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  1. What is your alcohol drink of choice if you have gerd
  2. My LPR cure
  3. GERD? Can anyone try and help me out with this unique situation?!
  4. Can silent reflux cause throat and ear pain?
  5. WHAT IS THIS. GERD or what?
  6. Acid Reflux and Sore throat
  7. Acid Reflux throat problems
  8. How slowly do you have to go to get off a ppi?
  9. Can I take protonix with zantac?
  10. Cough With Acid Reflux
  11. 22yo w/ LPR - could it possibly be damaged nerves?
  12. Help!
  13. Possible LPR. Help!
  14. Essential Enzymes, Probiotics, and Reflux
  15. Sharing info - My GERD
  16. Nissen PreOp
  17. How long to try out a gerd medication to know if its working?
  18. PPI and benzodiazepine for chronic throat pain and GERD?
  19. What kinds of drinks are ok for the gerd condition?
  20. GI ignoring ph with impedence results
  21. GI said a partial wrap would be fine
  22. Need Advice
  23. What Else to Try?
  24. Still having reflux symptoms after a Nissen fundoplication
  25. Will sleeping less help to get a decrease in heartburn? Thanks.
  26. Morning Vomitting/Anxiety/Low Stomach acid/Silent Heartburn
  27. 9 weeks of Annoyance (neck, throat and stomach)
  28. Anyone with the gerd condition have throat pain when drinking water? Thanks.
  29. Gerds
  30. plz anyone that had back pain swallow problems in past??
  31. Reflux and cough
  32. Barret's esophgus and excessive stomach acid
  33. Nexium not working, have seen GI ... exhausted
  34. What kind of things are good to eat for the gerd condition?
  35. LPR driving me NUTS/H2 Blockers/Low Stomach Acid
  36. What kind of test do I need to get to test to know if I have bile reflux?
  37. 18 years of this and getting scared now ...
  38. Daily GERD, scary episodes. Ulcer? Anaemia?
  39. Can doing surgery for the gerd condition really work when medication can't already.
  40. Gerd???????
  41. Laryngeal sensory neuropathy
  42. Stomach pain and reflux even on omeprazole.
  43. Sexual disfunction!
  44. What are usually the causes of the gerd condition though.
  45. Stomach hurts when I eat.
  46. Nexium and Neuropathy
  47. Can any of the gerd medication cause anxiety though.
  48. Can eating less cause more acid reflux?
  49. LPR - GERD - SOB - Symtoms & Suffering
  50. Need help, upper endoscopy
  51. Having horrible flare up, no relief yet
  52. Can anyone here who has taken dexilant for gerd tell me about it. Thanks.
  53. Acid reflux has got worse for me dispite drugs
  54. How to deal with a dry throat from the gerd condition.
  55. Reflux?
  56. I've stopped PPIs after 10 years.
  57. is it GERD or throat cancer?
  58. stopping Dexilant
  59. Can the gerd condition give a stinging feeling in the throat though.
  60. Acid reflux with gas bloating
  61. When will it end!???
  62. Tapering down on Zantac, anyone?
  63. Please help me!!!!!!
  64. surgery was finally rescheduled
  65. LPR/PVVN or something else?
  66. Do PPIs raise Liver Enzymes?
  67. Anyone have success with Teva's generic esomeprazole?
  68. GERD - Again
  69. Movement and certain postures induce burping
  70. Sphincteroplasty
  71. Acid reflux
  72. Safer Zantac dosage: 3x150mg or 2x300mg?
  73. What exames and doc are used to detect LPR?
  74. Stomach Related Issues Without Pain?
  75. Acid in lungs? Is this a normal symptom?
  76. 2 questions about pantoprazole (protonix)
  77. Reducing acid reflux naturally. What actually works?
  78. PPI not working for me ... what else is there?
  79. High level gastrin and gastrinoma
  80. manometry yesterday
  81. Strange Combo for gerd relief
  82. My ears keep burning when I have problems with my acid reflux
  83. Is this GERD?
  84. Old Surgical Scar Pain After Bad Gerd Bout
  85. Vomited Blood after taking just 2 tylenol pills
  86. acid reflux on the pill
  87. Problems with Pantaprozole ??
  88. started with lump in throat
  89. weaning off PPI
  90. LINX Surgery ?
  91. LSN (Chronic Cough)
  92. a few questions about acid reflux
  93. Almost can't speak: 12 years of LPR and LSN, meds and surgery
  94. Proton Pump Inhibitors and Gall Bladder Disease
  95. Help! Gastritis and Reflux Question
  96. Inflamed Duedenum
  97. Nexium and ED ? Is there any connection?
  98. Upper Endoscopy questions.
  99. Potental GERD/IBS?
  100. waiting to see a surgeon
  101. SO confused about LPR!!! Please help! :-)
  102. I have a yellow coating on tounge for several weeks
  103. Years with Gerd
  104. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux PH test in New Jersey?
  105. Really bad acid reflux
  106. Any suggestions for a gastroscopy clinic in Toronto?
  107. Think this is LPR? Non-acidic?
  108. Proton Pump Inhibitors
  109. GERD flare up after tooth removal
  110. Could be from hpylori?
  111. Severe Acid Reflux.. any help?
  112. New to group, lpr caused by sibo
  113. Has Gabapectin helped throat tightness/Larnyx swellings?
  114. I don't know!
  115. When will symptoms get better??
  116. Has having Gerd caused the crackling in my lungs??
  117. Has having Gerd caused the crackling in my lungs??
  118. Gaviscon availability in US
  119. reflux, air in stomach and heart palps?
  120. can acid reflux/gerd cause daily chest pain and arm pain
  121. Fenugreek, DGL licorice, slippery elm, orange peel extract
  122. Acid Reflux Flareup
  123. How Long to Wean Off of Protonix?
  124. Nocturnal LPR (also Barrett's)
  125. Looking for some hope!
  126. Carafate and Protonix schedule
  127. Any success stories on Silent Reflux?
  128. Severe Diarrhea with PPI's
  129. Seeking Sunrise-- I'm seeking you!
  130. Rebound effect from PPI's? How long for diet change to take effect?
  131. Which medication have you tried that actually works for gerd though.
  132. can acid reflux cause chest arm hand pains?
  133. Acid reflux causing yawning.
  134. Pantoprazole and sucralfate
  135. Anything to do for a burning throat from gerd though.
  136. left or right side chest pain going into arm
  137. GERD or Achalasia
  138. Pointless to stop H2 blockers while on antibiotics?
  139. Update to my journey with acid reflux and PPI'S
  140. PPIs and dosages
  141. Just Diagnosed and concerned by symptoms
  142. reflux
  143. Night attacks after nightmare
  144. Acid reflux and sternum bone in chest
  145. Any Other Test Than The Esophageal PH Test?
  146. Sinus headache caused by GERD?
  147. Amitriptyline for symptoms related to gerd,gastritis and ibs?
  148. What can this be
  149. Can this be Gerd
  150. Need some help maybe some relief
  151. 19 year old with constant nausea and no diagnosis yet.
  152. New diagnosis
  153. GERD with Chest pain
  154. Does this sound like GERD?
  155. Gerd/acid reflux
  156. 20 year old, gerd is bad, meds or NAHH?!
  157. sore throat by GERD?
  158. Anyone Else Scared of Fibrosis?
  159. heartburn meds causing heartburn
  160. GERD/LPD|RD - New home remedies?
  161. Cold/Flu or GERD?
  162. Nissen Fundoplication
  163. Help!
  164. New to Post
  165. Mucinex Fast-Max DM Max For Acid Reflux Cough?
  166. A Week off of Nexium - Reassure Me! :)
  167. Oh my GERD!
  168. Dexilant 3x/day
  169. Gastritis or excess acid?
  170. Support for my 5 year old with LPR
  171. Difference between heartburn and indigestion vs nausea
  172. Could Dexilant Be My Ticket To No More GERD??
  173. GERD agonising chest pains
  174. Chewing gum
  175. Gerd triggers not consistent!
  176. Taking Benzos for acid reflux
  177. PPI causing joint pain?
  178. LPR- Questions
  179. Surgery to stop lpr?
  180. acid reflux and jaw pain
  181. Combating a bad flu (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) with reflux?
  182. Nexium side effects
  183. go to the emergency room or wait for appointment
  184. acid reflux meds and alcohol
  185. Nausea with GERD/acid reflux
  186. Famotidine Addiction?
  187. Should I quit otc ranitidine?
  188. Fundofulcation surgery recovery
  189. Tinidazole, Levosulpiride and Rapeprazol for Burping/Giardiasis
  190. Lpr and teeth sensitivity
  191. Hiatial hernia and gerd
  192. LPR and sore throat :(
  193. Anybody else have all symptoms of GERD but docs say you dont have it?
  194. Question about getting an Endoscopy and Thirst
  195. My son had a Nissen Fundopluication and his health has gone downhill for the past 4 y
  196. acid reflux but still worrying its something more
  197. HELP possible Gerd??
  198. anger and Gerd
  199. running out of help
  200. Acid Reflux Symptons
  201. hcl
  202. Gerd and Beta Blockers
  203. Hiatus Hernia - question
  204. Should I come off PPI's and how do I do it?
  205. Left Upper Quad. pain esp. while eating
  206. Chronic Pancreatitis/Dietary input
  207. Does a barium contrast radio reveal things endoscopy/manometry/ph test don't?
  208. H. Pylori symptoms - can the antibiotics make them worse?
  209. Pain after endoscopy/colonoscopy
  210. LPR improved - I am hopfeful
  211. Haven't been here in a while update
  212. barium swallow test results
  213. So I'm pretty sure I want a fundoplication ...
  214. My reflux seems to be getting worse!
  215. Mild abdominal pains - GORD related or not?
  216. LPR stories! I'll share mine if you share yours!
  217. High acid or low acid
  218. Saw a doctor today. Could be GERD? Awaiting results
  219. Anyone use a Reeza Band
  220. Generic Nexium by Teva
  221. Nissen fundoplicature 2 months ago, still sore
  222. Throwing up & chronic heartburn
  223. Endoscopy Update
  224. Acid reflux or Gastritis
  225. Is this stomach related?
  226. Does anyone else experience these GERD/GORD related symptoms?
  227. silent reflux thoughts?
  228. Does this sound normal?
  229. Indigestion and other symptoms
  230. GERD bitterness and anger made me lose my girlfriend
  231. eosinophilic esophagitis
  232. I can't figure out these symptoms I'm having
  233. Acid Reflux Cycle?
  234. LPR questions??? Help?
  235. Please try this for your reflux!
  236. Worrying about my GERD
  237. Insomnia
  238. Are these possible symptoms of GERD/LPR and oral thrush?
  239. prilosec side effects
  240. Esophyx - any recent results?
  241. Acid reflux problems???
  242. Mucous and lpr
  243. Mucous Related to lpr
  244. anyone with d same symptoms
  245. Prilosec causing dehydration? Is this possible?
  246. difficulty swallowing/gerd
  247. Desperate to end acid reflux
  248. Lpr
  249. NYC area chiropractor for hiatal hernia and other related issues?
  250. Is gastric reflux dangerous?