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  1. “Crying it out” link to autism spectrum?
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  4. Addicted
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  12. Asperger's Syndrome
  13. Searching for specific social story series
  14. I could use some advice
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  19. digestive enzymes ~ help
  20. Is This Autism?
  21. Child exposing his privates at school
  22. my autism story
  23. Zebinix
  24. Has anyone medicated their 4 year old for anxiety?
  25. Could my son be on the spectrum?
  26. How does my three year old sound to you?
  27. How is living for an adult with mild autism?
  28. Rice milk
  29. autism whats going on
  30. Speech Delay and Behavioral issues with 4 years old boy
  31. Autistic five year old put on Zolft, HELP
  32. Muscle rigidity and twitching during sleep
  33. Aspergers
  34. Paediatric specialist says my son may have autism
  35. Does he do this because he's autistic, or is this something else?
  36. Help with autism discipline
  37. I don't know what to do
  38. 18 month old Baby diagnosed with Autism
  39. Toddler & Autism Screening
  40. Do I have autism
  41. Autistic tics
  42. Possible 9 mo daughter w autism
  43. autism and aba therapy
  44. PLEASE HELP Severe non verbal
  45. 4 year 9 month old boy diagnosed with autism, language disorder and borderline IQ?
  46. Austism and behavioral problems - Help!
  47. How accurate is IQ score for 4-5 year old?
  48. 4 year 9 month old boy getting tested for autism?
  49. Autism info please
  50. Asd
  51. Sensory oversensitivity
  52. Reading upside down
  53. Risks of pursuing an autism diagnosis?
  54. Hand Stimming?
  55. autistic daughter won't travel with the family
  56. is this Autism?
  57. speech therapist sees red flags
  58. autistic 6 yr old boy: questions for other parents of autistic children.
  59. Non-stop panting in autistic 14 year-old
  60. Autisitc twenty-year-old at a wedding
  61. eating habits
  62. meningococcal meningitis and autism
  63. dealing with puberity with my 16 yrs old son
  64. lost
  65. Namenda for children
  66. Teenage boy, maybe meds, needing help
  67. Siblings of autism and the negative effects
  68. Think I have mild autism?
  69. i HAVE to go to graduation!
  70. Autism Signs?!?!
  71. Nephew on Spectrum? or SPD? His parents in denial :(
  72. my daughter
  73. 12.5 month old daughter not responding to her name.
  74. Autism or Not?
  75. 5 month old -autism signs? How to prevent?
  76. Best Places to live for ASD
  77. Could my 5 yeard old daughter suddenly develop Autism?
  78. New to site:)
  79. Autism or not??
  80. Speech Delay and Behavioral issues with 3.5 years old boy
  81. Has anyone tried NAET treatments for their children's autistic behaviors?
  82. Autistic 10 year old boy...
  83. Tired with no help feel trapped
  84. Autism or something else?
  85. Autism
  86. Autism specialist--is it worth the travel? you think?
  87. 7 year old nephew shows signs of ASD, mom is in denial
  88. autistic or not?
  89. Autistic Son with Recent Frequent Urination
  90. My son is having an autism diagnostic observation
  91. Curious about behaviors in 21 month old
  92. Am I the only honest neurotypical sibling or did I just have a bad experience?
  93. PCA services child w/ autism?
  94. Adult Autism
  95. Landlord with very loud Grandchild
  96. tics or stims
  97. Social isolation
  98. 2year old son autistic symptoms
  99. Is my five year old autistic?
  100. Questions about ASD
  101. I think my nephew may be autistic
  102. Puberty and PDD
  103. 3yr old son diagnosed 'At Risk' for Autism- PDD nos
  104. Haven't seen my autistic son in 18 months!
  105. found new info on why my 11 yr old autistic son has terrible rage at times.
  106. concerns with baby
  107. Is this Autism
  108. Pros/cons of homeschooling autistic son
  109. journey is over
  110. Proud aunt of 4 year nephew with autism
  111. It's Been A Looooong Road. My Autistic Son Is...
  112. 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders
  113. autism and speech dev
  114. Autism & the possibility of children
  115. Just been told my grandson is autistic
  116. looking at signs, developmental issues
  117. My son just diagnosed and feeling lost
  118. Help!!!
  119. Autism at one
  120. Scared my child could be autistic
  121. aggressive and difficult behaviour in 3 year old.
  122. Am I alone?
  123. Am I Autisitc?
  124. high functioning 3 year old speech
  125. 9 year old nephew issues: selfish, no empathy, few friends, poor student
  126. School Issues 7 yr old HELP!!!
  127. Help, does my 6mo old have autism?
  128. Detecting early signs of autism in babies
  129. I am in a dark place and end of my rope
  130. What States are best for ASD and ABA therapy?
  131. 29 month old daughter, autism or speech delays?
  132. Too soon to worry about my son?
  133. 4 Year old, High functioning, Obsession
  134. Step mom of 11 Year Old Autistic Step Daughter needs help!
  135. 11 month old not responding to name
  136. is this hearning loss or autism
  137. Autistic male teenager w/ violent outbursts
  138. Child will not say thank you
  139. Destroying the House
  140. Please help- Could my child be on the spectrum?
  141. Link between HPV and Autism?
  142. children on vyanse that have been diagonsed with Autism spectrum disorder.
  143. Middlefield Residential School - Glasgow
  144. Help, my neighbour is Autistic
  145. could my 32month old be autistic
  146. 27 month old son autistic?
  147. stimming
  148. Obsessed with moving objects
  149. Focalin XR for ASD and ADHD symptoms??
  150. your opinions on vitamins, please.
  151. TMG .vs DMG & dosage questions
  152. In limbo all the time, help.
  153. OTHER kids bothering my son in school
  154. Feel very alone
  155. I am very worried and need help...
  156. Adult Neighbor
  157. Trigeminal Neuralgia for
  158. Could my seven year old son be autistic?
  159. non verbal at age 9
  160. zma for autism or sensory processing disorder
  161. zeolite as a detox method
  162. help is this a sign of autism????
  163. 6 month old not cooing
  164. I am so sad! GFCF troubles
  165. Autism, Aspergers ADHD PDNOS
  166. Can you really go undiagnosed?
  167. Should I be concerned, 18 month daughter and autism
  168. Hand Flapping
  169. Concerned about symptoms in nephew - should I approach mom?
  170. Autism Signs In Baby?
  171. Have you heard of temple grandin?
  172. chlorella ...and cilantro for mercury elimination
  173. Asperges Syndrome. PLEASE. HELP.
  174. is this sign of autism
  175. HELP! I think my boyfriend's son has autism or AS.
  176. PDD or FAS/FAE or Both?
  177. Another autistic child? help
  178. does my 3yr old have signs of being autistic??!!!
  179. Seizures in Autistic Children
  180. 10 month old not talking
  181. I think my 5 yr old niece has autism and nothings been done..help!!
  182. Abilify-Autism-Increased Speech?
  183. Autism and Birth Control Pills
  184. Autistic teen daughter
  185. Audio Sensory Problems
  186. Help me help my son!!
  187. need help
  188. problem with teenaged autistic son
  189. High functioning?
  190. Fecal Smearing
  191. Aspie Mom needs some help with pre-teen
  192. Adult Autism!?
  193. Hello...I'm new...
  194. frantic temper tantrums
  195. My so is 3 and they are telling me he may have some sort of autism please help me!!!
  196. insensitive people
  197. Epsom Salt baths?
  198. Being cold all the time is driving me up the friggin wall!!!!!!
  199. Is there anyone out there who is married to a man who is autistic?
  200. Hand flapping
  201. New mom on the block here.
  202. No friends, mean, brilliant vs stupid
  203. Sudden development of Twitching
  204. Is my daughter autistic??
  205. gfcf diet , how strict does it have to be
  206. My autistic child has developed a nervous tick?
  207. Autism and sexuality
  208. re : catatonia
  209. biting
  210. Autism Help in Arkansas
  211. Is my nephew autistic
  212. autism and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
  213. Question, please help
  214. Autism Muliple Births in Family
  215. can you develop autism?
  216. could my antidepressants during pregnancy cause autism?
  217. how can I prepare my two and a half year old with traces of autism for a new baby?
  218. is my 9 year old autistic?
  219. early signs
  220. Autism vs. ASD
  221. Brain Freeze and Autism
  222. The good son
  223. Does this sound like autism?
  224. New Here- Some Questions
  225. Update on son
  226. Confused about Asberger diagnosis
  227. Voice regulation
  228. long known link with autism
  229. Please Somebody help me before I have a nervous breakdown!
  230. Regional Center , wants to do a in depth..
  231. What Is A Good Sunscreen For A Child With Autism?
  232. Concerned about nephew
  233. three year old won't sleep!!!
  234. Is our little girl autistic or does she just have a sensory issue?
  235. Don't really know the purpose of this thread
  236. does anyone know about fgf2 in mexico ?
  237. Talking to autistic people like a 2 year old
  238. Autism/ Arm flapping.
  239. what could this be? very long // pls help
  240. autism and learning diabilitiy
  241. New Parent - Regressive Autism Questions
  242. Self Harming teenage autistic son
  243. Help! Are these early signs?
  244. Daughter Biting Herself
  245. Son with Autism and chronic thumb Sucking
  246. Haircut Mayhem
  247. Dan Doctors
  248. what can i do for my teen who is autistic and very violent
  249. asd child in mainstream good or bad idea
  250. Defiant Teenager - My Story With Words Of Encouragement