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  1. Weird symptoms
  2. Newbie post - GERD support :)
  3. Trouble believing endoscopy because of symptoms ...
  4. Anything to take to get rid of chest pain from the gerd condition though.
  5. GERD and bloating! How do you deal?
  6. Esomeprazole/ general Gerd advice
  7. GERD/LPR Help
  8. Sudden Excessive Burping: Help!
  9. Acid reflux irritated by computer screen
  10. New GERD patient, need tips
  11. GERD symptoms so much worse in pregnancy
  12. Asthma/Breathing Problems from GERD
  13. Acid Reflux
  14. Blurred vision and red eyes
  15. Is there anything to help the gerd condition other than taking medication though.
  16. do wedge pillows work?
  17. Info Sought
  18. My daughter is struggling with PPI's.
  19. Don't want a PPI ... anything else?
  20. Peculiar symptoms - Is this GERD or LPR?
  21. Heartburn, lower abdominal pain, diarrhea/constipation
  22. Has anyone had Stretta?
  23. Having stomach problems! Any ideas? Please help!
  24. Is there any case of recovery from GERD after levelling up vitaming D?
  25. Can GERD be caused by extreme vomiting and low vitamin D level
  26. Negative barium swallow - reliable?
  27. Worried about Gerd
  28. GERD Type A, Hiatal Hernia Axialis and Gastritis
  29. Licorice, Aloe and Slippery Elm
  30. Acidity, heartburn
  31. Dexilant side effects
  32. GERD and exercise
  33. GERD Pillows
  34. GERD, LPR, allergies or all 3?
  35. Stomach cancer or GERD?
  36. The craziest thing happened ...
  37. Feeling like this will never end!
  38. Life after LINX
  39. Living with GERD/Esophagitis & Hiatal Hernia
  40. New and not alone!
  41. 5 weeks post Nissen Fundoplication - advice please
  42. Halo for Barretts Esophagus
  43. Constant chest discomfort from acid reflux?
  44. Scheduled for Linx; Seriously Frightened
  45. Chest pain after apple vinegar
  46. LPR Symptoms From Swallowed Bone?
  47. Nexium Causes bloating
  48. Can you relate to my LPR? Number are preponderant!
  49. Hiatal Hernia?
  50. Reflux Larangitis
  51. Did Omeprazole make my symptoms worse??
  52. left side sleeping vs. sleeping on back with a wedge
  53. Does apple cider vinegar really work?
  54. anyone have these symptoms
  55. Need help with scheduling
  56. Keeping weight on
  57. Question about acid reflux drugs and breakfast
  58. Coming Off PPI, Should I Try Zantac?
  59. GERD/Asthma
  60. Is it worth weaning off after 2 months of Lansoprazole?
  61. Gerd and Xanax
  62. Dry mouth at night
  63. Esophogus issues ???
  64. Awful chest and back burning
  65. More than GERD???
  66. Anyone have similar symptoms
  67. Chronic Hunger Feeling in Stomach
  68. Excessive Burping Painless
  69. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Scared ...
  70. taking Omerprazole
  71. Feeling sensation in my throat - Went to ENT
  72. Red throat w/no pain or fever
  73. Gord
  74. Mucus in throat-
  75. Is this GERD or worse?
  76. Just been told I might have GERD
  77. Problems worse after Endoscopy
  78. Early death if you take Proton Pump Inhibitors
  79. Withdrawal symptoms
  80. Gerd symptoms or bronchitis symptoms?
  81. Odds for successful fundoplication
  82. zantac150
  83. Warm sensation in my side when trying to wean off PPI's
  84. Having my Surgery this Friday
  85. Anyone have these symptoms?
  86. cutting down on PPI: dull ache between shoulder blades
  87. Any ideas what this could be?
  88. LPR and lungs
  89. lpr and vocal pain after extended talking
  90. Question: Feedback on a theory.
  91. Are PPIs addicting and safe?
  92. Side Effects when changing PPI dosage
  93. Drinking while on a PPI
  94. Ursodeoxycholic Acid or Baclofen for Bile Reflux
  95. PPI question
  96. Hearburn/GERD problems
  97. Symptoms making me severely depressed
  98. GERD but with lots of terrible symptoms!
  99. How long does damage take to heal?
  100. Has anyone tried baclofen for GERD?
  101. 24 years old and having shortness of breath issue and haital hernia
  103. Can taking more than one medication work better to help with the gerd condition.
  104. Any Cure. Gerd
  105. Gerd/lpr and shortness of breath
  106. could this be helped with fundo surgery?
  107. Is this typical of acid reflux?
  108. Time to Stop Taking my PPI?
  109. Reflux and Inflamed Esophagus
  110. Anyone noticed voice change?
  111. Vomiot coming up
  112. Acid relflux, Zantac barely working. Thoughts?
  113. pill stuck in chest sensation?
  114. GERD led to intestinal metaplasia
  115. Desperate to explain my bloating and gerd.
  116. Acid reflux improved
  117. LPR- Symptoms never stop
  118. Symptom Free day after 8 months
  119. Ongoing struggle LPR
  120. Body Aches with Gastritis
  121. Omeprazole
  122. Are there any kind of drink that are good for the gerd condition though.
  123. Please ... need advice
  124. is this gerd? doctor says acid reflux.
  125. Freaking out
  126. How long to get off PPIs?
  127. gastritis
  128. Laryngopharyngeal reflux?
  129. Nissen Fundoplication and Protein drinks
  130. Do I Have GERD?
  131. A little bit worried about my chest pain
  132. Possible Nissen Surgery
  133. How to know if chest pain is caused by the gerd condition or something else though.
  134. Road to Reversing my LPR/GERD
  135. LPR/fecal smell
  136. Gastritis - what can I eat? Bland Diet
  137. Help please, worried! Is it gastroenteritis?
  138. Trying to Quit PPI's for the third Time
  139. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
  140. LPR Diagnosis after Staph Infection
  141. Difficulty Swallowing. Only Drinking Liquids!
  142. LPR \ GERD Symptoms and relief question?
  143. Four Year Ulcer Pains that Wont Go Away!?!
  144. H.pylori, GERD - Help needed
  145. Trying to understand my EGD results
  146. Recovering from Reflux, But There's This Constant Cough ...
  147. Acid Reflux (LPR) help?
  148. Can vitamin D supplements cause long-term digestive problems?
  149. Acid reflux/Anxiety attacks/Palpitations
  150. LPR - Question for those with LPR
  151. H-Pylori can cause hives and facial swelling
  152. 10 days post nissen fundoplication
  153. Can secondhand smoke trigger GERD?
  154. Strange chest pains
  155. Can Acid Reflux cause throat irritation on just one side?
  156. Hiatal hernia repair and nissen fundoplication
  157. GERD, PVC, stool sample
  158. Still getting nasal congestion post ppi
  159. Feel lower esophageal sphincter muscle
  160. endoscopy normal but severe gerd
  161. Schatzki Ring Problems
  162. Dealing with GERD symptoms after Nissen Fundoplication
  163. **solution** acid reflux fix for some
  164. new to acid reflux?
  165. Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) - Help
  166. Able to manage without omeprazole but what is it with starch?
  167. Finally cleared up my LPR!
  168. Barrets Oesophagus
  169. LPR with Rotten egg/feces smell from nose!
  170. Chronic GERD cough
  171. Acid Reflux and Ear Problems
  172. LPR remedies
  173. Return of LPR/Reflux
  174. Coughing after yawning
  175. LPR after 3 months
  176. Time for another Endoscopy?
  177. Lpr
  178. Gerd or Gallbladder?
  179. Acid Reflux
  180. Scared about Zantac 300mg
  181. New here
  182. I have phlegm stuck in my throat!
  183. Gerd issues and possible Gallbladder
  184. GERD/Reflux symptoms back 2 years post Nissen Fundoplication
  185. Gerd or acid reflux
  186. Silent Reflux Throat Issues - Milk, Peanut Butter, Chocolate
  187. Intestinal metaplasia
  188. 4 ulcers and gastroparesis
  189. bitter mouth slight pain in lower abdomen etc what is this?
  190. Could my long time Omeprazole use be causing my internal bleeding?
  191. Dr. Koufman's Diet and weightloss
  192. Spasms and exercise
  193. Extremely Worried About Trouble Swallowing
  194. Bloating and reflux???
  195. Gagging bout after eating
  196. Biology question
  197. PPI rebound or something else?
  198. Developing new symptoms?
  199. concerning high pH water helping GERD
  200. Looking for any info
  201. GERD Symptoms
  202. Burning in stomach and esophagus - ONLY when during sleep
  203. Quit nexium. Heartburn every day.
  204. Aciphex Side Effects
  205. Young healthy male with past throat clearing and currently a cough
  206. PPI withdrawal symptoms ....
  207. Old Method to Remove Bolus of Steak from Esophagus
  208. Acid Reflux
  209. chronic post food poisoning issues
  210. Acid reflux and overall acidity
  211. Waiting too long to eat.
  212. LPR - symptoms and remedies
  213. GERD relief?
  214. Dexilant not as good as Nexium?
  215. Last ditch effort before Fundoplication surgery referral - advice pls
  216. Gerd nausea?
  217. Safe dose for Nexium?
  218. LPR back after a long time
  219. Incredibly slow digestion
  220. Constant cough and sore throat
  221. LPR/GERD? Bad mouth symptoms
  222. Zantac use causing Nausea? Now on Dexilant
  223. Linx Surgery Qualification
  224. Sorry to keep asking questions
  225. Not been well for 3 weeks not eaten properly
  226. Addressing GERD
  227. I can't handle this anymore!
  228. What do you think about PPIs?
  229. Acid Reflux/GERD and the weather.
  230. How to start changing your diet
  231. Breathing
  232. LPR breathing issues
  233. Tired.
  234. What does this mean? (Manometry test results)
  235. Wrongly diagnosed and PPIs are killing me
  236. Does this sound like LPR to you? Anyone relate
  237. Reflux after poisoning
  238. 9 hour esophageal spasms
  239. LPR is back. Rezaband?
  240. Acid reflux
  241. Acid reflux/Gerd and exercise
  242. Is this LPR? Someone please help?
  243. SIgns Chronic Gastritis Getting Better?
  244. Ear pain
  245. New here
  246. Acid reflux since 1 year, or maybe dysphagia
  247. anyone else experiencing rapid weight loss and g.I issues with gerd?
  248. Hitial Hernia and acid reflux
  249. Trying to quit Nexium - One week out
  250. I'm having many upper gi/respiratory issues