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  1. I need help with Bllld test results
  2. Scared
  3. Giant liver hemangioma and pregnancy
  4. Sperm Count Analysis
  5. 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant
  6. I have pcos
  7. Worried, please help!
  8. Implantation bleeding?
  9. New at this ...
  10. Implantation bleeding???
  11. Babies wanna be made
  12. Not sure what's going on
  13. painful periods now no pain
  14. does an IUI hurt
  15. My period only lasted for 3 days.. Could I possibly be pregnant?
  16. I was on the depo shot and now I'm having trouble concieving
  17. Pregnancy related
  18. Is it implantation? ??
  19. Need some advice!
  20. going through it
  21. Inspiration for Over 45 TTC!
  22. Hoping for a BFP!!
  23. Dpo13 ... Bfn
  24. advice for conceiving
  25. Make sure you are getting iodine in your diet
  26. Weird mid cycle spotting/cramps now 4 days late and Neg preg tests- what is going on?
  27. pcos
  28. Long 2wks after iui
  29. Looking For Support ... TTC 8 Months
  30. So sad
  31. Semen Analysis
  32. Can having the flu damage the sperm?
  33. Pregnancy & taking Percoset for MS
  34. Pregnancy Question!
  35. retroverted uterus
  36. Trying to conceive and Antibiotics
  37. Am I Pregnant or Not?
  38. TTC 2nd cycle - GOING CRAZY!!
  39. 42 What to do?
  40. Drop in beta-hcg levels
  41. Early 20s and trying to conceive
  42. My partner has gotta others pregnant but not me
  43. 13 days late on period and 50 years old
  44. HB Newbie: PCOS & TTC
  45. no yolk sac found. i am confused
  46. trying to conceive
  47. Questions: Estradiol, FSH, and Prolactin levels
  48. Cycle Day 3 tests
  49. Help not sure what i have
  50. Bleeding 9 days after embryo transfer
  51. Bleeding during sex on due date? Help!
  52. TTC while tracking OV
  53. Is it possible?...
  54. Short luteal phase
  55. Late period, cramping, 3 brown spotting stopped then started again?
  56. serum prolactin test reports i cannot understand
  57. TTC and have a few questions!
  58. Remeron and pregnancy
  59. How early do pregnancy symptoms start?
  60. Implantation bleeding or irregular menstruation
  61. Bleeding after IVF 5 Day Transfer
  62. Ttc
  63. after iui i am getting back pain and cramps
  64. IUI Cancelled, advice please?!?!
  65. No period after estrogen and progesterone pills
  66. Pink spotting and pain
  67. 8 Days Post IUI
  68. Pregnancy after ablation and tubal??
  69. 3 DPO, not sure if BFP, can I get a massage?
  70. 4-5 days late negitive test ttc, whats wrong?
  71. period is a week and half late
  72. light period, then 7 days late for period - not pregnant
  73. Ttc
  74. 24 DPO no AF still BFN
  75. Need help with BBT pattern - drop immediately after rise?
  76. Pain on my lower right side, HELP? read please
  77. 2 ww and pain/pressure in rectal area
  78. 13 days post iui...really nervous
  79. Trying to conceive with uterine/ cervical bleeding
  80. Does a short luteal phase mean miscarriage?
  81. Age limit on clomid?
  82. Trying/Ovulation
  83. Ovulation Tests
  84. Ovulation Predictor Kit
  85. need help in interpreting BBT
  86. Light bleeding during intercourse But been trying to conceieve. ?
  87. Two LH Surges, 1 Week apart with Spotting
  88. SSRIs (Prozac, Effexor, Wellbutrin, etc.) and Dna Fragmentation.
  89. Endometrin
  90. Possible pregnancy even with low sperm count?
  91. Effexor and fertility
  92. Trying to get pregnant but I am currently taking Mirapex and I have anxiety.
  93. Bloating - Sign of conceiving a baby?
  94. 4 days late, still BFN...
  95. HELP! Been TTC for 5 months Need HELP
  96. natural progesterone cream 4r premenstrual spotting ?? pls help
  97. Short cervix and pregnancy
  98. my period is 10 days late
  99. acne with doryx
  100. Tired of searching high and low about implantation bleeding...here's my story. :)
  101. What do you think???? 8dpo (5dp3dt) and bled 2 days ago
  102. Ovulation Bleeding more than spotting TTC
  103. Trying to concieve with herbs and yogi tea
  104. High Blood Pressure & Pregnancy
  105. cd10 dry?????
  106. How soon after implantation until BFP?
  107. Spotting won't stop after IUI!
  108. Help!! My period ended and then came back
  109. positive opk TODAY!!! So exciting!
  110. Pregnancy symptoms?
  111. Spotting 8 dpo
  112. 18DPO - no AF
  113. Painful cramping-implantation cramps?
  114. Positive Progesterone test at day 28 but no period!
  115. bbt drop - why?
  116. Retroverted Uterus and thyroid level?
  117. Do I need EWCM to conceive?
  118. Period 4-5 days after Ovulation??? Huh?
  119. Uterine Septum and IVF Options
  120. 14dpo...scared to test! anyone else?
  121. Progesterone test on D22
  122. How long did it take you to get BFP?
  123. Late Period...Neg Preg. test?!?!?!?
  124. why sperm is not going inside
  125. BFP - What I did differently
  126. OPK question
  127. Period 4-5 days after positive OPKs?
  128. I cant keep his semen inside me. I want to get pregnant! HELP!
  129. Low sperm count and HSG test
  130. 2 Week Wait, anyone?
  131. Knowing when ready for another baby
  132. Low Progesterone Levels
  133. Implantation Bleeding
  134. does pain during ovulation mean the egg is been released
  135. question about testing w/ irregular periods
  136. How long should my LH surge last?
  137. TTC and success with OPK
  138. Conceiving while on Xanax?
  139. tips for getting pregnant faster after abortion
  140. Having 1st IUI with Clomid
  141. 11 Days Post IUI and going NUTS!
  142. Starting my 2ww...7 to 8 dpo anyone with me???
  143. what are the causes sperm pouring out after sexual intercourse
  144. Implantation bleeding & other symptoms
  145. 7 days late, negative test
  146. 2 weeks late
  147. 8 dpo no symptoms
  148. 2 week late period and still nothing to show for it
  149. why am i not ovulating but having periods
  150. question about implantation bleeding..please help!
  151. Brown Discharge and No period!?!
  152. am i ovulating??????? please help!
  153. Trying to get pregant -Down syndrome prevention
  154. prenatal vitamins and stomach pain
  155. Long menstrual cycles
  156. if I conceived a week before my period and I haven't had it yet, how long should I wa
  157. Trying to conceive but absolutely terrified!!!!!
  158. TTC: Odd question on Method of TTC
  159. Ovulation Predictor Kit
  160. Difficulty Falling Pregnant
  161. Has anyone been either too nervous or scared to take a pregnancy test while ttc?
  162. New 2ww!!!!
  163. Could I be infertile? How to know?
  164. concieve a baby boy
  165. Uterine Cramping
  166. Negative Blood Test, but Positive Urine Test?!?!?
  167. Pregnancy test shows negative 1 day before next period could i be pregnant
  168. Lower Bloated belly feeling during...
  169. Getting pregnant and prior LEEP
  170. 7 DPO/IUI with 4.7 progesterone level
  171. ovulation pain/twinges
  172. I am feeling so weird....
  173. how do you know if you release an egg during ovulation
  174. tested and a very VERY faint line does that mean anything?
  175. Does anyone know if taking testosterone affect sperm counts?
  176. when do l ovulate if my cycle is 24 days
  177. Side Effects from Clomid?
  178. Am I healthy enough to get pregnant?
  179. Estrogen level very high
  180. is a BFP possible 7dpo?
  181. Can a functional cyst cause a false postive hpt?
  182. anybody else post depo?
  183. should it hurt to have an orgasm during implantation
  184. missed 4 months, finally started period, TTC, and i have a lot of the symptoms...
  185. I want to be pregnant so badly...
  186. 15 DPO and going crazy!
  187. Thyroid level question????
  188. Hi, I'm new to TTC got a question!
  189. Fibroid inside uterus 3.6 cm .how it can be removed
  190. What is the cd3 and cd21 test?
  191. Why is my period 5 days early?
  192. why am i bleeding in the middle of my cycle while trying to conceive
  193. 14 dpo, very light spotting, BFN
  194. any chance of being PG with a BFN at 13 dpo?
  195. Question for those of you who had Mirena and are now TTC
  196. luteal phase question?
  197. My Period is Late and I'm never late.....
  198. my period came down 3 days late and 3 negative pregnancy tests what does this mean?
  199. TTC a man's point of view!
  200. if a man sperms are weak to concieve a baby boy what to do
  201. Wanting to ttc, but am on beta-blockers, anyone else?
  202. Could this be morning sickness or is it all in my head?
  203. off the shot for a year - why can't i get pregnant
  204. Ammenorhea after taking progesterone only birth control
  205. Negative pregnancy test, three days late for period and a lot of signs of pregnancy.
  206. Morning or Evening
  207. ttc after cone biopsy
  208. clarification needed
  209. fallopian tube removal
  210. Taking prometrium suppositories at night.
  211. why do i have a heavy period after iui insemination
  212. Keeping Sperm in Vagina
  213. When will I ovulate again?
  214. TTC after having ruptured cysts
  215. TTC but what is wrong with me?
  216. if my period starts the 14th of every month how long is my cycle
  217. one cycle with soy isoflavones
  218. Raspberry Leaf Tea
  219. Could getting off of prometrium completely change your cycle?
  220. Acnetane and pregnancy
  221. Pregnant on a schedule
  222. think i'm pregnant so why do i have vaginal pain?
  223. false positive accu-clear
  224. how long does it take fertility blend to take effect
  225. what are the chances of falling pregnant having intercourse twice a day while ovulati
  226. med during 2ww
  227. To those who have taken Vitex before
  228. cervix is low and kind of firm and soft
  229. UTI med (Macrobid) in 2ww
  230. To those who have been preggo before....
  231. Soy Isoflavones
  232. Hyperemesis Gravidarium concerns ( Severe morning sickness )
  233. what happens if your cervix is soft
  234. How long should you wait to take pregnancy test after implantation bleeding or a ligh
  235. Clomid here i come
  236. will being on prozac affect trying to conceive?
  237. my boobs are sore and i feel nauseous what does this mean?
  238. daily low grade temp./ sign of pg?
  239. my menstrual cycle starts on 8th day on every month when can i get pregnant
  240. Penicillian and Tylenol/Codeine
  241. does spotting and breaking out mean you are pregnant
  242. CD 18 and still low fertility :(
  243. How soon can you become pregnant after getting off birth control?
  244. Is that a line?
  245. in a 29 day cycle, what is the best day to conceive?
  246. how do i know when my egg is released
  247. dark ring around areolas
  248. Trying to get pregnant
  249. been off the depo shot for a year and cant get pregnant how can i get pregnant
  250. What Does It Mean When Your Cervix Have Dropped?