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  37. Birth control
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  62. Took Plan B while on B C Heather
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  64. Switched from azurette to amethia (seasonique generic), took pill 4 hours late.
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  67. Switching from Pill to Implant/IUD/UIS. Thoughts?
  68. Boobs on Birth Control
  69. Implanon
  70. what are the odds yasmin will work for me?
  71. Help please
  72. Does vaginal dryness ever stop when you stop taking the birth control?
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  74. Birth control problems
  75. Pregnancy after shot
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  77. Paraguard/options
  78. I am new to the pill. How important is the time and the pause when on
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  86. Breakthrough Bleeding
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  89. Good day
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  105. 2 missed birth control pills. Please help
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  123. Switching From Ortho Tri-Cyclen To Tri-Sprintec
  124. The pill killed my sex drive, could it be forever?
  125. Help!
  126. Depo provera causing tremors and other cns issues
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  132. implant
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  144. Mirena
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  146. Bleeding for 12days after stopping birth control
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  149. birth control...
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  159. IUD Help
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  161. birth control
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  168. Breakthrough bleeding ...
  169. Could I Be Pregnant?
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  171. Please help
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  198. Birth Control
  199. Could I still be pregnant if I got a heavy "period" 6 days after Plan B one step??
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  209. URGENT! NEED ADVICE!- Period late 4 days - Took Alesse 28 nearly perfectly
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  214. depo shot / possible pregnancy?
  215. When will I get spotting after taking birth control though.Can anyone tell me.Thanks.
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  217. Microgynon and Kalms
  218. Alternatives to Hormonal Birth Control bc hair loss
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  220. Does it take awhile to get side effects from taking birth control though.
  221. What is the best time of the day to take birth control though.
  222. Plan b cramping
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  224. I am scared of trying to take birth control though.
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