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  1. Exercise
  2. Asthma with bronchitis action plan
  3. Really lost about what is going on.
  4. Bronchial Thermoplasty
  5. Did I have a real asthma attack?
  6. Expectations with Qvar and question
  7. Asthma or GERD?
  8. Liver and asthma?
  9. When to go to the ER
  10. Pulmanory Function Test Confusion
  11. Salt Room Therapy
  12. Do you think your asthma medication hurts your immune system?
  13. Bronchial Thermaplasty
  14. Hoarse voice ... any advice?
  15. Newly diagnosed with asthma
  16. Inovair nexthaler
  17. My dr confused asthma with something else, and so did I!
  18. Inhaler not helping?
  19. How long did it take you to recover?
  20. Fabric softener accident
  21. Asthma or heart issue?
  22. Asthma Symptoms Everyday
  23. How to know if it's exercise induced asthma?
  24. Seretide evohaler
  25. Please help.
  26. Symbicort 80/4.5 strength
  27. Do you guys have adrenal problems?
  28. Severe asthma
  29. Routine things to look out for with asthma
  30. What can I use to control asthma??
  31. Is it an asthma attack ???
  32. Inhalers are necessary?? Cat scan for asthma??
  33. I gold medalled in the asthma olympics today!
  34. Wildfires making me wheeze
  35. Asthma
  36. Asthma and reflux
  37. Uncontrolled Asthma
  38. Daughter asthma attack for 10 days
  39. needing serious opinions !!
  40. Asthma ... Progression thru time?(2 Questions)
  41. Qvar vs Flovent
  42. Asthma Frustrations ...
  43. My prescription expired and I can't get my meds
  44. Is it just another thing we quietly suffer thru?
  45. My first cold and asthma
  46. Trying To Pinpoint Asthma Triggers
  47. I think we should organize!
  48. cord around neck, possible cause of asthma?
  49. how important is the right medication?
  50. Does everyone with asthma have multiple chemical sensitivity too???
  51. Prolonged Advair 230 usage and stunted growth
  52. Trying to get Asthma under control
  53. Help! Still struggling with this asthma attack
  54. Thyroid levels and thyroid medication with asthma
  55. Hi all, new here.
  56. Curcumin IV's and Asthma IV's
  57. I'm injured from last night
  58. Trouble breathing after allergic reaction to antibiotic for 3 days?
  59. What constitutes wheezing?
  60. Almost constant wheezing but no shortness of breath
  61. Mouth reactions to inhaler
  62. New Experience With Asthma
  63. Another asthma question about chest pain
  64. Asthma Triggers
  65. New Maintenance Drug Needed
  66. 29 and terrified
  67. Congestion in lungs
  68. My asthma getting worse during ny periods.
  69. Two Kinds of Inhalers in Same Day for Asthma
  70. I was just diagnosed with asthma
  71. Not sleeping well on prednisone
  72. Asthma flare-up in brand new home
  73. asthma lungs hurt? alternative to steroid?
  74. Asthma Newbie
  75. Any places to find Intal/Tilade or similar inhaler?
  76. Advice: Singulair or Advair
  77. Asthma tightness in restaurants
  78. Severe asthma
  79. Asthma and Concerts
  80. Asthma attack from
  81. Cough Variant Asthma
  82. Can a new case of mild asthma fully recover?
  83. Asthma Flare-up Factors?
  84. Flovent 220mcg
  85. Time for an ER visit?
  86. More questions, less answers...
  87. Back with a vengeance and WEIRD symptoms
  88. How bad is this? Please help
  89. Possible Asthmatic
  90. Budesonide & Asmanex
  91. Advice for persistent asthma not responding to meds
  92. Cats
  93. My asthma has been really bad for 3 weeks?
  94. He loses his breath just walking across the room.
  95. Exercise-Induced Asthma Daily Medication Usage
  96. New to Message Board
  97. Found relief from chronic wheezing, nausea, low appetite
  98. Headache, burning chest, coughing feel chilled on inside
  99. Your exercise-induced asthma might actually be tracheal stenosis
  100. Does asthma make muscles tight?
  101. Asthma sputum
  102. pre-asthma days & symptoms
  103. Inhaler not working for 8yo
  104. Adult onset asthma - went away - came back
  105. Coughing, wheezing and short of breath
  106. Asthma cough?
  107. Living in location with Poor Air Quality Index
  108. Nucala
  109. Chronic cough with asthma and post nasal drip
  110. Advair
  111. Question about my PFT results
  112. my Athsma gets worse for totally unkown reasons
  113. Questions about my asthma
  114. Upper respiratory infection?
  115. Nucala
  116. Might this be asthma?
  117. 45 ur old female had bronchitis now have asthma?!?
  118. Waiting for spirometry results
  119. Asthma/Reactive Airway Disease Diagnosis
  120. Help me possible asthma?
  121. Asthma LOW Pulse & OXygen
  122. High Performance Athlete -- Seasonal Allergies
  123. Alternative to Advair ... ?
  124. Can chest tightness with no coughing or wheezing be asthma?
  125. How do I speak louder when I have asthma?
  126. Zenhale Refills
  127. Inhalers work for all but one thing.
  128. Asthma.
  129. Acute asthma exacerbation
  130. Unsure of Symptoms
  131. Asthma or COPD?
  132. How to get rid of sinus infection?
  133. Having difficulty finding a med, that I'm not allergic/sensitive too
  134. flovent and severe depression/anxiety
  135. My Case: Inhalers Didn't Work, Not Quite Asthma
  136. Scary moment today
  137. Bad, Bad Prednisone
  138. Prednisone dosage
  139. Albuterol adn the Shakes!
  140. Young Daughter newly diagnosed - help
  141. Asthma advice desperately needed
  142. Can untreated asthma lead to respiratory infections?
  143. New to this ... Lingering asthma attack
  144. COPD and Oxygen concentrators
  145. Asthma or something worse?
  146. RSV turned Bronchiolitis & Asthma concerns
  147. Just diagnosed...
  148. Dulara vs Symbicort - Insurance won't pay for the one I am on
  149. lung tightness and phlegm
  150. Adult onset Asthma???
  151. To ER or Not to ER, That Is The Question...
  152. Singulair with upper respiratory infection
  153. I dont know what to do.
  154. Could be asthma flare.
  155. Alternative to steroids?
  156. Not sure if I really have asthma (Was Diagnosed)
  157. Big Bad Prednisone
  158. My lungs began to feel funny recently.
  159. breathing treatments
  160. My asthma
  161. Embarrassed
  162. Bronkaid or Primatene Mist tablets
  163. Can it take this long to get it controlled?
  164. What is going on with my body??
  165. advice needed for Asthma and fast short breathing
  166. how to avoid going on Prednisone?
  167. Possibly ruled out Asthma, but breathing issues continue after 3 years
  168. chest pain - asthma or Advair side effect?
  169. Sudden onset of persistent asthma! ?
  170. Help
  171. Frustrated by diagnosis - can asthma just "show up"?
  172. Should I follow up to confirm diagnosis? If I should, how or what should I do next?
  173. There's no doubt I have asthma
  174. Albuterol does not work for me.
  175. Please help me. Symptoms for 2 months. Doctors unable to diagnose.
  176. Help please!
  177. Treament for bronchial hyperresponsiveness?
  178. unusual symptoms?
  179. Xolair
  180. Asthma timeline?
  181. Asthma/Fast Heart rate
  182. GERD or Asthma, Infection or all of the above?
  183. Severe attacks of Asthma
  184. Antibiotics and Asthma
  185. Improvement and symptoms question.
  186. AeroChamberPlus question
  187. Should asthma last this long?
  188. ER for asthma
  189. Asthma caused by congestion
  190. Child asthma
  191. Drowsiness / Sleepiness / Asthma?
  192. Shortness of breath on mild exertion
  193. Asmanex
  194. HELP! Can't talk or I cough -- asthma, reflux, or something else?
  195. Still in the blue...
  196. High summer Ozone levels
  197. Exercise during an asthma flare
  198. Alternative Medication
  199. Nervous and Frustrated
  200. Asthma, air quality in south carolina?
  201. New to asthma treatment
  202. Exercise induced Asthma
  203. Pediatric Asthma - Recently Diagnosed
  204. CFC Inhalers
  205. Asthmatic getting impacted wisdom teeth removed. Advice?
  206. Peak Flow Meter Discrepancies
  207. Yellowstone
  208. Anybody else not taking their Flovent?
  209. Really bad flare that won't stop
  210. Can't use albuterol! Help!
  211. Cleaning Flovent Inhaler
  212. Long term use if Pseudoephedrine
  213. Advair250/25
  214. Cough Variant Asthma?
  215. Asthma Attack, and other newbie doubts.
  216. New to Asthma / Calcort (Deflazacort) Advice
  217. Trying to make sense of Asthma
  218. Asthma
  219. Too Many Attacks
  220. You Guys Saved My Life
  221. Itchy Chin
  222. Asthma: Maxair product user
  223. Need some advice on breathing problems
  224. Acute Asthma and Anemia. Advice?
  225. Nebulizer, Yes or No
  226. Flutiform versus Seretide
  227. Need advice for my son please!
  228. Hi there
  229. Question about managing asthma flares
  230. Surgery Tuesday and possible Bronchitis
  231. Trying to recover from constant asthma attacks
  232. Occupational asthma
  233. Can't wean my asthma meds
  234. Asthma and surgery
  235. Too afraid to take prednisone/worried about asthma
  236. Miserable
  237. Do I have asthma or EIB? (Just diagnosed but not sure)
  238. Has anyone tried acupuncture for asthma?
  239. Should we move for child with asthma?
  240. Asthma and sex
  241. Exercise improves my Asthma symptoms!
  242. Oral thrush caused by steroid inhaler
  243. Allergy shots and asthma attack
  244. Exhausted from asthma
  245. possible asthma diagnosis?!
  246. Rescue inhaler almost everyday
  247. Fairly new to Asthma
  248. Shortness of breath - only symptom
  249. Does this sound like asthma? Need advice, very confused
  250. SOB like nobody's business!