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  1. Hair burns within seconds!!
  2. Redness in scalp
  3. Frizzy hair
  4. I have a "horn" in my forehead
  5. Just prescribed spironolactone - need advice
  6. white hairs on nose
  7. dry scalp
  8. how big of a deal are hairy arms?
  9. Greasy pillow
  10. Dry short hair no matter what I do!
  11. dye burn infection
  12. Annoying Hair Problem
  13. White pubic hairs
  14. Desperate help - my hair is a disaster!!
  15. Wavy hair in the back and straight hair in front
  16. Concerned about Hair Texture Change
  17. Super dry ends!
  18. Grey hair?
  19. 16 yr old girl w/ hair problems dont know what to do :(
  20. Hair Color, Foil Job
  21. Some white hairs at age 28, Male
  22. My beard's patchy
  23. Hair growth problem!!
  24. 18 year old female shaves face
  25. Hair problems
  26. Am I going to lose my locks?!
  27. severe dandruff?
  28. Am I worried for nothing?
  29. Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit Only hair colour
  30. woman w/no body hair/full head hair
  31. Hair Growth Slowed Down
  32. Restoring hair colour
  33. highlights hair thinning
  34. Dry Sculp, dandruff, everything: Help!
  35. Hair and Skin Problem
  36. how to get relief from dandruff?
  37. Blonde hair blending trouble!
  38. I'm Jody, and I have a question.
  39. Facial hair growth! :(
  40. My embarrassing accidental shave story
  41. Dry/Coarse hair - Please help!!
  42. Hair issues teenage (female)
  43. I've had this "ringworm" or whatever for 4 years. I need help.
  44. Help me with my eyebrows, PLEASE!
  45. Beardless circle on face
  46. Hair Loss
  47. rubbery substance in hair!
  48. One thick white hair - what is it?
  49. Sore scalp
  50. Hair care tips
  51. Hair Problems
  52. Hair loss on arms/legs
  53. Itchy dry scaly scalp.
  54. minoxidil
  55. Losing hair
  56. soborrheic dermatitis
  57. Permanent Hair Loss after chemical straightening
  58. What causes gray hair at 26 years old?
  59. giant clumps of hair in brush... :( worried
  60. Female hair loss :(
  61. Hair dry, sticking up. At wits end.
  62. Vitamin B5 megadose hair loss
  63. Shiny/oily Scalp Problem
  64. Hair coming out..HELP!!!
  65. burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
  66. Itchy scalp
  67. Dry scalp problem
  68. Major Hair Loss (Telogen Effluvium)
  69. Unwanted hair
  70. Need hair conditioner advice
  71. my hairy story
  72. Hair growing differently
  73. Hair loss after birth control
  74. Natural ways to keep long hair untangled?
  75. 26 and going bald?
  76. greasy, gross, stringy hair even after washing? poor diet?
  77. need vitamin recommendations for hair loss
  78. Fed up with burning scalp? There's hope.
  79. Male Soft/Thinning Hair
  80. thinning hair
  81. Autoimmune Inner Ear/Hair Loss
  82. Troublesome Headlice
  83. Trich (Hair pulling), hair cutting, depression & OCD
  84. Sticky Hair in Women
  85. Does lemon juice really lighten hair permanently ?
  86. If Overcounter Psoriasis/Seborea shampoo doesn't work, would Nizoral Prescription?
  87. Hair Loss Over Summer-120+ a day-Help!
  88. Greasy Hair for no reason
  89. Dying previously dyed hair
  90. out of control hair!
  91. Bald patch on head.
  92. Acquired progressive kinky hair??!!
  93. Scared teen looking for advice on headlice..
  94. hair / scalp odour
  95. waxing body hair and health risks
  96. Itchy Scalp
  97. Scalp out of control
  98. hair split ends
  99. HELP. my hair is falling out and turning gray!!
  100. This is strange
  101. A shampoo can't really "nourish" the hair, can it?
  102. best shampoo for dry hair
  103. 24 yr old..grey hair?
  104. Wife Hair Loss
  105. Increased hair growth all over body, 21 year old female
  106. Husband has Odor coming from his hair/scalp
  107. Coconut Oil in hair
  108. Female age 45 losing excess hair for about 2 months
  109. my body hair is getting darker and longer!
  110. what is a good over the counter hair color without bleach for blondes
  111. White hair in 20s
  112. hair in legs and arms in a 6 years old
  113. colored my hair with ash shade,now looks kinda green,how can i fix it?
  114. what to do if you mess up your hair?
  115. I'm a 20 year old male losing my hair!! HELP
  116. im 16 and need help with my hairy belly :(:(
  117. greasy scalp
  118. thyroid and dry hair
  119. why does my hair,nails grow so fast, health issues or what
  120. Big Forehead
  121. anyone use nioxin????
  122. Clear hair
  123. Ovation cell hair therapy?
  124. This is so strange...i lost some of my hair and then it grow back again!
  125. Hair scratched/Picked out never grown back ?
  126. woman facial hair and upper lip shadow
  127. Hair removal?
  128. What is your hair care routine?
  129. white hairs in pubic area
  130. hair going thin and dry
  131. does mane n tail work?!
  132. Head scabs on top of scalp
  133. Itchy, irritated scalp
  134. For Quick Hair Groth
  135. can women use 5% minidoxil
  136. 24 year woman thinning hair. it won't stop
  137. Biotin and hair growth
  138. what kind of shampoo for allergies
  139. white patch developed over 3 week period
  140. painful bump on the back of my head in hair
  141. why should women not use rogaine for men
  142. Does anyone have Folliculitis Problems
  143. Thinning frontal hairline at 20? Now what
  144. Leg hair stopped growing.
  145. scabs on scalp
  146. Single whisker-like hair in middle of back (rogue hair?)
  147. Growth Spurts = Sore and Itchy Scalp????
  148. musty hair smell
  149. HairLoss - lactose and fructose intolerance
  150. short white hairs
  151. Chronic Telogen Effluvium
  152. Is Nutri Ox Shampoo as Good As dusteride and A Replacement?
  153. Does anyone here (women) have acne related to facial hair? Problem after Accutane,ro
  154. head scabs
  155. boxed hair color mishap
  156. magical mane
  157. What Hair Spray do you use on Hair now?
  158. My head feels kind of numb......
  159. how much silica for hair growth
  160. Allodynia or Not ?
  161. how to increase thickness of hair
  162. White hairs at 20
  163. Eyebrow plucking
  164. Has anybody used Activance Rhodanide?
  165. Anyone tried ReMox Minoxidil Combination with Retin A
  166. receding hair line at 23
  167. Removal of hair in butt crack (sincere question)
  168. how to grow beard quickly
  169. Procerin
  170. Can I mix monoxidil (Rogaine) with my own shampoo?
  171. thick in roots and thin on ends
  172. headlice or severe dandruff?
  173. Should I keep dyeing my hair?
  174. sticky, greasy hair - won't wash out!
  175. Telogen Effluvium Recovery- genetics & Qs
  176. alternatives to t-gel?
  177. what is ph acid conditioner
  178. What to use to make my hair straight????
  179. IPL / Lipoxome to remove blond hair
  180. Facial hair & Saw Palmetto
  181. one fat hair
  182. how to get rid of grey hair for teens
  183. Chronic Telogen Effluvium?
  184. Telogen Effluvium Regrowth
  185. Is there a shampoo that adds color?
  186. solution for itchy scalp???
  187. electrolysis reviews wanted
  188. First Grey Hair at 25... Concerned.
  189. Pureology
  190. Olive Oil and Witch Hazel
  191. Fine, Thin, Oily Hair
  192. sebacious cyst that got infected and now bald spot
  193. white hair patches and in eye brows
  194. Overwaxed and overplucked eyebrows, Im in desperate need of help
  195. My hair is getting really fine
  196. Dandruff? Dry scalp? Help!!
  197. Short anagen Syndrome-4 year old-hair won't grow
  198. What is the best way to fix?
  199. dark spots on chin due to hair plucking
  200. why did my hair turn orange/blonde after highlighting
  201. White hair in eyebrows
  202. Upper lip/chin hair. HELP!
  203. running finger through hair
  204. What causes your hair texture to drasticaly change
  205. Head scabs
  206. does your scalp hurt in the area of balding
  207. Itchy scalp--lice? Opinions needed!
  208. Rogaine-hair shedding after 8 months
  209. scabs everywhere on scalp
  210. Random, rough unhealthy White hairs.....whats going on?
  211. Hairloss from Lamictal or Seroquel??
  212. My Sad Personal Story Regarding SHAVING Facial Hair (I'm a GIRL)
  213. Why has my underarm hair gone away?
  214. How do I rid excessive blonde body hair? (female)
  215. what kinda of doctor do i see about unwanted facial hair growth
  216. seborric dermatitis/folliculitis?
  217. Scalp Exercises? (Tom Hagerty's)
  218. Krill Oil, Choline+Inositol, Advanced B Complex (Any of these help your hair?)
  219. Ear hair plucking
  220. salt in eyebrow???
  221. only 22 and i have lots of grey hairs is this due to stress?
  222. Natrol Biosil for hair growth
  223. my nose hairs are white at the tips what does that mean?
  224. Hair Shedding - Hormonal?
  225. itchy, inflamed scalp months after lice treatments
  226. how to attract the sun to your hair to turn it blonde?
  227. hair products that doesn't flake
  228. what happens when you strip your hair?
  229. Hair follicles found in flakes of scalp - HELP!
  230. what can I use on scalp scabs
  231. why doesn't my hairline grow back?
  232. how long to cure folliculitis
  233. i Really hate my hair
  234. when can i relax my hair after I bleach it?
  235. dry hair, itching and burning scalp
  236. does the hair lost due to seborrheic dermatitis can be gained back?
  237. Spironolactone
  238. Why do i have hairs on my nose?
  239. I have been taking finasteride for 14 months and my hair has started to shed again
  240. severe hair fall
  241. Why has my facial hair literally stopped growing?
  242. 22 year old male needs help
  243. Pimples/Acne throughout scalp
  244. why does my scalp itch so much especially after washing
  245. Anyone tried this Don Cosa micro dot process
  246. Please help! telogen effluvium?
  247. Head problem please help ....
  248. 24 and going Bald.....
  249. \getting bald patches on my beard
  250. Extremely dry, thick course hair and MAJOR breakage.