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  1. Necrotic Debris in uterus?
  2. Lesion on Vulva
  3. Update on biopsy
  4. Help with biopsy report.
  5. Atypical Hyperplasia
  6. Question?
  7. Hyperplasia scare is it cancer
  8. Hysteroscopy Tuesday
  9. So scared it's cancer
  10. So scared
  11. Lots of Bleeding after endo biopsy...
  12. No Periods But Endometrial Lining 12mm
  13. Endometrial Biopsy, Lining was just 5 mm
  14. Terrified!
  15. Bleeding again
  16. A frightened husband
  17. Endometrial thickness of 11mm, no period for over 2 years and not menopausal
  18. Worried, can anyone give me your thoughts?
  19. Question about ultrasound wording
  20. post menopausal bleed
  21. Symptoms of Uterine Cancer?
  22. very ill defined endometrium
  23. Radiology Report
  24. Please Read and give any input
  25. post-menopuase thickened endometrium
  26. Uterine cancer symptoms?
  27. What to do ?
  28. Follow up to 19 mm uterine stripe
  29. 19 mm uterine stripe
  30. Biopsy of the Uterus
  31. thick lining and options
  32. Cancer?
  33. womb
  34. Does this sound like uterine cancer?
  35. 8mm thickening had endom biopsy scared
  36. Concerned
  37. Post menopause diagnosed with a fibroid
  38. 52 years old, period this month 2 times
  39. can a cat scan detect uterine cancer
  40. Thickening of the uterus lining (19mm)
  41. Help please!
  42. waiting for surgery
  43. Where does thickness show on ultrasound?
  44. Being tested for cancer, can't understand ultrasound or why, please help!
  45. Prolapsed uterus spotting
  46. Uterine Caner diagnosed at 69 yrs. old
  47. 7mm lining and not menopausal yet
  48. stage ii grade 3 endo cancer
  49. New to the board w/question
  50. New to thread. A little frightened
  51. Please read!
  52. I need your support!
  53. Thicker than normal endemetrium lining - dont panic!
  54. just had 2nd d and c hystroscophy end byopsey done
  55. Biopsy/D&C found polyp not seen on ultrasound
  56. stage 1-B grade 3 endometrial cancer
  57. Post-menopausal intermittent bleeding
  58. I am so flippin mad!
  59. Enlarged Uterus After Menopause
  60. is it possible?
  61. How is uterine thickening diagnosed?
  62. Repeat hysterosonography
  63. uterine polyps??
  64. Enlarged uterus
  65. When is endrimetrial lining too thick?
  66. Endometrail thickening
  67. end hyperplacia complex booked in for secound d and c hysteroscopy and end byopsey on
  68. Very Worried , Endometrium Lining Thick
  69. Uterine thickening at 60
  70. Uterine Cancer Stage I
  71. enduilmentrial hyperplasia complex without typia
  72. May be getting a biopsy, and worried
  73. can anyone translate the endometrial cavity appeared polypoidal
  74. waiting for doc to call me bk 2day with results of my biopsy sared much
  75. Postmenopausal-Post Ablation Spotting Need Opinion
  76. Post menopause bleeding
  77. endrometriul hysplacer 25mm thick wall lining
  78. am scared witless that i have endometrial cancer aaarrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh
  79. Possible Uterine Cancer
  80. Uterine Tumor.
  81. Endo Cancer. Waiting for surgery
  82. Questions after endometrial biopsy
  83. Uterine Biopsy
  84. Bleeding/Spotting, Achy, Probs for many yrs
  85. Thickening of Uterus and cystic lession on overy
  86. Endometrial biopsy - insufficient samples
  87. thickening of uterus lining at 25
  88. waiting for endometrial biopsy result
  89. Post manopausal bleeding and thickened endo lining
  90. uterine polyp and abnormal bleeding
  91. Abnormal Bleeding
  92. Hyperplasia with Atypia - concerns with treatment
  93. 25 and terrified
  94. Why me... (HELP)
  95. Thick endometrian - polyps - okay now?
  96. endometrial fluid?
  97. Painful endometrial biopsy, gotta have D and C
  98. Ultrasound results - worried :(
  99. Had hysterrectomy and conclusion is grade 1, stage I B anyone know anything or have a
  100. Thickening of the womb
  101. 19 mm thickness
  102. Postmenopausal bleeding and endometrial cells on pap
  103. Uterine Biopsy
  104. Pain!!
  105. UTERINE CANCER or Something Minor? Anxious wait for tests!!
  106. Set back with infection.
  107. Endometrial Cells on Pap, freaking out!
  108. Enlarged Uterus, Thick Endometrial Lining and an Ovarian Cyst
  109. Thickened endometrium/No bleeding
  110. hysterectomy or D&C??
  111. thicking wall
  112. Freaking out please help
  113. Simple hyperplasia w/o atypia, plus polyps: Treatment? (postmenopausal 11+ years)
  114. Confused - any advise appreciated - thanks
  115. mom diagnosed with endometrial cancer
  116. questions and fears about spotting
  117. Some questions please!
  118. Frustrated and Confused!
  119. Asking for help with my endometrial cancer
  120. stage 3 aggresive womb cancer op done 2 years ago
  121. Cat Scan Results-Bad News?
  122. Could this be anything other than cancer?
  123. Metaplastic cells
  124. Enlarged uterus does not always mean cancer
  125. Scared...
  126. Uterine Lining
  127. Continuous bleeding
  128. UTI or more serious
  129. Stage 1b uterine cancer...2 tiny lung nodules found...any reason to worry?
  130. Should I be Worried?
  131. Accuracy of Endometrial Biopsy
  132. Ultrasound and Endometrial Biopsy...looking for advice
  133. Just diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer...confused?
  134. Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia - Pregnancy
  135. Uterine biopsy results dysplasia, D&C results benign
  136. Post biopsy, D&C and polyps removal problems
  137. Post Op: Biopsy was negative...
  138. Lots of uterine lining and ovary pains.
  139. Abnormal Bleeding/Pelvic Pain - HELP!
  140. 12mm Lining
  141. Hysterectomy as a precaution?
  142. Thickened Lining/Progesterone Questions
  143. Endometrial cancer?
  144. Thickened Endomitiral lining
  145. Uterine wall too thick to perform Endometrial Biopsy!
  146. Surprising diagnosis and x-ray!
  147. Grade 3 cancer and one option
  148. Cancer in the Uterus. Now having a Hysterectomy
  149. Endometrial cancer and few options?
  150. Suspicious cells?
  151. 9.9mm thickening of the uterus
  152. fluid in uterus
  153. how thick should the endometrial lining be
  154. intermittent dark spotting
  155. cervical ablasion
  156. Uterine Sarcoma?
  157. does having 13 mm endometrial lining indicate cancer
  158. Menopausal, age 58 with weekly proliferative endometrium
  159. i have a turned uterus and a thick lining. what does that mean?
  160. Bloody and watery discharge HELP!
  161. Thickened Uterine Lining - Doomed?
  162. Biopsy Result from D&C and Ablation
  163. pathology report doubts post TLAVH BSO
  164. Newbie: Mother diagnosed with Uterine Cancer
  165. Could endometrial lining be from past 20 yrs
  166. complex hyperplasis without atypia
  167. It may not be, but I'm worried about thickening of the womb wall
  168. It's Uterine Cancer, Need Advice
  169. Thick Uterine Lining-Very Scared
  170. Endometrial biopsy
  171. what does thickness of the endometrial meaN
  172. Why Get Biopsy after Normal Ultrasound?
  173. Update on my Hysterctomy and cancer
  174. leiomyosarcoma
  175. what does tabnormal cavity with hypertrophic polypoid area mean
  176. PAP with endometrial cells - I'm frantic!
  177. Endometrial Biospy
  178. I just found out i have Uterine cancer
  179. water in uterus after menopause
  180. how long did you wait for your pathology results?
  181. Help understanding symptoms and tests for spotting
  182. Had endometrial biopsy last week
  183. thickened uterine lining
  184. diagnosed with fibroids, mother died of undiagnosed primary cancer
  185. what does fluid in the uterus lining mean in a postmenopausal woman
  186. Scared silly
  187. Had Endo Biopsy now just waiting on results.
  188. Please can someone help me?
  189. Couple of questions about procedures...
  190. Just had my leep today :)
  191. pre cancer of the uterus
  192. Update on uterine cancer
  193. Biopsy for a .8mm thickened uterine lining
  194. thick endometrial lining causes
  195. Wondering how normal this is..
  196. is a 9.7 cm endometrial stripe normal
  197. how sick should I feel with stage 1 uterine cancer
  198. Fibroids
  199. Chemo after chemo hope I can make it through this stuff
  200. Pre menepausal woman with endometrial cells on a pap
  201. side effects of progesterone
  202. Endometrial Biopsy bleeding?
  203. Need info on Endometrial Biopsy
  204. Risks that lead to uterine cancer
  205. Cysts : Natural Cure Present or not
  206. had endometrial biopsy today
  207. Falling asleep all the time
  208. teeny weeny bit of vag blood
  209. Endometrial cells in pap test
  210. 12 milimeters thickened uterine lining
  211. Hi, update on uterine cancer after the surgery
  212. endometrial biopsy vs an hsg
  213. Could this be cancer? - worried
  214. Fibroids Turned to Cancer
  215. Endometrial Biopsy Results...........
  216. uterine cancer treatment obese patient
  217. having a cryo will help bleeding after sex due to leep month ago?
  218. after first episode of post menopausal bleeding there hasn't been anymore-do you keep
  219. 4cm Uterine Polyp
  220. Is Uterine Cancer hereditary? I have Atypical Endocervical Glandular Cells
  221. what does an enlarged uterus look like
  222. Hysterosonogram
  223. I had a pap test and endometrial cells were present but nothing was considered abnorm
  224. Need help understanding biopsy results
  225. Uterine Biopsy - how long should the pain last?
  226. stressed and worried waiting for uterine biopsy results
  227. mass on endometrial lining
  228. Fibroid tumor and thick uterus lining
  229. the lining of my uterus is 10mm thick, what does that mean
  230. My doctor removed some cancers cells off my uterus about 3years ago and now i have no
  231. Really worried.
  232. What could this be?
  233. vaginal ultrsound results?????
  234. thickening of the endometrial lining
  235. Confused, how could they NOT know if it's cancer?
  236. complex hyperplasia with atypia
  237. Hi Everyone, update on my diagnosis 3C uterine cancer after the radiation
  238. thickened endometrium
  239. thickened endometrium but no bleeding, post menopausal
  240. New to boards, possible uterine cancer diagnosis
  241. I am a hyperthyroid AND is diagnoised with thick endometrium lining of the uterus
  242. I'm litlle bit worry
  243. maligant epithelioid leiomyosarcoma in the uterus... i need help please
  244. What is weakly proliferative endometrium?
  245. lining in uterus thickened
  246. Uterine cancer stage 3c after the surgery radiation
  247. Unexpected uterine cancer
  248. endometrial biopsy gone wrong
  249. Help!
  250. anyone have luck with prometrium for hyperplasia?