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  2. Pregnant??? read this
  3. Help
  4. Birth control and pregnancy
  5. Taking Norculut still not period
  6. I need to be educated
  7. is it even possible
  8. What is the likelihood I am pregnant?
  9. Confused
  10. Likelihood of Pregnancy
  11. Rubbed penis against vagina with underwear on
  12. Sos ?
  13. Very scared ...
  14. Pregnant from fingering?
  15. Implantation Bleeding or not
  16. Please help :-(
  17. Is it possible to become pregnant?? Help!!!
  18. Could I be pregnant?
  19. Fingering leads to pregnancy ?
  20. Could I be pregnant??
  21. Am I pregnant?
  22. I have a question about period delay!
  23. Emergency - Pregnancy or something else?
  24. Am I pregnant?
  25. Precum, pregnant?
  26. Late, pregnancy OCD please help!!!
  27. Really scared dont know if its implantation bleeding or period!! HELP!
  28. Can I be pregnant from fingering?
  29. Worried And Needing Advice !
  30. AM I PREGNANT??? Please help!!!!
  31. could i possibly be pregnant?
  32. Pregnant or not
  33. HELP ... pregnant or not?
  34. Am i pregnant
  35. Is it possible im pregnant?
  36. Unsure.
  37. Pregnant or not
  38. Strange Missed Period
  39. Why is my period late?
  40. Sex with 2 guys now pregnant
  41. Help ...
  42. Advice...?
  43. What should I do??
  44. Pregnancy
  45. Can she get pregnant?
  46. What's wrong?
  47. Pregnant or not
  48. Pregnant from grinding in underwear?
  49. Am I pregnant?
  50. Please help
  51. Pregnant from dry precum?
  52. is she pregnant??
  53. Chances Shes Pregnant?
  54. Pregnancy risk/paranoia?!!
  55. How does ovulation work?
  56. Any risk of preg to worry about?
  57. Possibility of Pregnancy
  58. There is a chance of being pregnant?(Story below)
  59. Is there a possibility that sperm can travel through 5 layers of clothing ???
  60. Could I be pregnant?
  61. I'm worried and i need guidance
  62. I'm scared
  63. Period ended short ... Really scared
  64. Need Reassurance
  65. Potentially Pregnancy?
  66. Possibility of pregnancy
  67. Unsure and worried
  68. Can i get pregnant from this? please help??
  69. Am I pregnant??
  70. Sex before missed pill
  71. Unprotected Sex - I'm Scared
  72. Rubbing the tip on the vagina
  73. My boyfriend fingered me and I'm worried I might be pregnant!
  74. Could I be pregnant? Please help
  75. Information needed ASAP
  76. How does precum work?
  77. Delayed period
  78. Likelyhood of me being pregnant?
  79. me and my gf fooled around need help ASAP please and thank you!
  80. Pregnancy?
  81. Sperm through water
  82. Am I pregnant?
  83. Should I go take a test?
  84. Advice on Sperm.
  85. 7 year old pregnant?
  86. Sperm/pregnancy advice needed
  87. Am I pregnant? HELP ME SAVE ME
  88. Urgent: vomiting and high fever after EC
  89. am I possibly pregnant?
  90. What is the likelihood of being pregnant? Help!!
  91. HELP is my girlfriend pregnant??
  92. [HELP] confused, will my girlfriend get pregnant?
  93. Confused 😣 I need answers
  94. HELP please!
  95. Pregnant from fingering
  96. Precum pregnancy HELP
  97. I used a condom and he didn't ejaculate.
  98. My period has been late for about a month
  99. I'm Very Afraid
  100. Please help, I'm feel like I'm overreacting!!
  101. Just underwear??
  102. help
  103. Does a period mean you are not pregnant?
  104. Late on period, in urgent need of opinions/advice.
  105. Pregnant or just being crazy?
  106. Is My Girlfriend Pregnant?
  107. Pregnancy scare
  108. My girlfriend is late on her period
  109. Can sperm travel through clothing and get her pregnant?
  110. No period
  111. Am I pregnant?
  112. Is it possible to get pregnant after having protected sex?
  113. Is she pregnant?
  114. Penis rubbed against vagina
  115. 18 and scared of a possible pregnancy? Please help
  116. Stupid mistake
  117. Condom slipped off and I'm worried!!
  118. I'm terrified
  119. Penis inside vagina but no ejaculation, chance of pregnancy?
  120. His penis rubbed against my lower stomach? Chance of pregnancy?
  121. Am I pregnant?
  122. unprotected touching
  123. possibility of pregnancy?
  124. Took A pregnancy test 5 days before period and still sore breast
  125. Can get pregnant even if ... ?
  126. pregnancy or period symptoms.Freaking out!!
  127. can i be pregnant or no? i need an answer ASAP
  128. Suffering from anxiety. Pregnant?
  129. Am I worried for nothing?
  130. Is is implantation bleeding or periods?
  131. teenage pregnancy
  132. could I be pregnant?
  133. Spotting or period? Could I be pregnant?
  134. My Pregnant teen daughter has rib pain randomly
  135. Should I be worried about a pregnancy?
  136. Concerned, should I worry?
  137. Help
  138. 18, pregnant and terrified
  139. Missed pills and unprotected sex
  140. Dry Humping and possible pregnant
  141. Do not post sex act descriptions.
  142. worried about pregnancy
  143. Pregnancy risk?
  144. Im so worried ... pregnant?
  145. A Question (Help)
  146. late periods- what could this mean?
  147. Precum and pregnancy
  148. please answer
  149. Delay period
  150. What are the chances of pregnancy this way?
  151. I talked to plan parenthood
  152. Concerning scenario
  153. pregnant while dry humping?
  154. I need advice.
  155. Please help!!!!!
  156. Even worth worrying about?
  157. What are my risks? please help
  158. Severe OCD That My Girlfriend Is Pregnant
  159. Sperm on bedding
  160. Could I be pregnant?
  161. Symptoms?
  162. Pregnant? Or is it all in my head?
  163. Possibility of Pregnancy - Please Help!!
  164. Pregnancy scare
  165. Cramping after taking norlevo
  166. Is this a phobia or is it actually possible???!
  167. HELP ... worried about pregnancy ... fingering issues!!
  168. Is it all in my head, or no?
  169. Pregnancy scare for 2 months!
  170. Please help, pregnancy scare 17 years old.
  171. I used Plan B last month and got my period after, but now my period is late, help?
  172. Pregnancy scare
  173. Please help, I'm worried about possible pregnancy
  174. Precum through yoga pants and underwear?
  175. 4 negative pregnancy test and period 2 months late. Protected sex
  176. Pregnancy scare
  177. Period 21 days late. 4 Negative Pregnancy tests
  178. I'm probably just being stupid but I can't help it.
  179. How long does sperm live on hand/fingers?
  180. virgin pregnancy
  181. Used a condom and my period is 5 days late! Please help
  182. Can precum get you pregnant?
  183. Possible Pregnancy risk?
  184. 18 and pregnant
  185. Could i be pregnant?
  186. Please help!
  187. Implantation Blood or Just Old Blood? HELP?!!
  188. Possible pregnancy please help
  189. Help me out here please!
  190. pregnant from precum after period?
  191. Pregnancy risk/safe?
  192. No protection+fooling around=pregnant?
  193. Pregnant risk/scare?
  194. AM I PREGNANT ??~worried
  195. Confusion about sperm/semen
  196. no condom for 5 seconds
  197. can she be pregnant?
  198. Quick confirmation on a pregnancy risk?
  199. How accurate Pregnancy test after 1 month of intercourse
  200. Dry humping
  201. What are the chances of pregnancy?
  202. Pregnancy from fingering just before periods??
  203. Brown Discharge = Period ?
  204. Condom slipping. A worry ?
  205. No intercourse, Irregular, brown discharge, negative test
  206. Help!! He came in me, took plan B, more sex after
  207. White discharge... no period?? help!
  208. Pregnant virgin?? Losing sleep.
  209. Advice on My Gf period latness and Ovulation
  210. Rubbing?
  211. Only rubbing, but late period, but negative tests, should i be worried?
  212. Pregnancy risk? - pre *** issue
  213. Please help!! really worried
  214. pls help, i shouldnt be pregnant from this?
  215. Need confirmation of A PREGNANCY RISK?
  216. is there any way possible to get pregnant from dry humping?
  217. 16 and pregnant
  218. Can you get pregant from dry humping?
  219. Possibility of pregnancy from fingering? :o
  220. Am I still a virgin and may i get pragnant?
  221. Pregnancy or ovulation?
  222. Can I be pregnant from this??
  223. Condom Broke, no ejaculation just pre ***
  224. is this my period or implantation bleeding? scared!
  225. worried about precum
  226. Paranoid!
  227. Could my girlfriend be pregnant?
  228. could sperm pass through clothes and get positive pregnancy test
  229. the test is negative but where is my period???
  230. Worried pregnancy!
  231. Condom slipped up during sex?
  232. On birth control, do I need to worry?
  233. Has been bugging me, need clarity please asap?
  234. Penis rubbing vagina
  235. Can you get pregnant the day you are supposed to start your period?
  236. Pregnancy possible?
  237. what are chances to get pregnant
  238. Implantation, abrasion, or spotting before period?
  239. PLEASE help! Virgin/precum
  240. Sex.. Pregnancy? I DON'T KNOW :(
  241. sperm on objects and possibility of pregnancy
  242. I am really scared!!!
  243. I had sex for the first time and scared that I'm going to be pregnant.?
  244. Condom broke a a couple days before my period..and im almost a week late. Help?
  245. Unprotected sex during 30th day of cycle can be pregnant?.
  246. Help!!!
  247. Pregnancy from 69?
  248. How to know if you're pregnant on birth control?
  249. Please help! Could i be pregnant?
  250. Could my girlfriend get pregnant if i had sperm on my hands and washed them off?