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  1. Ground glass opacity, enlarged lymph nodes after multiple pulmonary emboli
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  21. Lung Back Pain
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  26. Extensive Stage 4 SCLC & Keytruda Trial
  27. asbestos
  28. lung cancer
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  31. 3mm Nodule
  32. Just need answers
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  35. Curious symptom
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  46. Worried about lung cancer.
  47. 21 yr old - Thorasic lobectomy
  48. Looking for guidance
  49. Stage 4 lung cancer....
  50. Lung nodule found on X-ray when I had pneumonia 9 months later chest ct and no nodule
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  53. adenocarcinoma unexplained vomiting
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  57. Hello!
  58. New Member
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  61. Lung cancer?
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  65. 18 months since my CT scan
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  69. 26 and terrified
  70. Ct scan results
  71. I have lung cancer and gerd
  72. Lung cancer
  73. Pain upon heavy breath and other, going on 3 wks. Scared.
  74. Subplueral nodule
  75. Mesothelioma from brake dust?
  76. really scared i have lung cancer
  77. Burning pain in back and arm
  78. They gave my mom 6-8 weeks
  79. 15mm nodule
  80. Thorocotomy w/Lung Lobectomy
  81. Can an 18 year old have pancoast tumor symptoms?
  82. Just got dx... advice on telling people?
  83. Help! Please!
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  86. lung cancer
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  91. Pleural effusion
  92. 25 years old and scared that I have lung cancer
  93. Need some input from others
  94. Symptoms that got you to the doctor
  95. Weight loss
  96. trying to rule it out
  97. just learned I have metastasized lung cancer
  98. Help! Lung Nodule Question!!
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  100. Knot/bump on breast(male) photo. Any indication of cancer?
  101. 6.7 cm mass found on RT lung
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  103. 29y old nonsmoker concerned.
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  105. Extended Coughing?
  106. Lung cancer and back pain
  107. ct scan on neck and chest !
  108. Do I Trust The Dr?
  109. Shadow on Chest X Ray...
  110. Very Scared
  111. Ground Glass Opacity
  112. Running long distances with lung cancer??
  113. Left side chest and back relatively mild persistent pain
  114. Stage 4 lung cancer
  115. lobulated and ground glass nodules...
  116. Mum has lung cancer
  117. PET finding
  118. Lung Cancer : SCARED
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  133. Dad is in early stages of investigation
  134. I am so scared
  135. lingular infiltrate? - worried beyond belief
  136. Any advice?
  137. Asking an opinion
  138. Esr, crp , ldh
  139. Im 25, Smoke 1pk per day, could this be lung cancer? Please Help
  140. Re: The early (or later) signs of Lung Cancer
  141. recovery from lobectomy
  142. 9mm non-calcified nodule with irregular edges.
  143. worried lung cancer survivor
  144. Small Cell Lung Cancer
  145. test results
  146. Lung Cancer Questions
  147. Bronchoscopy and PET Scan negative
  148. after lobectom /sleeping problem/shortness of breath
  149. BMX for esophagitis
  150. BMX treatment for esophagitis
  151. Lung nodules
  152. Lung Nodule on Abdominal CT
  153. Doctor found a nodule sending me for CT scan - very scared
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  155. will I die at 25 years of age from Lung Cancer?
  156. 11 mm nodule on lung
  157. Stage 3B NSCLC and chemo
  158. shadow on chest xray
  159. Hi Im new here
  160. Change in size of nodule...scared to death
  161. just got x-ray report back
  162. Afraid.
  163. My dad is dying with lung cancer and being a jerk
  164. This is REALLY bad isn't it...?????
  165. Lung Nodule 3mm with other symptons
  166. Lung Nodules
  167. Stage IV - inoperable...Really???
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  169. stage 3b mediastinal/hilar adenocarcinoma
  170. How long for my Dad?
  171. ISO Lung Cancer MD in Eastern North Carolina
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  173. fuzzy spot on lung
  174. Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer-- Dad , age 50
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  179. Lung cancer spread to liver
  180. clinical trial
  181. Clothes after a lobectomy
  182. Extensive SCLC
  183. Excess mucus and other symptoms
  184. Timing of telling friends and family about cancer diagnois
  185. Diagnosed before Bronchoscopy??
  186. do i have lung cancer
  187. P.E.T. question
  188. Should I stop pursuing?
  189. I need some advice on how to cope with losing my mother to stage4 cancer that mets to
  190. not a questionn.. a statement
  191. stage 4 adenocarcinoma non small cell lung cancer
  192. solitary lung nodule per lung
  193. Stage IV Lung Cancer 3 1/2 years fighting
  194. lung nodules Pet Scan scheduled
  195. could this be cancer?
  196. behind my heart
  197. Any info on atypical adenomatous hyperplasia
  198. Abnormal chest X-ray
  199. When will surgical pain abate?
  200. Lungs 50% damaged.. Please help understand it
  201. Bronchoscopy... Scared
  202. 11mm nodule on ct scan w/ contrast
  203. 8mm nodule..
  204. Cancer scare How do you make a decision?????
  205. Should I wait 3 months for a new ct scan
  206. Diagnosed With Cancer (Lungs and Liver)
  207. Can a tumor in the lung be hidden in scar tissue
  208. My father was admitted to hospital on jan 7th
  209. cancer in the lining of the brain
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  212. Scattered Nodules, Lesions, and Fissure..non-smoker
  213. Lung Nodules...
  214. 2 cm nodule
  215. CT Scan rtn with 2 nogles 7cm
  216. Mixed small cell large cell cancer
  217. How were you diagnosed?
  218. Small Cell Lung Cancer
  219. Lung Cancer - Chemo Brain - Alzheimer's Symptoms
  220. soft non calcified nodule
  221. 7mm irregular nodule in lung
  222. what is a non-calcified mass?
  223. Lung nodule: should I have for 1 year or have the CT sooner
  224. cancer or not
  225. Not happy to be here!!!!
  226. Questions - Is this Stage IV and what does it mean?
  227. Wrong Diagnoses. Now 24/7 on oxygen barely basic life
  228. Will someone PLEASE give me some feedback?? Im pretty shaken up.
  229. 2mm grew into 3mm spot on lung
  230. Question on Carcinoid Syndrome
  231. tumor next to aorta, surgery.. maybe?
  232. nsclc stage 4, side effects of chemo and radiation
  233. Solitary pulmonary nodule
  234. Calcified nudle in my upper lobe
  235. Lung cancer treatment and hearing loss.
  236. Left Side/Shoulder, etc.........
  237. how fast does lung cancer spread un treated
  238. Expectations ??
  239. indeterminate nodule
  240. Lung Nodule Cancer?
  241. paraneoplastic syndrome
  242. what does lung pain/cancer feel like
  243. Mycoplasma pneumonia, now lung nodules and ongoing fever/night sweats
  244. Employee with lung cancer
  245. Lung nodule... why not just remove them..
  246. my mom going for a bonchular scope
  247. lung concern, re: harmful dust
  248. lung cancer and blue tongue and lips
  249. Pea size infiltrate on CT scan
  250. How can this happen SO FAST???