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  1. Clonazepam
  2. Cat Scan?
  3. Acid reflux and vitamins
  4. The Mystery Illness
  5. Do I have this "acid reflux"
  6. pH test: LIVE REPORT
  7. havent posted in awhile but my acid reflux is cured
  8. Guys help Im having really horrible anxiety right now or acid reflux!!! (scared)
  9. Acid Reflux/ Freq. of burps
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar for reflux
  11. Is there anything
  12. What a horrible gasterologist!!! i need an opnion!
  13. I really need support
  14. The Big Blanket
  15. Prilosec....??
  16. acid reflux is worse first thing in the morning
  17. Endoscopy questions?
  18. Reflux Nights
  19. Acid Reflux or Heart Attack?
  20. waking up with a burning sensation of indigestion between breasts and above
  21. Quick Relief When Tums Fails
  22. Sick of this pain and anxiety
  23. Questions for those with stomach issues
  24. Stop food 3-4 hours before sleep, does it help?
  25. Help me on vacation
  26. Having to stop Nexium for pH test.
  27. Reflux? Other digestive issue? or What?
  28. Is a biopsy a standard procedure with an endoscopy?
  29. Differing Opinions - Help Please
  30. Acid reflux worse on an empty stomach
  31. What should I expect from a ENDOSCOPY?
  32. How do you manage your acid reflux?
  33. New Here: Felt Worse After Omeprazole
  34. wieght loss with Acid reflux
  35. How to diagnose LPR?
  36. Panic Disorder and GERD
  37. Possible stomach ulcer, radiates to back, help!
  38. Take the Nexium and the Greasy Food!!!
  39. The Incredible Digestive System Blockage
  40. Does your LPR cause Panic Attacks? Mine sure does!!!! halp!!!!
  41. How long for Nexium to work?
  42. Reflux? It's all in your head!
  43. Reflux bad today also needing to take antibiotic
  44. chronic phlegm in throat weird when swallowing
  45. omeprazole to nexium
  46. Acidy Stomach? help...
  47. Feeling horrific tonight!
  48. steak
  49. kapidex...same as prevacid?
  50. Sharp Chest Pain
  51. S.O.D. not showing up on blood test
  52. GERD and Milk
  53. Question about the mucus
  54. Gerd or Acid Reflux I have a few questions for people who suffer from it
  55. HELP! How long does the effects of TUMS and such last for? :(
  56. why does cobonation in sodas make my chest hurt?
  57. Question about Certain Tests...
  58. Why does food get stuck in my stomach?
  59. considering changing ppi...not working as well
  60. Help guys (horrible pooling sensation)!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Any one have "not typical" Gerd symptoms
  62. Acid reflux and diet
  63. Atypical pain and response
  64. so discouraged, twice a day ppi not working....
  65. Need any help anybody can give me!
  66. Reflux for four days now - no relief
  67. conflicting dr's opinions..help!
  68. Pain in the middle of chest
  69. Symptoms
  70. what is wrong when acid reflux tests are normal, but still have acid?
  71. How long will it takes to cure LPR?
  72. Horrible feeling
  73. when I speak I feel heat in my throat
  74. throat
  75. Hearing, clogged ears, reflux?
  76. How long on Prilisec?
  77. burning in my throat
  78. Side effects with Prevacid?? anyone??
  79. never felt GERD til I started meds & voice problems-how long till voice normal again?
  80. GERD and drinking water
  81. FEESST test and an Esophageal Manometry
  82. Question about ERCP and S.O.D.
  83. Need someone to talk to about LPR
  84. Reflux diet, but need fats and sugars
  85. Random Nerve Pain
  86. Do you experience chest pain with acid reflux?
  87. I wonder
  88. What could this mean, upper presure is high? manometry test related
  89. suggestions and help needed
  90. why am i getting alot of heartburn and burning in the back of the throat ?
  91. Heartburn & Alcohol & Cortisone
  92. Burning sensation in chest
  93. strengthening throat/swallowing muscles
  94. chest pain
  95. post nasal drip
  96. how long for nexium to start working
  97. Help! What is this?
  98. Acid reflux
  99. LPR vs. Tonsil problems
  100. Interesting Article regarding Nexium vs Prilosec
  101. Where do I test for LPR??
  102. why is it hard to burp sometimes then you get a sensation in my chest
  103. Help with acid reflux
  104. Magnesium I am going to try it questions thought?
  105. FYI regarding LPR
  106. Acid reflux symptoms?
  107. Went to ENT to discuss LPR
  108. Acid Reflux or Gerd?
  109. Quality of Life
  110. Starting back on some Prilosec
  111. chest pain in middle of chest
  112. Pain like lightning strikes in chest
  113. For those who swear by, or at least co-exist with Nexium
  114. LPR... difficulty talking to people...
  115. Catch 22 with PPI
  116. A week without heartburn!
  117. LPR and eosinophilic esophagitis
  118. The mucus is driving me nuts!!
  119. which hospital specialises in fundoplications?
  120. when prevacid quits working
  121. GERD and yawning
  122. Third week off Protonix
  123. Foods not on GERD diet list, but maybe can be?
  124. LPR Diagnosis by Ear, nose, throat doc.
  125. Endoscopy Tomorrow (Oh the worry) :)
  126. I finally have relief from acid reflux
  127. Those LPR blues!!!
  128. protonix and dreams!
  129. Cranberry Juice
  130. LPR and trouble swallowing
  131. apple cider vinegar and LPR anyone have any luck on this???
  132. Confused about LPR
  133. does a burning in stomach = esoph too?
  134. Food hurts in my chest when going down
  135. Possible 2nd Nissen
  136. My friend vomits due to bad Acid Reflux, is that normal?
  137. Is this acid reflux?
  138. Sharp Upper back pain
  139. DOES blood results can high eosinophils if you got gerd
  140. Intestinal Metaplasia & Chronic Moderate Gastritis
  141. Help: Reflux and Coughing
  142. Need help-My Story (35 yr. old male)
  143. LPR/GERD & Brain Fog
  144. GERD and swelled neck muscle???
  145. Acid Reflux strong enough to cause GB pain?
  146. Natural Acid Reflux Remedies...
  147. constantly belching
  148. Peppermint tea with honey
  149. Endoscopy (A little confused)
  150. are these from having acid reflux????
  151. endoscopy IV sedation bloodstream
  152. hurts to eat
  153. Paying the price, up in the night
  154. Ok im gettn fed up, will this eventually leave me alone
  155. Is this acid Reflux?
  156. Digestive Enzymes????
  157. Repeat Heartburn
  158. Tired of natural cure claims...DONT WORK!!!!
  159. bad breath
  160. Another good spell
  161. Head Aches
  162. Acid reflux that isn't caused by any particular foods
  163. heartburn from hell
  164. LPR story symptoms suggestions, anything appreciated!!!!!
  165. esophagus inflamed - how come i am easy to get tired
  166. Am I alone....Another Scary Episode
  167. Upper back and neck pain and more
  168. info on pika when you eat anything
  169. Post Nissen Fundoplication Surgery
  170. Foods to eat/ Not to eat?
  171. Getting Off PPI's Again
  172. Need your input....here's my situation
  173. L-Glutamine
  174. i can't take nexium because of the headaches so what is the next best pill to take
  175. soft light green stool + nausea
  176. watery diarrhea after prevacid
  177. prevacid twice a day?
  178. Omeprazole
  179. Do I have acid reflux?
  180. LPR affecting Your Job?
  181. Could iron supplements worsen acid reflux
  182. What do you drink?
  183. Need your advice and reassurance please
  184. Gastroscope
  185. Need help ???
  186. Anyone with both GERD and Gastroparesis?
  187. How to find an LPR specialist?
  188. In Desperate Need of HELP! PLEASE read my story...
  189. LPR symptoms
  190. ESO pill cam
  191. how long until the new ppi starts to work?
  192. Why did my doctor tell me this?
  193. LUMP in Throat - GERD
  194. Dilema: Do I need to see a doctor immediately?
  195. Does Anyone Else Have Problems With GERD & Medicines
  196. acid reflux and pain behind left shoulder blade
  197. Help, do I have an ulcer?
  198. LPR question: Is that saliva or acid always in my throat?
  199. Bile reflux: Carafate & nauseau
  200. Acupuncture
  201. I've had bad symptoms since January
  202. Doing fine, Again
  203. Probiotics for Acid Reflux?
  204. Need some help ??
  205. Acid Reflux Diet
  206. Could pain behind left shoulder be due to acid reflux?
  207. Location of under ribcage pain
  208. Problems with gas ! and breathing
  209. Faulty Flappers with LPR
  210. What is the best brand Aloe Vera juice?
  211. Ok went to the doc and need some feed back
  212. dysmotility???
  213. I'm feeling better with NO medicine
  214. Sudden weight loss
  215. Trying to come to terms w/ Nexium
  216. Acid Reflux or Gerd or something else?
  217. Heavy pounding heart beat link to acid reflux
  218. I'm Back
  219. What is the best way to take DGL licorice?
  220. Acid reflux the root of my palpitations?
  221. silent reflux
  222. I Hope this is Acid Reflux because I'm scared....
  223. Acid reflux after surgery
  224. Desperate for Help Regarding Protonix
  225. Natural Reflux Treatments
  226. Acid reflux sufferer for years
  227. i feel wind in my chest and i cant eat
  228. Barrette's Esphogus and Gerd
  229. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. Nisson Fundo
  231. burning in throat
  232. Ambian Cr and cause for reflux?
  233. Please help i want to get rid of this
  234. Heartburn and Pain aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh
  235. what symptoms do u have if your nissen fundoplication came undone
  236. More you take, more you need?
  237. Can't take this much more...
  238. LPR Mechanical Problem?
  239. help!
  240. Possible Surgery after Bravo
  241. Prilosec cause orange urine?
  242. Stopping Prilisec
  243. What is the truth? Please Read
  244. prevacid???
  245. Can't tolerate PPI/H2 Blocker...now what?
  246. What do you eat?
  247. Lpr is good, but need endescope for stomach
  248. Reglan and Phenegren
  249. Apple Cider Vinegar
  250. Do vegetables give you stomach problems more than other foods?