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  1. Stomach pains when stressed?? Please Help
  2. Sigmoid Resection
  3. when i sit down and eat my stomach hurts
  4. still feels like internal swelling months after a hemroidectomy
  5. Proctalgia fugax
  6. Nervous Bowels
  7. Extremely Odiferous Stool
  8. How obvious is an intestinal blockage?
  9. I need serious help for my Constipation
  10. Sphincteroplasty after 4th degree tear
  11. DO I have IBS or something more serious
  12. Advice Re: Fistula Plug Post-Op Care - Gore BIO-A
  13. More bowel problems 4+ months after surgery
  14. Mastocytic Enterocolitis, Rare Disease
  15. Bulg between rectum and cheek-Please comment
  16. Chronic gas pains in my sides
  17. 72 hour (fecal) fat absorption test question
  18. Does a colonoscopy hurt
  19. Need relief!
  20. My Hemorrhoidectomy Story
  21. Yellow Stool Color
  22. How to cure perianal itch from Moisture??
  23. clear like jelly fluid from the rectom
  24. Blood Tinged Mucas with Constipation
  25. Pain in rectum
  26. Help. Blood in Stool and scared.
  27. why do i always have diarrhea after i eat -Jess
  28. Blood on toilet paper w/o pain
  29. This thread, is specifically for those who have fecal body odors, or smell like poop!
  30. Painful hemmoroids
  31. Is this trapped wind?
  32. A lump on the ring of my anus
  33. Lower left pain
  34. Enemas once a week or less...
  35. alternatives to colon resection
  36. anus swollen like a flower
  37. Weak sphincter muscle after fissure repair
  38. Itchy anus...
  39. Help, Closed off tight rectum
  40. hemorrhoidectomy - hole healed too small?
  41. Colonoscopy sucked....
  42. anual pain/pressure
  43. Newly diagnosed and worried
  44. no stool..just blood and slime
  45. Extremely bloated....
  46. It turns out i don't have a hemmerhoid
  47. how long does it take for thrombosed hemorrhoids to go away
  48. Is this enough to seek hemorrhoid surgery?
  49. s thermophilus
  50. Hi, have people tried Guardian Silver Sol, for bowel problems?
  51. abdominal cramping with diarrhea after eating
  52. Increased Serotonin Level and Diarrhea
  53. what are the side effects of anal fissure surgery
  54. All from hemorrhoids?
  55. hemorrhoids and healing
  56. Very Embarrasing Bowel Issue
  57. can't seem to heal my hemorrhoid
  58. Blood in my underwear after I sleep / weird smell.
  59. Colon Resection
  60. Burps that smell like gas
  61. constipation and calcium supplements
  62. Almost passed out after diarrhea attack
  63. how can i lance a hemorrhoid
  64. chronic diarrhea following jejunum resection
  65. bowel resection surgery
  66. bowel changes...always gassy, never "clean"
  67. Problem with initially hard stool: Need advice/suggestions
  68. Colonoscopy prep will cause a flare-up
  69. chills/fever after colonoscopy
  70. No stool, just mucus(?), help please
  71. Mucus coming from anus?
  72. Red-flecked stool
  73. constipation incomplete evacuation
  74. Collagenous colitis
  75. Sick and tired of being constipated and bloated..
  76. Why would doc remove hemorrhoids but not enlarged papillae?
  77. Is it a fistula if it's not draining?
  78. Fever & wondering what the heck is up with this?
  79. Versed/Fentanyl or propofol for colonoscopy?
  80. Life after Spincteroplasty???
  81. several bowel movements a day and gaining weight
  82. Klean Prep for colonoscopy tomorrow
  83. Chronic Anal Fissure - Healed after surgery, but still have pain all the time? Help!
  84. Is this really an anal fissure?
  85. how long does it take a bowel perforation to heal?
  86. A lump inside my colon, Freaking Out
  87. Thrombosed hemorrhoid
  88. Comments and questions about hemorrhoids
  89. incomplete bowel movements
  90. I wouldn't wish this on anyone
  91. Need Opinions and Advice on Ultroid
  92. Four months Post Hemorrhoidectomy-need advice/support
  93. large knot outside of rectum.
  94. Please Please Help........
  95. Fed Up Of Being Constipated!!!!
  96. son has extremely huge bowel movements
  97. son has extremely huge bowel movements
  98. Bowel prolapse surgery (STARR)
  99. bouts of diarrhea
  100. Bowel resection with no awful bowel prep!
  101. Few and small bowel movements. Weak bowel?
  102. Painful Bloody BMs, Achiness, Fever
  103. bowel -resection and one yr later new diverticulitis
  104. Constipation after weight loss.
  105. how long do i have to wait to exercise after a complete colectomy
  106. LIS surgery
  107. it hurts when i poop
  108. Can you tell me what I can expect during and after a fiisurotomy
  109. External Thrombisis... lanced yet clot keeps returning
  110. do you need to treat scattered diverticula?
  111. How can I bulk up my Stools
  112. 2 Weeks Constipated - No Health Insurance!
  113. Sigmoid resection vs. Suture rectopexy
  114. fecal incontentence
  115. stomach discomforts/strange stools
  116. Need Help with Severe Constipation!!!
  117. diagnosed with rectal intrussusception about 8 months ago
  118. Poss colostomy terrified.
  119. informed that I need a STARR procedure
  120. thrombosed external hemorrhoid... Should I see doctor?
  121. I had a Fissurectomy...
  122. Itchy Anus
  123. symptoms following appendectomy
  124. Colectomy Complications, Fistula developed, ileostomy now needed temporarily
  125. what will stop anal fissure pain?
  126. Need help fixing anal itch / soreness / little bleed
  127. why do i have constant diarrhea and blood in my stool
  128. help me heal my colon
  129. Rectal Wall Sprain?
  130. Thin/Small Stools Problem
  131. Bowel Problems
  132. had surgery for rectal prolapse post op problems please help!!!!!!!!!
  133. constipation: feeling of obstruction
  134. 6 days constipated
  135. 4 months of stomach issues... HELP PLEASE!!!!
  136. My experience with Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS) for my Chronic Anal Fissure
  137. how to prevent nausea after colonoscopy
  138. Bowel disorder::: No sex drive, appetite, constipation?? Helppp pleasee
  139. He spends a long time in the bathroom
  140. UC/Papilla/Fissures Discussion
  141. anal fissure and hemmorrhoids
  142. extended/swollen stomach,weight gain
  143. Foul Smelling Gas & Stool from Cough Drops
  144. Abnormal Blood Results/Feelings Post Colonoscopy
  145. smelling bad, why?
  146. Pain in lower left abdomen
  147. ERCP question post procedure
  148. Colonoscopy after Diverticulitis
  149. abdominal discomfort lower left
  150. Hemmoroid Burst Now What?????
  151. What is meant by "intermittent bleeding?"
  152. Is it really Ibs, anxiety or too much fiber
  153. New Here!! LONG Introduction and weight loss question!!
  154. Colon Removal - Need Info
  155. My surgeon recommends that I not undergo surgery
  156. please help running out of options and scared
  157. Why would abdomen be tender to touch after 6 months after colon surgery
  158. have colonic inertia and an outlet obstruction
  159. tenderness in left side of abdomen
  160. New to the board, I believe I have a fissure (and possibly other problems)
  161. Can a bidet be used for a sitz bath.
  162. Triphala long term use for constipation
  163. Sharp Upper left abdomen pain on deep breathing
  164. Red Chunks In Poop
  165. it hurts when i need to poo
  166. No surgery, no pain, no scaring
  167. What exercise is safe with diverticulosis?
  168. Newly diagnosed with Diverticulosis
  169. what causes my rectal area to make grumbling noises
  170. life-altering bowel problems
  171. Post colonoscopy question
  172. Gas/food problems after bowel resection
  173. diarrhea problem
  174. sphincterotomy yesterday.. fissures.. internal hemmeroids *good experience*
  175. Cannot empty my bowel completely
  176. anyone else ever dealt with "superficial cuts"?
  177. Has anyone ever had the "Acticon" Neosphincter Procedure?
  178. can psyllium and docusate be taken together
  179. Colonoscopy Kid
  180. other treatment/surgery options for a colostomy
  181. fainting on toilet after trying to move bowels
  182. i fainted while trying to move my bowels what happened
  183. Diverticulitis and ongoing back pain
  184. Bowel symptoms making my life a misery, please can somebody help?
  185. diarrhea, recurrent fever after eating, bloating and pain
  186. Temperature changes = diarrhea
  187. A worm just came out
  188. smaller hole
  189. Enlarged Papillae..I think
  190. Itchy Butthole and Stringy White Stuff in Stool
  191. Took a laxative, now i can't go?
  192. My Bowels have stopped working.
  193. Hollister filter leak?
  194. epiploic appendagitis
  195. Weak Sphincter Muscle After Hemmorhoidectomy?
  196. My fissurectomy and lateral internal sphyncterotomy
  197. stomach problems.
  198. what foods are good against gas....
  199. What is Colonoscopy REALLY like? Many Questions...
  200. Constipation and strange bowel movements
  201. Anal Discharge after Hemmroidectomy
  202. Reintroducing Food after UC Flare UP
  203. when reintroducing foods after a us flare- which to try first
  204. rectal moisture and leakage
  205. why do i have diarrhea every weekend
  206. Change in toilet timings?
  207. Link between hemorrhoids and anxiety?
  208. My Hemorrhoid story
  209. Abdominal pain, burning in groin area. Whats wrong?
  210. week out of having abdominal/lapriscopic assist surgery
  211. Raw, sore, throbbing inside rectum - need support
  212. Soft pasty stools
  213. streaks, reply asap please
  214. what causes bleeding 1 week after a colonoscopy
  215. Do you think a sigmoidoscopy is necessary?????
  216. Abandoned Colonoscopy?
  217. Dull ache/light pain on my right hand side
  218. Tortuous Colon
  219. proctozone-hc 2.5
  220. Fissurectomy wound NOT healed after 4 months
  221. Is it normal to pass gas through vagina after sphincteroplasty/fistula repair?
  222. Bowel Resection Scheduled Surgery
  223. What could this be Cecum wall thickening? Concerned 24yr old...
  224. Rectogesic
  225. BM only after coffee?
  226. Hemorrhoidectomy post-op care
  227. Long term fatigue w/Bowel Resection
  228. Hemorrhoids or Cancer? Extremely worried
  229. Hemorrhoids and Fissure Surgery
  230. Weird bowel issue
  231. tortuous colon
  232. Hemorrhoidectomy and Pregnancy
  233. sore rectum inside
  234. Internal Hemorrhoid?
  235. Blood and Mucus in Stool
  236. Ever hear of the miralax bowel prep?
  237. Blood and Mucus in stool...worried
  238. Does anyone have or know of anyone with an artificial anal sphincter?
  239. Twisted bowels - this one is complicated
  240. No BM 2 weeks after Endo/Colonoscopy
  241. Constant diarrhea and stomach pains
  242. Pain After Bowel Movement & Itchy Anus
  243. Any info: open colon resection and small intestine obstruction recovery
  244. How long do internal hemorrhoids last?
  245. does anybody use dicyclomine for IBS
  246. Large Intestine
  247. Negative FOBT...still seeing GI specialist??
  248. Stool softeners?
  249. Colonoscopy Prep
  250. C diff- flagyl worked now bloody stool