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  1. Male Nipple Drainage and pain to touch
  2. How was your BC diagnosed?
  3. Letrozole
  4. Back pain after mastectomy
  5. DIM and calcium D-glucarate supplements
  6. Dense Breast
  7. mamo
  8. Breast cancer again
  9. Breast biopsy
  10. Palpable Abnormality in Breast Implant
  11. Scared; IBC?
  12. Slight pain above nipple when pressed
  13. Post op mastectomy questions
  14. "Focal Asymmetry"
  15. Could this be genetic?
  16. Growth on tip of nipple
  17. So worried
  18. Elevated ALP levels of 157
  19. Entering unknown territory
  20. First mammogram.
  21. Is this fibrocystic breast pain?
  22. advice for skin protection during radiation for breast cancer
  23. Had my Stereotactic Biopsy on Friday.
  24. Worried about mom
  25. Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor
  26. Complex Cystic Mass & Breast Biopsy
  27. Help for Someone Else
  28. Update from my last thread. Architectural Distortion.
  29. Pain in left breast
  30. Male breast pain and lump
  31. Not Diagnosed ... Just have questions.
  32. Pain & small lump
  33. Lump found, inverted nipple. Son already has cancer
  34. Breast cancer appointment
  35. Macrolobulation Birads 4
  36. Two Positive Mammogram's, Third One Negative, Two positive Ultrasounds
  37. intrammary lymph node
  38. Worried about Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  39. biopsy and scared to death
  40. breast lumps
  41. Lupron shot
  42. Frightend!
  43. Underarm lump
  44. Pain On Sides Of Torso?
  45. Double Mastectomy or single
  46. breast lump- ultrasound scheduled 2 weeks. Should I wait?
  47. Weird blister type sore on breast?????
  48. Prophylactic mastectomy
  49. Pain in Right Breast
  50. lumb on right breast and enlarged left clavicle lymph node
  51. Breast Cancer and Sculptra is there a link?
  52. Breast and back pain?
  53. Shooting Pain Under Left Breast
  54. Pain in breast when pressed
  55. Positive mammogram but negative ultrasound
  56. Pain in left chest with lump cluster.
  57. dimpling?
  58. Pain in breast
  59. Possible Paget's Disease of Breast
  60. Red, hard, painful, sudden appearance lump in male breast
  61. Nonpuerperal breast infection with no "wound", possibly IBC, HELP!
  62. Breast pain and scared, please help!
  63. Please help severe health anxiety 20 years old
  64. Pls pls someone help I think I have Paget's
  65. Success: my breast lumps are shrinking
  66. Please help me, breast lump just had biopsy and scared to death!
  67. Lump grew to 6 cm in a month.
  68. Atypical Hyperplasia
  69. Ultrasound on lump
  70. mammogram recall
  71. asymmetry
  72. Post mastectomy pain syndrome
  73. breast cancer
  74. Tamoxifen
  75. Testing and waiting.
  76. Should I see GP
  77. underarm swelling, no pain no lump
  78. Abnormal test results ... advice please on CT vs PET scan
  79. Breast cancer - her2- help- anyone use pertuzumab
  80. Breast Cancer or Benign Scare?????
  81. Worried
  82. Bleeding nipple on Right Breast with Suspicious Tumor
  83. can you have a breast ultrasound even if a diagnostic mammogram doesn't show anything
  84. complicated breast cysts , mammogram in 6 months ?
  85. waiting for core needle biopsy results
  86. mammogram , ultrasound, biopsy ? should I ask for second opinion before the biopsy ?
  87. 20 year old, hard mass and jelly bean size lump
  88. Just been diagnosed but got rash on one breast and worried
  89. Painful breasts! Left one worse! Pls help!!
  90. Excisional Biopsy Friday ... Questions!
  91. 20 year old daughter with breast lump - changing shape?
  92. suspicious mass
  93. Breast Cancer Cells and Fluid in Lungs
  94. Lumpectomy
  95. Taking Arimidex?
  96. im new here and scared
  97. pleophoric breast calcifications... bi-RAD catagory 5 wat does this mean?
  98. Microcalcification and Elevated CA-15-3
  99. Lump in the breast
  100. Biopsy revealed more microcalcs
  101. Dilated milk ducts? & CONFUSED/CONCERNED - PLEASE HELP!!I
  102. Terrified IBC - red blotch
  103. Inverted nipples ... Maybe cancer ... Scared, worried
  104. Mastitis?
  105. 5 millimeter density?
  106. I think my cancer is back
  107. Breasts full full/lumpy
  108. breast concerns
  109. Open Biopsy
  110. in pain and scared
  111. Possible Paget's Disease
  112. I am REALLY scared...can someone please help???
  113. cluster of micro calcifications in breast
  114. Skin lotion for radiation therapy
  115. Bi-rads
  116. MRI & Mammogram?
  117. Atypical ductal Hyperplasia
  118. benign biopsy and lumpectomy???
  119. Phyllodes Tumor Removal
  120. Male with a lump in breast
  121. Stage 1 breast cancer
  122. Mammography vs Tomosynthesis
  123. breast cancer hormonal treatments
  124. Wire Localization ?
  125. Moving Fast abnormal mammo
  126. Large Breast Lump, but negative mammogram and ultrasound
  127. Black Vomiting
  128. Could this be breast cancer?
  129. Did you have pain in your armpit before diagnosis?
  130. Annual mammograms necessary?
  131. Strange looking white growth on my nipple
  132. dense breasts. cancer can hide there
  133. Repeat mamogram
  134. swollen, painful breast with lump
  135. Reassurance needed really: dimple
  136. abnormal mammogram
  137. very worried
  138. Raloxifine Question
  139. nipple discharge, should I be worried?
  140. What is all this strangeness going on!!
  141. 38 year old thyroid cancer survivor; but have a question on breast cancer
  142. New to site and worried.
  143. Breast lump
  144. Worth mentioning?
  145. Superficial small nodule in left breast.
  146. I know, don't get anxious
  147. Should I be concerned?
  148. 72 year old Taking Tamoxifen after not tolerating Femara
  149. Need a second mammogram
  150. Bleeding from Nipple
  151. High Risk?
  152. Mammogran changes - breast cancer
  153. is it worth the worry?
  154. Please help! Question about breast pain. Really scared
  155. Can anyone help me understand the results of my US
  156. Hellp! Results... I'm confused.
  157. Help please. Scared after Mammo
  158. Type of Chemo for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  159. Mastectomy or Tamoxifin
  160. Need advice on breast cancer; 18 y/o
  161. Do I need a second opinion?
  162. My Story and choices
  163. Oral Drugs That Have Worked
  164. small, painful lump found in right breast
  165. bloody nipple discharge
  166. Lump and dense breasts
  167. breast cancer five year pill
  168. Full of questions after my first mammo
  169. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms?
  170. Scared about lump in breast. Could anyone give me more information?
  171. Scared that bruises might be breast cancer
  172. ?? on biopsy
  173. Feeling of led down milk, not pregnant, 47 years old
  174. Pea size lump on breast
  175. Exercise after Core needle biopsy?
  176. Scared to Death
  177. Breast discharge
  178. Focal Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
  179. asymmetry
  180. What can an MRI see that mammo and U/S cant?
  181. architectural distortion
  182. Scared awaiting Biopsy
  183. atypical cells
  184. armpit lump!
  185. could use some input on this pain im having.
  186. 3d mammogram
  187. Hard, painful lump on armpit
  188. Sore breasts - Terrified young lady indeed.
  189. Suffering from lymphodemia
  190. Armpit lump?
  191. Post-Chemo Pain and Other Questions
  192. Microcalcifications Need Magnified View
  193. Scaly, oozing rash on areola that won't go away...
  194. confused about diagnosis and suggested treatment
  195. mammogram focal asymmetrics
  196. Super painful cysts
  197. Rash around nipples/On shoulder and back
  198. New and worried
  199. Very Scared. Dr said I have a breast cyst. Sending for more tests.
  200. I'm scared that I might have breast cancer
  201. Breast concerns(new to me)
  202. Concerned!!! Input please
  203. Breast Problem Concerns
  204. History of breast calcifications and cyst
  205. Paget Disease????
  206. Breast cancer.
  207. Breast Cancer
  208. waiting on breast biopsy results
  209. Should I be worried? (Papilloma/Microcalcifications post-excision)
  210. Hookwire Procedure and the operation same day
  211. lump on my right breast
  212. left ancillary mass
  213. Pain in The right breast
  214. Is this normal after breast surgery?
  215. scared, fast tracked today
  216. Chemeotherapy for breast cancer
  217. Needle Biopsy or Wait 6 Months?
  218. large lump and urgent referral... only 29?!
  219. New here with some strange symptoms...
  220. PET Scan Question
  221. Suspicious breast calcifications
  222. Mammograms
  223. Scared, trying not to worry
  224. IBC-is pain constant or on and off ? dull, sharp ?
  225. Mammogram question - shingles
  226. Symptoms of BC, mamo scheduled, still curious...
  227. Could this be cancer????
  228. Concerns of breast ultrasound - some advice plz!!
  229. prominent areolar duct? scared
  230. Recently Tested Positive for BRCA1
  231. Breast Skin Feels Paper thin--Help
  232. Found a lump near the nipple of left breast.
  233. inverted nipple!!!
  234. upper left back pain and found lump unders skin in armpit
  235. Painful lumo under nipple
  236. Two Partially Obscured Densities Visualized
  237. breast cyst
  238. 27yrs old: grape size lump: breastfeeding
  239. coping well after my matectomy!!!
  240. Cancer treatment costs - Singapore and India
  241. Breast Lump and Pain around lower back and ribs
  242. nipple discharge
  243. Further testing after Mammogram
  244. Left armpit and breast swollen and painful
  245. Help with Breast Ultrasound
  246. A lump under my right armpit
  247. nearly time for my mastectomy
  248. Breast Fibroids after menopause??
  249. Bloody nipple discharge
  250. Abnormal ultrasound