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  1. microvascular angiopathy
  2. Advice needed on CT result
  3. Getting an overdiagnosis of stage
  4. Dementia
  5. Not sure?
  6. Alzheimer's Support Please
  7. Neuropsychology test was troubling
  8. Mom with dementia declining quickly
  9. Advice on 82 father
  10. Some advice, please
  11. alzhemier's vs parkinsons
  12. Hello all ... it has been a long time :(
  13. Help! Need Advice ASAP
  14. Low Dose Klonopin-Still Affects Memory? Help!
  15. ALZ and Lattice dystrophy answer Metformin
  16. Need help and Advice please!
  17. Should I be concerned?
  18. Concerned, would like input
  19. EOAD and Lyme
  20. suffering dementia and need to talk
  21. Some advice please
  22. does alzhiemer's run in families?
  23. Treatment of aggression without neuroleptics
  24. Thanks everyone
  25. Worried about Mom
  26. DARPA's brain implants
  27. The Hospice or Death & Dying boards are the boards for discussing the end of life.
  28. Do anti depressants make you worse and eventually cause you to not do anything?
  29. Is this part of the dementia?
  30. Alzheimer's, Dementia Linked With Low Vitamin D
  31. early onset dementia
  32. Dementia and zyprexa
  33. Newly diagnosed 80 yr old husband
  34. Dad starting to kiss another woman in my parents retirement home, mom upset
  35. Health and dignity question
  36. libido problems aftermath of HIV dementia
  37. Should we tell son?
  38. Where do I begin?
  39. Dementia onset?
  40. Lewy Body Dementia
  41. Doctor wants to see her every two weeks
  42. Is My Husband getting Dementia?
  43. Need advice re mom 78 years with dementia
  44. Doctor suspects my mom has mild dementia
  45. Dementia patient becoming more compliant
  46. Far reaching
  47. Refusing to eat
  48. How Does One Stop an Alzheimer's Patient From Biting Her Fingernails?
  49. need my sleep :(
  50. Am I doing the right thing?
  51. Worried dad may have Alzheimer's .
  52. To treat or not to treat for stage 4 cancer with Alzheimer's
  53. Déjà vu all over again
  54. Grandfather entering new stage?
  55. New at this game
  56. ALZ Hospice
  57. Convincing dementia patient to move to facility
  58. Opinion Please ...
  59. Christmas Gifts Ignored
  60. Is screaming normal?
  61. door knobs for alzheimer patient
  62. A Precious Gift
  63. Info on Dimebon trial for alzheimers?
  64. Door alarms
  65. Convincing dementia patient to bathe
  66. Disappointed in nursing home
  67. Need Help Replacing Mom's Indentifcation Cards
  68. Trying to prepare for Mom going into nursing home
  69. Dad with Alzheimer's and mum is angry.
  70. What to buy for dad's birthday on Tuesday?
  71. Alzheimers: Heredity??
  72. Husband with moderate stage dementia
  73. Numenda
  74. Hospice
  75. Stopping Namenda XR
  76. Alzheimer's REM and DEEP SLEEP
  77. How do you tell someone with alzheimer's they have cancer?
  78. worried and need help
  79. A potential treatment
  80. Mom at Stage 6 - waiting for spend down to get help
  81. It is hard to figure out what to do
  82. Father Keeps Falling
  83. Namenda and advanced dementia
  84. Any Suggestions Would Be So Appreciated
  85. Alz
  86. Feeling scared...
  87. Please ... someone help. Husband early stages of dementia
  88. Dementia, what are the MRI's say
  89. Alzheimer's and Genetics
  90. Hallucinations at onset of Alzheimers
  91. Parent's Dementia
  92. Very Rapid Decline
  93. Vascular Dementia what to expect?
  94. Don't know what to do
  95. On the stranger side of dementia...
  96. mom has Alz and Dementia and talks constantly
  97. Dementia - visiting a loved one
  98. What should I do?
  99. The grief and feeling of loss...
  100. My mom
  101. Is life over once diagnosed?
  102. Dementia
  103. Long term care, no family support or $
  104. The inevitable
  105. Alzheimer's Patient preoccupied
  106. Hospice---What To Expect Now?
  107. Please help me with my grief
  108. I need to vent a bit
  109. End of the Journey
  110. Hoping
  111. New and needing advice
  112. New to site, Need to figure out how to get mom into memory care. Thoughts?
  113. Husband in advanced stage of Alzheimer's
  114. can they hear & understand you???
  115. family feud over assisted living
  116. Hospice/Palliative Care Question
  117. the long battle
  118. Hospice concerns
  119. alzheimers
  120. Hello, new here
  121. My mother has dementia and lives with me
  122. Repetitive behavior...
  123. alzheimer's disease
  124. Mam just diagnosed
  125. I need advice please...
  126. Repetitive questions
  127. Hallucinations
  128. Caregiver of Lewy Body Disease Spouse
  129. My mother just took another step downward
  130. Mom Thinks I am Mean to Her
  131. question about assisted living/memory care
  132. Why would you even consider?
  133. Mom thinks I'm stealing from her now
  134. dementia
  135. Alzheimers - "psychotic break" after mom's death? Dad's mental episodes. WTH?
  136. Need another opinion
  137. Has Anyone Heard Of This
  138. Should mom be given a walker
  139. Mother getting placed before Christmas! Please help!
  140. work and dementia
  141. Brain fitness
  142. Mom passed. Shortly after I landed. Update.
  143. Comprehending and other questions
  144. How long before death in very late stage?
  145. Mom in end state dementia in Hospice, and dad has cancer.
  146. I'm beginning to hate myself at what I've become
  147. Dementia
  148. How to collect a urine sample?
  149. endless yelling
  150. Do memory tablets work?
  151. From good to horrible in less than two months HELP!
  152. The 4th one.. understanding the unfairness
  153. Showering
  154. Incompetent is such an ugly word
  155. What now? I'm confused....
  156. Mum Left Yesterday
  157. How long can mom go on like this? Ending?
  158. Mum is Passing - Doing the right thing?
  159. Aggressive behavior...
  160. Twilight anesthesia?
  161. Looking for Insight, end stage
  162. C - Diff in assisted living residence
  163. Need an opinion
  164. Bored and can't do anything
  165. Coping - What do I say to my dad?
  166. My Mom's face is swollen & black and blue
  167. Does a CT detect Alzheimer's
  168. Difficulty with night time...
  169. HELP! Elderly Father - Dementia
  170. early onset alzheimer's
  171. help needed urgently
  172. Nausea?
  173. My grandmother forgot who I am.
  174. So upset - mother screaming, crying, hyperventilating
  175. scared - early onset Alzheimer's
  176. Early Signs of Picks/Frontotemporal Dementia??
  177. Does it get better?
  178. I think Mama has rallied back from dehydration
  179. Depression
  180. Vascular Dementia - hospice and NH
  181. My MOM has went into final stage.
  182. Loosing balance, feeling dizzy. Now feeling nauseas
  183. other shoe
  184. Help in understanding end stages
  185. My Mom Passed
  186. Desperately needing answers
  187. Getting Nan to respite care
  188. Periodic day of dry heaves, no eating & headache?
  189. Time for a Long Term Care Facility
  190. My Mom had a grammal seizure
  191. Hot and Cold
  192. Need to find a clock for sundowners
  193. mom holding her urine and not eating
  194. Getting mom diagnosed tomorrow and terrified
  195. Mother/Sister
  196. question about clock test
  197. Where Do We Draw the Line: A Declaration
  198. Is this the beginning of Alzheimer's
  199. My father, my mother, denial and guilt
  200. Frontotemporal Dementia
  201. Grandma finally forgot.
  202. Fabricating memories
  203. Taste Buds
  204. Dementia, drama and reality -- crisis moment!
  205. Dad Who Broke Hip and had Swallowing problems: The saga continues
  206. "I don't belong with all these old people"
  207. Alcohol and dementia symptoms
  208. Unusual dementia progression?
  209. My mom was tested today
  210. New here and desperate
  211. New here-New to Dementia-Need advice
  212. My mom is getting tested
  213. Loss of taste and smell
  214. Mmse
  215. Late Stage and the hospital, hospice, skilled nursing fiasco
  216. Some days are diamonds... help!
  217. Constant worry
  218. No Urine
  219. Difference Between Alzheimers and Dementia
  220. Everyone in denial except me?
  221. Dad wants to get married
  222. Need to talk
  223. MMSE question
  224. Anger, Aggression in Spouse
  225. Test for UTI
  226. Phones for Alz
  227. Alzheimer's, Dementia or something else?
  228. Mom as late stage alcoholic with possible Alcoholic Induced Dementia
  229. Night waking/knowing day from night
  230. Necessity of Mammograms?
  231. Strength & Balance Question
  232. Mom got scammed... is this a sign?
  233. Waking up at night
  234. Dad lives in a parallel universe.
  235. Advice please
  236. Question about excessive incontinence
  237. Dementia signs or something else?
  238. Patient Lift
  239. Advice needed. Undiagnosed but I know in my heart it's dementia
  240. My 87-year-old dad has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia.
  241. How to keep MIL clean??
  242. Mom is dying.
  243. Mom won't eat?
  244. How to know if it's Alzheimers
  245. Another big step down for Mom...
  246. Small town v big city
  247. Cataract surgery???
  248. Falling and Anger
  249. Dementia and the Caretaker
  250. How to deal with family denial