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  1. Scratch under armpit
  2. Freeze burn from CO2 on lip
  3. Charcoal burn on foot
  4. Is this a chemical burn?
  5. Hit in the chest, should I be worried?
  6. Burns slowly exposed to the public
  7. Treating stab wounds at home
  8. Bumps on burns
  9. Wound
  10. Burn won't heal
  11. Head injury?
  12. Deep leg injury - bruised months ago, still hurts
  13. Car bonnet/hood slammed on fingers
  14. anus lump and very painful when walking
  15. Coping with trauma after a burns injury
  16. Do childhood skin grafts from burns grow?
  17. Fell and cut my skin
  18. partial thickness hand burn healing time
  19. Second degree burn on thigh
  20. Skin turning yellow? PLEASE HELP!
  21. Fall from a horse
  22. Head trauma - neck pain
  23. Burned my feet on hot pavement
  24. Pain after MRI
  25. 3rd degree burns! So much pain
  26. Stranded in Italy with burns on my leg
  27. Burn wont heal, 3 months, going crazy
  28. Need advice on a burn on my wrist
  29. Burns & Blisters
  30. wound not healing after 2 weeks
  31. Hairdryer burn on neck! PLEASE HELP
  32. Scald burn on right leg
  33. Spaghetti Sauce Burn...Puffed up and yellow looking
  34. cooking oil splatter burn
  35. Did I break something or just sprain it?
  36. Shin swelling for 10days .
  37. Cut on finger healed but hasn't "closed"
  38. second degree burns
  39. Spreading bruise and numbness in arm after injury.
  40. Dent in my leg
  41. Nair Hair Removal Burn?
  42. Laceration on palm, underlying tissue damage?
  43. Is my friction burn infected?
  44. Bloated stomach after sunburn?
  45. Surgical Wound Not Healing
  46. Warm or cold water for puncture wounds?
  47. Burn injury 5 months on and i have swelling and pain in my hand and arm?
  48. Suffered hot coolant burn, need opinions
  49. Hot Water Bottle Burns
  50. HELP! I burned myself with essential oils!
  51. Very possibly broken finger: no bruising
  52. Rib Cartilage (Costal Cartilage) Injury
  53. Friction Burns, Infected?
  54. Did I tear my calf muscle?
  55. Broken knuckle/out of place
  56. "Compressed" Ribcage
  57. Burn on lip from dental machine - Removal options?
  58. Pain in index fingertip feels like splinter
  59. Chemical burn around nose from acne wash
  60. Ice + Salt Burn(I know, I'm a Moron)
  61. cut open inside of mouth, how to deal with scarring?
  62. painful lump and numbness from 2-3 M.O. cut
  63. Grade III ankle sprain
  64. Hard Fall = Severe Bruising & Painful right leg/knee
  65. Recovering from 2nd degree burns
  66. Head bump, please help!
  67. Dent in my shin
  68. middle right hand burn on the knuckle wont heal and in constant pain and feeling seve
  69. Baby girl burned her hand!
  70. Burn on thumb will not heal
  71. How to remove burn marks?
  72. keloid over jawline
  73. Is this a burn? (with picture)
  74. Fiance burned severely and has shut me out
  75. Ointment or no ointment?
  76. Lg hard lumps & cysts after sunburn
  77. 4 year old 2nd degree burn
  78. Bruise and dent on my leg
  79. Sunburn around belly?
  80. Deep Laceration Index Finger
  81. Rope burn from dog's tie out cable...
  82. 2nd degree burn question
  83. Lump on crease of Elbow after a fall
  84. tingling sensation....Driving me CRAZY!!
  85. Elbow Injury
  86. 2nd Degree Burn Oozing Brown Chunks
  87. help with second degree burn
  88. *Help me!* - 2nd degree, detailed /w pics
  89. Wound on shin, very slow healing process, ways to accelerate healing/avoid infection?
  90. Armpit rash/wound
  91. can burn marks remove from body after a year...?
  92. Broken toenail
  93. Road Rash.
  94. Does skin grow back after burning?
  95. Elbow injury
  96. Red Mark on Bottom of Palm?!
  97. what to do when your pinky swells up?
  98. Elbow/Arm Injury
  99. Deep Leg Laceration
  100. antifreeze burn
  101. how long will my eye hurt and stay bloodshot after getting bleach in it
  102. Burn on thumb is infected
  103. Bad bruise...how long before I should worry
  104. why is my little toe swollen but not painful
  105. Knot in Bicep
  106. how long does a broken pinky toe take to heal for a diabetic
  107. Continued swelling after stitches on inside of lip?
  108. Skin redness after trauma to leg
  109. Scissors slipped n I end up with 18 stitches. How do I know its healing?
  110. how to heal anal cuts
  111. it hurt under my knee i fell on concert steps
  112. Does skin grow back?
  113. Heating Pad Burn
  114. is my burn infected
  115. rash with a hematoma
  116. Blistering Sunburn, and my formal is in 6 days. PLEASE HELP.
  117. help me please..my shin is swollen and idk what to do ??
  118. Chest woulnd will not heal
  119. In need of help with chronic pain from burn
  120. What have I done to my hand?
  121. had lipoma removed from back, now severe bruising and abdominal pain
  122. yellow area on burn wound
  123. small lump at base of thumb
  124. A bruise that will not go away
  125. car accident
  126. Hot antifreeze burn
  127. what not to do when have stitches
  128. HELP! Motorcycle exhaust burn on ankle
  129. Ramen burn on stomach
  130. motorcycle burn to leg
  131. Blistered Sunburn
  132. how do you fight off a skin infection?
  133. Hard blueish lump under the skin besides shin bone
  134. Question on possible brain damage
  135. Ingrown hair!!!! BAH
  136. Source of numbness still unlearned
  137. Infected Rug Burn?
  138. Injury from blood draw
  139. Mallet finger, is it healed yet?
  140. Slammed hand in a car door
  141. burning sensation deep inside ear
  142. lump after a bruise
  143. bruise won't go away
  144. help! biometrics test in a week and have a burn blister on thumb!
  145. how does a burn look when is infected
  146. why a scab will not heal
  147. I just cut a large slice off the top of my thumb
  148. Burn on knuckle...help!
  149. how to treat a cut near the anus
  150. Forehead hairline hard bump
  151. Concussion & After Effects
  152. burn is infected?
  153. How to heal a boiling water burn on my lip?
  154. how long does it take for a benzoyl peroxide burn to go away>
  155. Torn ACL Recovery Time for 15 year old
  156. Burnt foot - are my doctors doing the right thing?
  157. Ulnar Nerve?
  158. surgical wound non-healing
  159. why does ulnar nerve problems make fingers curl?
  160. Carpet Burn
  161. lump in leg caused by bruise what to do
  162. Burnt fingers and arm
  163. Broken Pelvis and Leg cramps
  164. Fractured Finger and it's still swollen after 3 weeks, questions...
  165. how to make burns heal fast
  166. rolled ankle
  167. how can you tell if burn is infected
  168. Old finger injuries causing problems but not getting help with it..
  169. Severe Sun Burn with tiny bumps???
  170. Help - Chemical Burn on Testicles
  171. Fell on steps...hit face on carpet hard...have bad burn and abrasion
  172. Hurt Thumb
  173. CRUSHED Thumb
  174. Need advice regarding burn from wart removal
  175. hole in roof of mouth
  176. Small dent on forehead after fall onto windowsill
  177. How Long Does It Take For Liquid Nitrogen Burns To Heal
  178. Finger Injury
  179. Bad burn, need advice
  180. how to heal cigarette burns
  181. Nasty Wound Not Healing ...
  182. what to do after you have already smashed you finger in a car door?
  183. acetone
  184. bump left from broken toe?
  185. why is my shin swollen
  186. when bandageing burns is the bandage supposed to stick to the wound?
  187. I cut the end of my thumb off.
  188. Need some advice on severe burn recovery
  189. water blisters appearing after 3rd degree burns healed
  190. Going To A Hand Surgeon Over A Splinter
  191. Questions On Electrical Shock
  192. Banged my Elbow
  193. burn under my breast
  194. burned fingers in hot grease
  195. cigarette burn
  196. 3rd Degree Burns
  197. Hot Pack Burn!!!!!
  198. burned my hand-need help
  199. Tiny Nick in Achilles Tendon
  200. Carpet Burn Healed and Turned Skin black.
  201. Car door + Shoulder.. Whats going on?
  202. 2nd degree
  203. Severe skin burns due to MRI scan
  204. bruise & lump in leg
  205. carpet burn - infection
  206. Jammed finger
  207. Injured Rib Under Left Breast???????
  208. Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Burn
  209. Liquid Nitrogen burns
  210. Lump on cheek bone
  211. Cut near 'bottom' not healing
  212. badly bruised shin and swollen ankle
  213. Second Degree Burn
  214. Wounds don't heal properly
  215. broken finger after surgery- a few questions
  216. Knuckle pain
  217. To those with keloids
  218. Scab that won't heal..
  219. Diabetic w/1st,2nd,3rd degree on foot
  220. Distal Radius Torus Fracture question
  221. Surgical rib removal
  222. Surgical Incision Healing Time
  223. Bruising Easily
  224. rope burn - skin feels strange
  225. Sprained/Bruised Foot
  226. Flipped ATV...
  227. 2nd deg. burn...let it dry out?
  228. Help, second degree burn!
  229. Burn gone infected
  230. Osteochondral Defect...
  231. open sore that will not heal!!
  232. bad sunburn
  233. Fractured 3rd metatarsil - should I walk after 2 weeks?
  234. Pain in knee after a fall
  235. Fractured Pubic Bone
  236. Knuckle injury
  237. HELP.. banged elbow now fingers twitch?
  238. Suffering mysterious legs pain for 10 month !!!
  239. Thumb Sprain?
  240. scabbing over gauze
  241. strange hard swelling after bruise...??
  242. Burn... will it fade?
  243. Permanent changes from tanning salon and natural sunburn
  244. How long does it take for foot sprain to heal?
  245. i got punched in the mouth
  246. Wrist injury/bone scan
  247. acid burn for molluscum treatment
  248. Help: Burn Scar on Hand Hurts
  249. My Poor Little Toe
  250. Toothpick Puncture Wound