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  1. Corpus luteum cyst and no period in 2 months
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  21. Is this a hormone issue?
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  25. Pregnenolone deficiency despite well regulated hormones
  26. High LH with Low FSH
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  30. Testopel implanted tomorrow
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  35. Extremely High FSH
  36. Surgery for ovarian cyst rupture
  37. Elevated DHEA but Normal Testosterone?
  38. Hormonal mess
  39. HRT and headaches:(
  40. Any women on Testosterone injections?
  41. Low T at 17?
  42. Reactive Hypoglycemia
  43. total & free testoserone 23yr old
  44. possible cushings
  45. Natural Testosterone therapy?
  46. Hoping Someone Can Help Me Understand The Results
  47. Terrible Chronic Pain and Hormones
  48. Looking for a review on my results
  49. Does having low progesterone make you less attractive
  50. Low testosterone
  51. What do my levels mean? (LH, FSH, TT, TSH)
  52. Very High DHEAS
  53. Worried... Is there any problem?
  54. Estrogen/progesterone issues
  55. Hormone disorder leading to feminine body type?
  56. ACTH normal levels?
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  58. Low SHBG & Progesterone
  59. DHT effect on other hormones?
  60. worried about the pill
  61. Can messed-up hormones cause severe panic during ovulation?
  62. desperate. stopping hrt. advice please
  63. How do I raise my 5a-THF?
  64. Low T Tx: solving one problem creates others? and other questions?
  65. HRT at 34 - advice appreciated
  66. When is cortisol high enough to act on?
  67. BioTE Pellet therapy - male - it's ruining my life.
  68. High DHEA and free testosterone
  69. 23/Female - Experiencing a Disruption in Hormones?
  70. What is the best natural thyroid med?
  71. 26 YO no sex drive. Need help with interpreting blood test.
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  73. High Testosterone in a woman. Not PCOS or Adrenal Tumors
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  83. Can someone please interpret my testosterone results?
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  86. Testosterone Pellets
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  88. Hair turning blonde from brown naturally?
  89. Getting low T treated?
  90. testosterone levels
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  92. Undescended Testicle/cryptorchidism
  93. Free testosterone - What they actually measure:
  94. 30 & cannot grow any facial hair
  95. Low testosterone
  96. Young Male, Low-T
  97. no improvement after 2 years of t-therapy
  98. Low Testosterone?
  99. Estradiol and progesterone
  100. listing all hormones in a 27 yr old female body, help needed..
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  102. anyone experiance dhea treatment
  103. Estrogen, My God Help Me
  104. Possible parathyroid issue, low calcium
  105. T levels injections & Axiron
  106. Just started TRT.
  107. Hormone levels
  108. Need help with FSH & LH results reading
  109. Possible Pcos? Normal but hhigh normal testosterone lab results please help
  110. hormone tests help
  111. LOW LH 19 Years old. Gynecomastia?
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  118. GYN wants nothing to do with prescribing Bio identicals
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  122. I am 18 and I have low T
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  126. Hormones all haywire
  127. Please take a look at my blood test
  128. Salivory Cortisol Test -5 Specimens Question
  129. Testosterone
  130. 20 yr old , testosterone shut down to 0. desperate for help
  131. High cortisol - cushings or just depression?
  132. Testostrone low but not according to doc...
  133. Low Free testosterone
  134. Doctor suspects Cushing's but I am losing weight, please give me your thoughts
  135. low hormone problems need help asap
  136. Please help!! Women taking testosterone
  137. Testosterone and estrogen problems, need advice please!!
  138. Is this low testosterone?
  139. can you please give me your views on my results please, thanks
  140. Low Testosterone
  141. Low estrogen symptoms on Birth Control Pill
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  143. Clomid For Low T - Male 33
  144. Low Hormones
  145. Free vs Total Testosterone, and Low FSH
  146. Any see anything wrong with this?
  147. Iam having low testosterone 277 ng/
  148. 21 Years Old and Low Testosterone
  149. High estrogen automatically means high "bad" estrogen?
  150. Does anyone have shortness of breath with Bioidentical Hormones?
  151. Why is my hair not producing oils anymore
  152. What is the best day of a woman's cycle to have estrogen/progesterone tested?
  153. Low testosterone, slightly high Ferritin problem
  154. PCOS-diagnosed last year by 2 doctors, now the new one is saying this is not PCOS
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  156. Male Hormone Issues
  157. Uncontrollable weight gain *urgent*
  158. Can anyone help me interpret these panels?
  159. What should be done if you have high levels of prolactin?
  160. Tired of being tired! Please help!
  161. HELP!!! So many symptoms, what tests should I ask for???
  162. hormonal inbalance
  163. Adrenal, thyroid, ovaries, pituitary, weight gain
  164. Menopause at 35 years old?
  165. loss of sex drive, please help me
  166. Please help, it's affecting my marriage :(
  167. Pls. Help. 46 year old and hormones out of wack.
  168. low hormones, underweight and dry eyes
  169. hypogonadism, hypothyroidism and hypercortisolism! Please help,20 yrs male
  170. High DHEA but normal hormones
  171. Postmenopausal saliva labs
  172. Low DHEA - questions
  173. What type of imaging for pituitary gland/hypothalamus?
  174. Elevated hormone labs/ low TSH
  175. Are these hormones in Normal range?
  176. Is Pupil Exam Accurate To Detect Adrenal Fatigue?
  177. Incontinence due to excess progesterone?
  178. Can TRT cause high prolactin levels?
  179. 21 years old with a low T of 231
  180. Does this sound like a hormone problem????
  181. Can birth control cause night sweats?
  182. testosterone level of 350 even on androgel
  183. Doctor's Can't Find What's Wrong -- Hypogonadism, Hypothyroidism, & Adrenal Fatigue
  184. Having opposites effect from Progesterone
  185. Diabetes Insipidus?
  186. Very bloated face and high cortisol levels
  187. High cortisol, androstendion, testosteron, 17 oh progesteron
  188. Prednisone and energy?
  189. No relief after ercp
  190. MRI-cause of my problems????
  191. Low T and Hypothyroid - need advice.
  192. Estrogen Dominance
  193. Advice on Testosterone Results (Free vs. Total)
  194. irregular bleeding after mensturation
  195. Can high free test lead to high estrogen?
  196. Low Test High LH and FSH Is clomid the answer??
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  198. Low T at 25
  199. My Husband has very low testosterone and I am scared!!
  200. extremely high estrogen and low test
  201. Low T and androgel not helping anymore help??
  202. Hormone Imbalance???
  203. All My Hormones Are Too Low
  204. High Cortisol but can't find source - pls help
  205. Hormone help!!!
  206. High Estrogen - Please help
  207. Please Help: Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome complications
  208. high testosterone levels in a female :S
  209. Hyperaldosteronism?
  210. Best time of the month to test FSH and other hormones?
  211. Anabolic Testosterone Boosters, Is It Safe To Take ?
  212. saliva hormone/ cortisol test results- help interpret them
  213. Low LH and FSH - Everything else ok?
  214. Cushing's syndrome
  215. Help interpreting hormone test levels
  216. 37 period stopped for 3 months, hot flashes & insomnia
  217. Any MEN gain weight on Arimidex ?
  218. Testosterone Injections
  219. HCG Monotherapy - Self medication journey
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  221. Has anyone tried Amore Vie???
  222. Crazy body - very confused!
  223. High Androstenedione?
  224. Often feel weak; 2 Years now, so many tests, Low T?
  225. birth control pill causing permanent hormonal damage?
  226. Hypothyroidism Mimic?
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  230. Yasmin withdrawal?
  231. bioidentical progesterone
  232. estrogen dominance/ progesterone low
  233. No period, slightly high testosterone
  234. High FSH, No Period, Anemic, RBC, low hemoglobin what could this be?? Please Help!
  235. Low Testosterone 2.6
  236. Years of Suffering... Could This Be It?
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  239. no period
  240. No period estradiol high help!!!
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  243. Androgen dominance and how to change it?
  244. Is It Okay To Take Prometrium?
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  249. Does this look like cushing's?
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