serious worries about my period
  248. i cant stop thinking about it, its getting ridiculous
  249. Girls......Question About Guys Hair Style
  250. * Do guys like the short no breast girls??? *