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  1. Episodes of blister-like bumps on back of knuckles
  2. Eczema near anus still causing issues after a year - please help
  3. Sore on neck doesn't heal
  4. Red blotchy legs
  5. Want to remove skin tag
  6. Blisters on hands
  7. Unknown skin issues rash + pimples noone can help
  8. Tiny red itchy dots
  9. Itchy red welts
  10. Rash near goin
  11. Mole shaved off - Cotton wool stuck to wound!
  12. Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis and Poison Ivy
  13. Hand eczema
  14. Could this be hives ? Or bug bites ...
  15. New rash spreading?
  16. Recurring angular cheilitis
  17. Rash that is "spreading"
  18. Bruise Won't Go Away
  19. Under Eye Wrinkles
  20. Skin problem for over 10 years
  21. Baby has sore that won't go away
  22. Major skin issue
  23. Sore red legs
  24. Lovely, stubborn rash ... it's a beauty.
  25. Recovering from mystery skin disease
  26. Rash that peels ...
  27. Rash on inner thighs
  28. Long-term skin 'rash' - unable to identify and therefore treat
  29. What is this dark thing poking out of my forearm?
  30. Outer tricep Arm Rash
  31. Red pimple like bump on tip of nose
  32. Is this skin change malignant?
  33. Red patches all over my body
  34. Collarbone Skin Rash and Strange Pores
  35. Tea tree oil -_-
  36. Nose skin inflammation?
  37. Myxoid Cyst
  38. Small red bumps in folds of nose. WON'T GO AWAY! HELP!!
  39. Bumps/spots on hand
  40. Weird brown circle rash on leg
  41. Mystery skin issue? WHAT IS IT?!?
  42. Wrinkled Fingertips
  43. Worsening rash around belly button
  44. Face redness
  45. What the heck is this rash? How do I get it to go away?
  46. Rash on fingers
  47. Rash/bumps above elbow
  48. White and red lines on inner upper lip?
  49. bloody finger tips and dry skin
  50. eczema
  51. Skin Rash?
  52. help with diagnosis?
  53. Itchy, Inflammed Lump on Neck Below Jaw Line that Appears Like Bug Bite.
  54. Red skin rash around cheeks help!!!
  55. White spots on skin
  56. Lump on my inner thigh.
  57. mold on foot or eczema
  58. sudden skin change
  59. Scalp rash for months.
  60. Problem with skin on hands
  61. What is this mole looking thing on my hand?
  62. Inflammation beneath the mouth
  63. Symmetrical red rash in both elbow creases and pecs
  64. Mole with Red Ring Around It
  65. Rash on thigh. Please help
  66. My body itches like crazy when sometimes out in public, HELP!!
  67. Woke up with a rash-like itchy red bumps/patch
  68. Irritated skin
  69. In shock
  70. rash near eye won't go away, ringworm help?
  71. Rash/skin Problem
  72. Redness after wound healing
  73. white skin spots
  74. Intertrigo in groin
  75. Small lump on my buttcheek?
  76. Dry skin problem (unknown)
  77. Pimples turning into moles???
  78. Skin rash
  79. Foot problem
  80. Boils
  81. Dry, Itchy Skin On Fingers and Hand
  82. Red Spots on Legs
  83. Unknow rough skin pathes symmetical on both ribs
  84. Itchy red rash in horrible spot!
  85. Rough and itchy bumps on hand?
  86. Non itchy rash on head back and neck
  87. Lipoma - What to do about it?
  88. Flesh came out of pimple
  89. Weird bump that wont go away
  90. Weird skin on hand
  91. tiny itchy bumps on arms
  92. Roseacia
  93. Penile skin disease
  94. Leather like skin
  95. Hidradenitis suppurativa my fathers ongoing battle
  96. Allergy or bug bite?
  97. Warts
  98. Rough itchy skin on face & arms
  99. Granuloma Annulare
  100. eczema on feet
  101. Skin lesions with White, hard rubbery core
  102. Bites on legs that won't go away.
  103. Itchy white circles appearing on feet
  104. Bruise won't go away.
  105. Strange rash on foot and ankle
  106. Strange rash won't go away, please help!
  107. Circles under the skin
  108. Little bumps and pimples on my penis
  109. Help identify Circle on scalp
  110. Horrible rash
  111. Please help, what is this on my skin
  112. Help identify bug bite
  113. A Big Bump- Help wanted
  114. Slowly Expanding Darker Part Of My Skin
  115. Big bite/wound - help identify please
  116. Red/White scale dots
  117. Very small bumps on hand
  118. Burning Rash -Please Help
  119. Strange lines like scar tissue; second time they appear
  120. Lyclear 5% permethrin cream
  121. Can this be a ringworm or another skin condition??
  122. Rash that comes and goes for months.
  123. What is wrong with my mom's skin?
  124. Weird pimple/scab on leg not going away
  125. Pimple? Bug bite or cold sore?
  126. Skin Problem?
  127. Suddenly getting Petechiae.
  128. Why is my skin peeling on my finger tips?
  129. Dead skin build up?
  130. What are those?
  131. Intense Body Itching
  132. 100s of red pin-prik spots in rash around my knees
  133. itch
  134. Rash since january
  135. Skin Rash
  136. Which is the best doctor to remove a sebaceous cyst?
  137. Black thing growing out of skin
  138. Rash in senior woman.
  139. Scabies or Heat Rash
  140. inflammation cyst
  141. Severe blotchy flushing on chest/arms
  142. Prickly dry feeling skin all over ...
  143. Weird Face Skin Problem
  144. Itchy skin
  145. Sudden "Lumpy" Rash on Shoulder Blade
  146. Unidentified condition on-and-off since Dec'16..
  147. Lichen Planus
  148. pain in birth mole?
  149. Red Spots on inside of knee
  150. Red circles on neck for MONTHS
  151. Is this heat rash?
  152. Laser safe for brown spots?
  153. Circular rash - help identification
  154. Red, inflamed tip of penis for months!
  155. Neck pimple that won't go away!
  156. Need Help w/Itchy Skin
  157. Unknown skin infection or ecezma?
  158. Skin bumps/New Tattoo
  159. Weird skin problem
  160. I suffer from an undiagnosed skin condition.
  161. Terrible rash ruining life
  162. Ruining My Life
  163. Rash on hand
  164. Growth on scalp
  165. Seborrheic Dermatitis
  166. What does this look like
  167. Rash on waistline
  168. Not sure what this mark means.
  169. Raised red flaky itchy skin patches
  170. armpit lump
  171. SKIN RASHES ... Help me please!!!
  172. White line across skin on arm
  173. Infected sabeceous cyst caused hair loss
  174. Skin - Bullous Pemphigoid
  175. Rash on face for years now):
  176. Am I allergic or do I have bed bugs?
  177. Flaky skin on hands. Unsightly. Any ideas??
  178. Eczema on one leg only?
  179. Skin rash
  180. What kind of skin disease
  181. severly dehydrated skin
  182. Severe stinging itch
  183. What the hell is this!?! (images)
  184. lichen planus pigmentosus
  185. Dermatologists confused
  186. Help little pimples all over my body
  187. Dermatologists confused
  188. Help! Itchy bumps all over!
  189. Rash on my face
  190. Do I have scabies?? Please help
  191. Red spots
  192. 2 year itch
  193. need help with skin bumps ):
  194. Skin indentations and welts
  195. What is wrong with my skin!!!
  196. Scabies and scalp. Freaking out
  197. Things on my skin Help!!
  198. Skin problems on foot
  199. 16 years, many doctors, and still lost - Please Help My Mom!
  200. Small itchy bumps on my back
  201. infected hair follicles on breast?
  202. Folliculitis Suddenly Destroying my Body
  203. Itch Arms for 25 years
  204. Excess Oil and Blackheads on face
  205. Skin spontaneously scarring and losing elasticity all over?
  206. Weird mass inside belly button
  207. Cannot figure out what this is all over body.
  208. Serve skin irritation/rash
  209. spreading sandpaper skin
  210. Tinea Versicolor ... does it get worse with medication before better?
  211. Ringworm?
  212. Itchy red bumps under armpits days after sex with stranger
  213. Does this look concerning?
  214. Bump in between my butt cheeks
  215. Sore Not Healing
  216. Bruises taking forever to heal
  217. Scabies? Swimmer's Itch? Chlorine Rash?
  218. Does anyone know what kind of bites these are?
  219. Anyone here familiar with Scabies?
  220. Eczema
  221. Itchy Skin Rash
  222. Lifelong unidentified skin issue
  223. help! having small bumps on skin and they wont go away
  224. Recurring purple spot
  225. Does this sound like a pilonidal cyst?
  226. hives? insect bite? suggestions?
  227. Skin rash what is it? (images)
  228. Aquaphor : Can it cause a rash?
  229. Dry skin patches, how to get rid of?
  230. rapid aging of skin
  231. Stress rash or fungal?
  232. Dry cracked heels
  233. Stomach Rash won't go away + Brain Fog
  234. Skin red all over - in agony!!
  235. skin rash
  236. How to get rid of dry, sensitive, bumpy leather looking skin
  237. hundreds of white spots on face
  238. Bumps on feet and hands and stomach and itch
  239. Strange bumps help?
  240. What is this?
  241. Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins
  242. Can someone tell me what this is
  243. Have you ever seen this?
  244. skin biopsy
  245. Red peeling skin on sides of nose
  246. black mark in face scrape
  247. Skin issue on bum
  248. Taint Cyst
  249. Mysterious straight line rash
  250. How can I get rid of warts?