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  1. Thank you for having Health boards a newbie here since Saturday_August_ 05_2017 _
  2. Very helpful community!
  3. thank you
  4. Helpful
  5. Yay for health!!!
  6. This is the best site
  7. Health Boards helped me!
  8. I'm new
  9. Thanks for Healthboards.com
  10. Best thing about HB
  11. New here
  12. HealthBoards may have saved my life!
  13. Thank you Administrators and Moderators
  14. Best Site Out There
  15. Glad I found this board.
  16. pelvic pain
  17. absolutely helpful
  18. Thank you for this site
  19. I Could Not Have Gotten Through My Ordeal Without This Board
  20. Many thanks
  21. healthboards have been a life saver for me
  22. More information....
  23. How to Post a HealthBoards Testimonial
  24. Invaluable info for hemorrhoidectomy patients
  25. Thank you, Healthboards