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  1. EsophyX...anyone
  2. Feels Like Knives going through my back up my neck into my ears PAIN!!!
  3. Chest, Shoulder, Upper Back Pain Due to GERD?
  4. Swallowing problems
  5. LP reflux and esophageal narrowing
  6. Aloe Vera juice for acid reflux
  7. Symptom: Pain in Right Lower Molar
  8. What can I rinse my mouth out with to get rid of the acid taste and burn?
  9. Acid & Breathing Problems???? :( :( :(
  10. Throbbing Throat for 3 days...
  11. Acid Reflux not a disease
  12. What Is The Thing You Feel Is Most Important To You To Avoid GERD/LPR Symptoms
  13. Sleepless Toddler - Acid Reflux? Please advise ASAP
  14. hiatus hernis fed up! help please(operation) alernatives
  15. Lump in throat
  16. Why does acid reflux attack cause your heart to pound?
  17. Elevate pillows
  18. acid reflux caused by antibiotic and vitamins?
  19. Choking episode at night
  20. Why one side!
  21. Foot Pain From Meds....Anyone Else??????
  22. GERD is ruining my life!
  23. Now my hubby is waking up choking on Acid..
  24. Constant (5 Years) Indegestion/Gas/Heartburn - Help
  25. new here - how long is it safe to stay on Nexium?
  26. My solution to GERD
  27. Whats the story on the Aloe Vera Juice $7 a gallon at walmart
  28. Vitamin B-12 and PPIs Do you take a Supplement along with your meds?
  29. Natural Help for Acid Reflux
  30. Throat tingle?
  31. lap fundo
  32. a supplement instead of Nexium that Suzanne Somers uses
  33. Might Have Acid Relflex, What Do I Do Now?
  34. bile reflux, nissen fundoplication, tests, etc.
  35. Anyone with similar symptoms?
  36. Can Acid reflux annoy my thyroid nodule?
  37. constant feeling of trapped phlegm in the throat.
  38. Does anyone Have this problem? When sneezing throat feels like it has splinters
  39. Reflux episodes duration
  40. Feeling of bubbling in chest
  41. does acid reflux make you have a hard time swallowing and hoarse?
  42. LP reflux and food impaction - anyone else?
  43. Choking Suddenly
  44. LPR Reflux
  45. Why the sudden heartburn?
  46. PPI Stomach Pains
  47. It's no longer such a big deal for me
  48. Mild dehydration & Acid Reflux symptoms?
  49. Belching all day long
  50. Plugged ears
  51. Do you have symptoms like mine and endoscopy showed nothing?
  52. Does this sound like Gerd or similar?
  53. How did people deal with gerd and lpr before ppis where invented?
  54. Just saw the doctor....I do NOT feel better!
  55. Esophilic Esophagitis
  56. Will It Ever Get Better??
  57. Acid Relux and Exercise
  58. Weight gain with PPI'S
  59. Can you take nexium and prilosec at the same time ?
  60. Does it come on suddenly or slowly
  61. Could Aciphex be my problem???????????
  62. nexium and sleepnessness
  63. gerd and heart palps chest pain
  64. Burning Pain Under Sternum And Palps After Eating
  65. Weather and GERD symptoms
  66. What kinds of foods can you eat when food stays stuck in your throat/
  67. Nexium/Prilosec Headaches
  68. Anyone else had these symptoms?
  69. why only 14 days on prilosec
  70. Ph Bravo Test
  71. Prilosec vs. Prilosec
  72. Constipation
  73. Prescription Prilosec dosage
  74. Anyone Ever Cured For Good?
  75. question on my GERD:
  76. Has anyone experienced muscle pain in the back and chest with zantac?
  77. Have GERD, Breast Pain Today
  78. Recent Fundoplication
  79. Sudden hives, dizziness, acid reflux, shortness of breath, swollen face/lip
  80. GERD(nexium?)
  81. Can someone help me anxiety and swallowing problems
  82. Has anyone with LPR had the Nissen Fundo?
  83. LPR Gerd Nightmare!!! Does anyone else have it this bad???
  84. Need some feedback on possible LPR
  85. Tickling deep in throat while talking turns into coughing fit and eye watering
  86. Stretta Procedure
  87. acid reflux (so I have told)
  88. re; GERD-the use of carafate
  89. Do you have to stay on the ppis forever with gerd and lpr?
  90. Stomach Pain after Endoscopy?
  91. Floppy sphincter muscle
  92. Had Lap Nissen Fundoplication...
  93. Lansoprazole (Zoton) and Alcohol
  94. Are these symptoms Acid Reflux?
  95. has anyone tried carafate
  96. Heart Palpitations and Gas on side of my back
  97. Scared-feedback please
  98. Lump in throat - GERD? LPR?
  99. chest pain sufferers
  100. LPR Symptoms Out Of Control!
  101. Do become full after eating less food than before you had GERD?
  102. constant stomach burning
  103. mucous in throat
  104. burping upper abdominal pain dull
  105. Muscle and joint pains from reflux meds
  106. H.Pylori
  107. what is karafate
  108. endoscope tomo morning ;o( sooo scared
  109. Non mint toothpaste?
  110. Nothing seems to work
  111. Acid reflux at night
  112. Salty taste in mouth
  113. acid reflux??
  114. Question on Gastroparesis/Bile reflux
  115. Anything natural that will tighten LES?
  116. tips on getting rid of bloating?
  117. Perfume causing worse acid reflux and choking anyone else?
  118. Is it ok to use Maloxx everyday?
  119. How long do you have to be on ppis for life?
  120. Slurred Speech and Swallowing issues
  121. does yogurt cure acid reflux burning?
  122. Which is more effective, liquid or chewable tablets?
  123. Need details on endoscopy scared to death!!!
  124. This bloating is RIDICULOUS!!!!!
  125. Prilosec possibly better than Protonix?
  126. Alcohol and GERD/Reflux
  127. Pressure in throat, at collar bone.
  128. Foods to avoid
  129. Zantac vs. Pepcid vs. Tagament??
  130. Acid Reflux? Anxiety? Other?
  131. Nissen Fundo coming up in three weeks
  132. My 4month saga - astma/Gerd/??
  133. Anyone on Protonix
  134. Foods to avoid?
  135. Just a VERY sore throat-
  136. Baking soda for Acid Reflex
  137. How to treat your Acid Reflux
  138. Endoscopy Results-Frustrated
  139. What can a gastrologist do to treat acid reflux?
  140. Ascites
  141. Dance Teacher with shortness of breath...Please Help
  142. esophagus
  143. Awaiting biopsy results from endoscopy
  144. Question About Esophagitis
  145. Nexium and side effects
  146. need something better for night time reflux
  147. Baclofen anyone?
  148. stomach hurts/bloating/gas pressure
  149. Really getting fed up
  150. Iodine (Iodoral)
  151. lap nissen fundoplication surgery
  152. Tongue feels odd
  153. How Long Does Gerd Last
  154. Sometimes i have breathing difficulties and my chest feel tight what is it?
  155. when I lay down my stomach burns
  156. A question for the ladies
  157. Getting worried
  158. Chest Tightness
  159. Pepcid AC
  160. Did anyone have problems after their endoscopy?
  161. Weird new sympton -anyone else experienced
  162. Severe nausea help
  163. Gasping for air in the night - Zantac Side Effect??
  164. Nissen Fundolipication Surgery
  165. Why Cabbage causing reflux?
  166. GERD and Loss of Appetite
  167. Stretta & EndoCinch Procedures?
  168. Endoscopy worst case scenario?
  169. Please respond, I am so freaked out
  170. Hypochlorhydria- Betaine HCL & Pepsin
  171. Throat trouble-GERD/Reflux?
  172. GERD - Throat Closing while eating?
  173. Why won't my voice come back? Pleas help...
  174. LPR sleeping on slant
  175. Question regarding Acid Reflux/GERD
  176. Zantac 150 side effects
  177. Oesophagus Reflux will cause left arm and shoulder and neck pains?
  178. Barrett's Esophagitis & Gastritis cured w/o reflux pills
  179. esophageal spasms now?
  180. mucus lump in the throat is post nasal drip?
  181. 11 Year Old With GERD??
  182. Home again after second Nissen Fundoplication surgery
  183. Golf ball stuck in my throat
  184. Swallowing problems from Nexium?
  185. acid reflux and taste buds
  186. burning throat, (mild) energy drinks?
  187. Acid in my lungs
  188. How much does a endoscopy cost?
  189. pH Probe
  190. Just got an upper endoscopy.....esophagitis
  191. Hi, I am new here. Wanted to tell of my long term effects of PPI's
  192. Prilosec and depression
  193. Vitamins and calcium pills while on Prilosec?
  194. Can dry motuh and throat cuz a change in your voice? or do i have acid reflux?
  195. GERD/Gagging/Itching in throat
  196. Hi I new had Acid Reflux for 15 years now What food help with Gerd
  197. Had Endoscopy this morning
  198. Zantac and anxiety
  199. Does anyone else get this with LPR, esophagitis, gastritis and overall GERD????
  200. Having problems talking and changing of my voice...hard to sing now...etc.
  201. Acid Reflux causing sores in the mouth.
  202. Barium Swallow results
  203. Burbing
  204. Acid reflux & gas is worse right before period
  205. How long until you got better?
  206. 4 months of weird sensation in larynx
  207. LPR, I'm not alone?
  208. Medication for Acid Reflux
  209. Drinking through a straw
  210. Chest Pressure
  211. Acid Reflux (Combining Foods)
  212. Not taking any medicine
  213. frustrated with lump in the throat
  214. Does Sucralfate Elevate Blood Sugars?
  215. Endoscopy, Gerd, and Stomach Cramps
  216. Question regarding Acid Reflux/Stress
  217. They have diagnosed my breathing difficulties FINALLY!!!!
  218. Just got scoped today
  219. Prevacid Makes It Worse - Zantac Makes It Better
  220. What has worked for my LPR...
  221. Anxiety and Stress
  222. Does anyone else get this
  223. Barium Swallow - What were your results?
  224. Barium Swallow
  225. For Those With LPR
  226. Spine pain between shoulder blades...anyone else?
  227. Can GERD be misdiagnosed
  228. What does NOT trigger you???? Can you help me??
  229. not sure what to do
  230. Calming down a flare up of GERD, FAST?
  231. Remedy for Acid Reflux
  232. weird symptoms..everyday pain....
  233. Yellowish/orange coated tongue. Is this a symptom?
  234. Papaya Enzymes?
  235. Nausea/gag/vomiting/retch feeling that I cannot control!!!!!
  236. Antibiotics damage stomach?
  237. Is it possible to have heartburn without eating something?
  238. Dizziness while taking Nexium
  239. Coughing After Eating
  240. Woke up middle of the night and felt like i couldnt breathe!!
  241. Stiff neck after eating
  242. Tapering off Prilosec OTC
  243. Annoying Symptoms of LPR
  244. Incapacitated by LPR
  245. New here and very worried
  246. Can you get heartburn all of sudden?
  247. Spicy foods burn up my esophagus!
  248. Prevacid and Iron Supplements?
  249. Referred GERD (rhyme unintentional) pain
  250. Medications For GERD