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  1. Please help me, lightheaded and ear ache
  2. Gerd/acid reflux
  3. GERD and treatment
  4. Fear of stomach
  5. Can't live this way, LPR or Neuropathy? I don't know.
  6. Do you also suffer PND and swallon lymph?
  7. Sucess with use of histamine blockers with PPI
  8. Hoping to wean down PPI
  9. Need advice on foods/supplements for GERD
  10. Gerd
  11. Please help me VERY WORRIED
  12. Magnetic Ring Surgery
  13. Effectiveness of Protonix???
  14. LPR/LSN/PVVN update (Much better!)
  15. Endoscopy Now Barium Swallow?
  16. persistent hiccups
  17. What time and how are you taking your PPIs?
  18. back.
  19. Side Effects From Lansoprazole?
  20. First endoscopy recently with some scary results
  21. Pantoprazole side effects?
  22. Prilosec Weaning HELL - Please help
  23. Gerd and calcium channel blocker
  24. possible GERD acid reflux
  25. does gastritis make you weak and shaky?
  26. Apple cider vinegar for acid reflux
  27. acid reflux after taking antibiotics
  28. some questions as I wait to call for an app't tomorrow
  29. new Here help needed - suspected reflux or ulcer - waiting 3 mos to see specialist
  30. Finally stopped Nexium.
  31. Elevating Bed
  32. Desperate to get off PPIs
  33. The cure to (my) acid reflux!
  34. pH Study, Manometry and Gastroscopy in one week - support/advice please!
  35. Endoscopy!!
  36. Acid ref dis/no pain/had upper gi bleed
  37. Do I really have Acid Reflux? Crycopharyngeal Spasm?
  38. 10-year old son in excruciating pain, GERD suspected, please read
  39. GERD and Stomach Pain
  40. Acid Reflux, Anemia, Low Vitamin D. Any ideas?
  41. I'm back!!!!
  42. Feeling like I'm drowning
  43. Has my fundoplication failed?
  44. Unintentional Weight Loss Worries
  45. Taking Prilosec for 2 years but then...
  46. Crackling.
  47. The 48-hour Bravo Esophageal pH Test?
  48. Coldness and pressure in throat, frequent hiccuping.
  49. Does Barretts esophagus get better?
  50. Does Barretts esophagus get better?
  51. Is this what acid reflux feels like?
  52. Water Softener causing GERD/LPR?
  53. Acid Reflux
  54. Gerd!!
  55. Acid reflux
  56. Acid reflux - what ended up working for you
  57. Gerd or Panic?
  58. :-( Chronic Dyspepsia, Chronic Indigestion
  59. can ventolin cause reflux and can PPIs damage health
  60. Wedge Pillow for Silent GERD?
  61. LPR Tamed - No drugs required
  62. Lansoprazole (Prevacid) Causing Back Pain?
  63. LPR/Silent Reflux Treatment
  64. Organic apple cider vinegar
  65. is pH testing the ulimate reflux diagnosing tool?
  66. Anyone have nasal problems?
  67. Several Questions about LPR
  68. Omeprazole
  69. Do nasal sprays (or cough drop) make silent reflux worse?
  70. Really worried.
  71. GERD with panic attacks, I need helps please
  72. Acid reflux mimicking hunger
  73. Fundoplication Surgery
  74. How I got off PPI meds after 7 years
  75. Change in generic medication for GERD??
  76. Unable to Eat or Drink
  77. Pescatarian gluten free -- and reflux??
  78. Lasting side effects from taking Nexium
  79. Is this all in my head??
  80. GERD/Silent reflux?
  81. Motillium replacement
  82. Trouble swallowing certain foods- should I say something?
  83. worried about husband
  84. worried about husband
  85. Acid Reflux or throat cancer???
  86. New to Nexium -- Side effect Question
  87. GERD and Flatulence (Gas)
  88. acid refux testing sounds horrible!
  89. Acid Reflux or GERD
  90. heartburn
  91. Surgery Hiatal Hernia Anyone?
  92. Acid reflux or something else? Please help.
  93. Tapering ppi?
  94. Just another Prilosec (PPI) problems question
  95. Pain in Chest when swallowing
  96. plz help-lpr
  97. Not sure what I have or if it's anything
  98. Acid reflux meds too expensive or ineffective ?
  99. side effects from Omeprazole
  100. too little stomach acid confused with too much
  101. Continuing to lose weight help!
  102. Dexilant and stomach pain!!
  103. PPI reducing
  104. sliding hiatal hernia
  105. Silent Acid in the throat
  106. GERD, left side chest pain, anxiety reduced or no?
  107. Question for all you GERD/Acid Reflux Peops
  108. Just Diagnosed w Barretts Esophagus & Stricture
  109. early am. waking and gutsache.
  110. Please help!
  111. Why does it take such a long time for PPIs to work?
  112. Feeling so much better
  113. How do I get rid of this lump in my throat feeling?
  114. Silent acid in throat
  115. Chest pain! Help :(
  116. Too much acid or not enough acid?
  117. Is this reflux? Pls help
  118. Acid reflux
  119. New and Scared...
  120. Does this sound like Reflux?
  121. Please help, I'm desperate
  122. Anti inflammatories and Gerd
  123. Acid Reflux/GERD/Heartburn getting worse ...
  124. How long did your Acid Rebound last??
  125. Dear GERD and ACID REFLUX
  126. Anyone have side effects from Zantac 150.....need help/advice
  127. Is this acid rebound or is my illness getting worse??
  128. How small is a small meal? Confused.
  129. Grrrrrrrrrr ... GERD!!
  130. Stopped Protonix after 11days. Heartburn, arm tingling, Scared.
  131. Anyone with GERD feel like they have a chest cold all the time?
  132. swollen burning toungue and sore throat
  133. PPI bad side effect! Need advice getting off drug please.
  134. Bump on way back of tongue
  135. How many acid reflux sufferers have no gallbladder?
  136. advice please
  137. Should I stop PPI? Not sure if it is working.
  138. List of Gerd/LPR friendly foods? Conflicting sources.
  139. Eating bland food. Throat pain still. What am I doing wrong?
  140. Can I take AbsorbAid and DGL licorice while on Protonix?
  141. Does Protonix cause loss of appetite? Deplete nutrients? Need to gain weight! Help!
  142. Acid reflux in the throat
  143. I'm new. Scared, would like any words of hope and advice please.
  144. What can i take for this pain on my side?
  145. Anxiously Broken, Constantly Burping
  146. possible lpr symptoms?
  147. Can Vitamins cause acid reflux?
  148. Quit PPIs for 3 months - but had to start again
  149. Reducing PPI Before Manometry Test
  150. Feeling overly full all of the sudden??
  151. What to take for bad nausea?
  152. Burning mouth and throat
  153. Why take PPIs?
  154. Has anyone weaned from 40 mg Nexium to the new 20 mg OTC?
  155. Going insane with my throat!!
  156. Newbie here - Getting an endoscopy tomorrow
  157. Recurring Pain on my Right Side - HELP!!!
  158. Food gets stuck in my throat
  159. pvc/pac due to GERD?
  160. Nexium long term and supplements
  161. acid reflux in throat
  162. Is this Heartburn?
  163. Can I Take Two Different PPIs Simultaneously??
  164. barrium swallow
  165. Gerd and H Pylori
  166. Gerd and Barretts
  167. Considering Quitting work because of Reflux
  168. Feeling of phlegm in my throat always with me.
  169. Gerd??
  170. weird chest pain
  171. Looking for some advice
  172. Upper right quadrant pain and belching up food frequently?
  173. acid reflux?
  174. Acid rebound from NEXIUM!!! Or so I thought...
  175. gerd/lpn need help
  176. Sudden acid reflux (first time in life) caused by Sour food.
  177. Tif procedure
  178. "Have you got or had Gastritis"...
  179. Waking up every 30mins-1hr with right chest and racing heart
  180. Your advice please
  181. Any help
  182. Severe GERD the cause of miserable life?
  183. Is it possible to get a stomach ulcer on one aspirin?
  184. Could this be GERD? or silent reflux?
  185. I give up; nobody believes me and treatment simply doesn't work
  186. I can't take feeling like this anymore
  187. Lump in Throat/Medication not helping
  188. Pain... So much Pain :(
  189. What's Helping My LPR & Throat Heal QUICKLY; Why PPIs Aren't Working For You
  190. My GERD turned into Anxiety
  191. LPR Help
  192. What PPI's worked best for you?
  193. For those sleeping with bed head raised
  194. Shortness of breath when i wake up in the morning please help?
  195. Nexium 40 mg and 20mg LPR
  196. Threw Up In My Car Today
  197. Biopsy result - reflux??
  198. Differences in Symptoms between GERD and esophageal cancer?
  199. new here, Gerd Questions
  200. 2 Medicine or 2 Not Medicine? QuiKQuest.
  201. trouble eliminating mucus from the lungs and throat
  202. GERD regurgitation
  203. Reflux & Small Throat Canal
  204. i'm take opramanzole for reflux ... & blood test shows low magnesium
  205. i'm take opramanzole for reflux..& blood test shows low magnesium
  206. Gerd or COPD
  207. Weird feelings in my chest area
  208. Acid Reflux/Gerd
  209. Good Gastroenterologist in Indianapolis area
  210. Acid reflux and marshmallow root
  211. Please help me, heaviness in upper chest!!!!
  212. Food no longer sticking at wrap site. Normal?
  213. Any suggestions
  214. back pain a symptom of Acid Reflux
  215. Is it acid or something else
  216. Acid Reflux connection to heart palps and back pain?
  217. LPR disproven but worsening symptoms have a pattern
  218. How to relief constipation as side effect of Gerd meds?
  219. How to help heartburn/acid reflux pain?
  220. Breathlessness
  221. Im new ... Acid reflux and need to gain weight ... help!
  222. hi all
  223. Pressure in chest and throat and frequent burping
  224. Do U Experience This?
  225. Newbie to Gerd/Silent Reflux. Questions?
  226. Vacation ACid Reflux
  227. LPR--what I did that worked for me
  228. HELP - July 2014 - Nissen Fundoplication Failure??
  229. slippery elm vs marshmallow root?
  230. plz help - lpr
  231. What did you take for pain?
  232. Throat
  233. Protonix and bloating-HELP
  234. PPI's and Magnesium
  235. Years of GERD...
  236. Lower Esophageal Sphincter
  237. Recovery question
  238. Sweet snacks that are safe for gerd/ibs/gastritis
  239. Painful spasms in throat/esophagus
  240. Weaning off PPI ... need moral support!
  241. Dexilant: Anyone Taking This?
  242. Lansoprazole?
  243. Scope Tomorrow
  244. throat
  245. Exercise and Acid Reflux (you NEED to be doing this)
  246. Anyone else had multiple 24 hr pH tests?
  247. Chronic Gerd and Anemia
  248. Kinesiologist for hiatial hernia anyone?
  249. PPI reducing
  250. Throat mucus