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  1. numbness in feet lower left leg and right hip area
  2. tingling sensation on head like bugs under skin
  3. Sural nerve biopsy
  4. To all those with vertigo/loss of balance/dizziness
  5. Sharp burning facial pain (forehead, eyes, brows, ear pain , back of neck) for months
  6. I'm newly diagnosed w/Hydrocephalus, and...
  7. Brain MRI - why decide to add contrast?
  8. What could be going on?
  9. Having constant drunk feeling for last year
  10. mra brain report says i have foci what does it mean?
  11. What condition would alway make you want to curl your wrists inwards (volar flexion)?
  12. Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)
  13. What is wrong with me? Neurological problem? Some kind of disease?
  14. Lipoma along anterior falx
  15. CT Scan Results - Translation?
  16. pain - fingers to shoulder blade
  17. Twitching after campylobacter infection
  18. Left Side of Body feels more pain than right half
  19. facial nerve damage due to chemical burns?
  20. Sunflower Syndrome
  21. MRI Results of Cervical Spine and Surgery Advice Needed
  22. No Answers After 6 Years - Left Sided Weakness
  23. Lots of Symptoms- But No Answers
  24. I really Need Help Here - Comprehensive List of Symptoms
  25. cervical myelopathy.
  26. Tremor in muscles when tensed, everywhere seems to be affected, please help
  27. Thumb moving involuntarily
  28. Dizziness, Fatigue, Weakness.
  29. Fractured C7 Vertebrae / broken neck
  30. Odd warm/burning sensation on the right side of my face?
  31. Nerve pain, back pain, leg pain, arm pain, forearm pain, headaches= oy vey!!
  32. Possible cure for burning man syndrome
  33. MRI: Cervical Radiculitis
  34. Understanding Myelogram
  35. brain cyst
  36. weakness / confusion after stomach "flu". When to see a neurologist..?
  37. Help With MRI Result?
  38. Herniated C6 disc. Anyone have these symptoms?
  39. index finger to thumb test...
  40. VP shunt revision cost
  41. Odd Symptoms
  42. Peroneal nerve injury
  43. Fat deposit? On my brain??
  44. Bad vision disorders (visual snow, flickering)
  45. interpreting MRI results
  46. need someone to tell me what my brain mri means
  47. Nerve pain following a car accident
  48. Suffer from Neurodermatitis..nerve ending damage?
  49. Started with a swollen hand...
  50. concussion
  51. Neurological problems with vision?
  52. neuro ordered emg,normal but no response what?
  53. Frustrated with "normal" results
  54. Drunk Feeling
  55. Burning itching feeling in legs, any ideas?
  56. MRI findings
  57. EMG Test During & After
  58. constant dizziness and blackouts?...
  59. Need Help Understanding....Please
  60. MRA tomorrow, negative CT and brain MRI
  61. Throbbing pain in my head? Is it a tumor?
  62. How long until neurology appointment???
  63. Ear problems causing neurological problems?
  64. NeuroInflammation..possible Neuro Auto Immune Disease..any advice?
  65. Not sure if this is Neurological or not but Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations
  66. neck, shoulder blade area and right arm pain
  67. Burning left sided chest pain/stomach pain
  68. Nerve entrapment
  69. Aneurysm
  70. Crushed my index finger; now numb
  71. Crawling sensations
  72. Leg twitches at night suspected nerve damage
  73. Dolichoectasia of the basilar artery?
  74. It feels like my ankle is cold but it isn't.
  75. HELP! Strange Symptoms!
  76. eye twitch and mood swings
  77. Never been so scared :(
  78. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  79. Dull pain in left side of my head.
  80. left eye twitch along with small muscle spasms and headache
  81. Feeling like passing out in my sleep and internal head shakes
  82. im so scared. whats wrong with me?
  83. Pressure behind ears after neck is stretched
  84. Neurology symptoms?
  85. What could this be?
  86. Nerve Block Complication?
  87. numbness/loss of feeling in pinky
  88. MRI Results
  89. Re buttocks feeling cold, rectum feeling full, for no reason
  90. Tingling around menstrual periods
  91. Cervical disc degeneration causing pins & needles all over??
  92. Pressure in right side of head.
  93. Not sure what is going on with me...
  94. Please, I just want answers...
  95. CT results -need help
  96. Peripheral Neuropathy
  97. will breast MRI show nerve problem in the breast?
  98. very scared, losing vision and use of hands - Please help!
  99. White Spots on an MRI???
  100. What are the Chances of Getting Huntington's disease?
  101. Please Help any info appreciated...
  102. 3rd Nerve Palsy 33 year old Female
  103. Severe Tingling Sensation worsening over time.
  104. i am convinced that i have ms but neurologist doesn't believe me
  105. Need a Lyme aware Neurologist in CA
  106. Has anyone seen a neurologist for thyroid problems
  107. Orthopedic surgeon or neurologist?
  108. multiple symptoms no answers from 2x gynaes&a neurologist
  109. what do i do when neurologist says no evidence of abnormality on tests?
  110. Neurologist & Anxiety?
  111. Lyme-literate Neurologist in San Francisco area
  112. Does anyone know of any good Neurology Clinics/Neurologists in the UK/N.Ireland?
  113. What the Neurologist said. Please read
  114. Can neurologist help nerve pain?
  115. Frustrated with neurologist
  116. can a neurologist help someone with bi-polar
  117. Sinuses: ENT vs. Neurologist
  118. Unfriendly neurologist office
  119. Pain Management for PHN - Neurologist? Accupuncture:
  120. What does a neurologist do? What do you think is wrong?
  121. Neurologist or Orthopedic ???
  122. Should I go see a neurologists?
  123. Saw my Neurologist in NYC - new tests ordered...
  124. Neurology referral
  125. Has anyone seen Dr. K (Lyme literate Neurologist) in CT?
  126. Update on today's app with Neurologist
  127. What questions should I ask my neurologist tomorrow?
  128. I saw the new neurologist today (I am 1 yr post ACDF C5-6)
  129. Appt. with neurologist next week. What should I expect?
  130. Seeing the Neurologist Tomorrow, What Should I Expect?
  131. Rheumatologist vs. Neurologist?
  132. Neurologist or Neurosurgeon???
  133. My Neurologist Appointment Today
  134. What Should I Expect At Neurologist Appt.?
  135. Went to neurologist and he wanted to rule out MS... now EMGs..
  136. chiropractic neurologist experience
  137. Cost to go to a Neurologist?
  138. 7 month old with hypertonia, waiting to see neurologist
  139. Seeing a Neurologist Next Week... What do you think?
  140. First Neurologist appt
  141. What is an Optical Neurologist?
  142. Neurologist For Nerve Entrapment In Foot
  143. Have 2 problems... Neurologist and SSI
  144. Should I see a Neurologist
  145. Neurologist & Nerve Entrapments
  146. Neurology & ENG
  147. Should I trust my Neurologist?
  148. neurologist humor
  149. Son w/headaches- go to ent or neurologist?
  150. Neurologist for back pain
  151. my appointment with neurology on friday
  152. Here's what my neurologist said...
  153. Neurologist vs Neurosurgeon?
  154. Neurologist vs Rheumatologist
  155. MRSA & Neurology
  156. Hep please: PM doc now wants me to see a neurologist!
  157. Podiatrist vs Neurologist
  158. neurologist won't help what do I do
  159. My recent world of MS (description of symptoms) BAD NEUROLOGIST
  160. Should I see a Neurotologist or Neurologist for foggy brain and loss of balance?
  161. Top neurologist doubts I have a neurological problem - so what is it, then?
  162. Raspberries for my Neurologist! Boo Hissssss!
  163. I dunno is Neurology is the way to go... Help Please!
  164. Neurologist for disc problems
  165. Why do I still have to see a neurologist?
  166. Neurologist wants to implant a Nerve Root Stimulator... Anyone Familiar???
  167. Searching for a Neurologist
  168. What do they do at your first neurologist appt.?
  169. 10 yr old son's left eye turns out. Opthamologist referred to Neurologist...
  170. orthopedic doc or neurologist ???
  171. Will a Neurologist RX Oxycontin?
  172. NEUROLOGIST-What to expect?
  173. Seem to have REM Behavior Disorder, Neurologist put me on Mirapex
  174. Neurologist, What to expect?
  175. How to make the best of my appointment with a Neurologist?
  176. Saw Neurologist and ENT today!
  177. First visit to the neurologist; trying to make a diagnosis.
  178. what to ask a neurologist
  179. seeing the neurologist friday-scared
  180. Rheumatologist vs Neurologist
  181. Next stop Neurologist!
  182. Neurologists refuses to give me nerve blocks!
  183. Neurologists (QUACKS OR NOT)
  184. Update...Neurologist Background Info
  185. Neurologist says no, body says yes.
  186. Has anyone thought of going to a neurologist?
  187. epileptologist vs. neurologists
  188. Neurologist, Orthopedist or Rheumatologist?