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  4. Numbness
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  6. memory loss
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  15. Under eye circles
  16. Tickly feeling under my left eye someone explain this??
  17. What has worked for me!
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  21. 3rd time with BP
  22. My protocol and results so far
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  25. Just diagnosed with Bell's palsy
  26. Everyone thinks i'm crazy
  27. bells palsy in 5year old daughter????
  28. eye ointment for bell's palsy
  29. BYSTOLIC Numbness
  30. Bell's Palsy on 1/7/15 after Shingles Vaccine on 12/5/14
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  35. Dentists can cause nerve damage, and inflammation
  36. Bells Palsy Second Time
  37. Use a neurotologist for Bell's Palsy
  38. Steroid use delayed Bell's Palsy recovery?
  39. care package ideas for my friend with bp, PLEASE HELP!
  40. Has or Had Bell's Palsy??? PLS HELP!
  41. Bell's Palsy and Lymes Disease-Bells wk 7
  42. Tingling, stingling sensation on one side of face
  43. Is Eye Twitching Important?
  44. Face Tickles
  45. Bells Palsy
  46. 2 months with Bells Palsy - Question
  47. Symtoms Digressing?
  48. Bell's Palsy
  49. Bells palsey
  50. related to copper deficiency?
  51. bell's palsy - congenital absence of right facial nerve
  52. slanted mouth from Bell's Palsy?
  53. had Bells 19 years ago...but!
  54. Bell's Palsy and Vertigo
  55. Possibly borreliosis...
  56. second time with Bells Palsy
  57. BP related to swollen lymph node on the same side?
  58. My left cheek is tingling, cool, and feels like it has tears rolling down it.
  59. One month so far
  60. help me for bells palsy
  61. teena
  62. bells palsy --post facial twitching?
  63. my bell's palsy story
  64. Bells Palsy
  65. Bell's Palsy: 6 months in
  66. tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried
  67. Severe headache after BP diagnosis
  68. Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 11 days ago
  69. Can this be Bell's Palsy?
  70. tsh test
  71. Bells palsy shock
  72. Pain above left ear when I turn my head
  73. Corrective surgery for Bell's Palsy?
  74. Swollen Neck, TMJ?
  75. Bell's Palsy and sore tongue
  76. Bell's Palsy with Vertigo and Aches and Pains.
  77. Stroke and Palsy
  78. facial numbness
  79. Connection between thrush and Ball's Palsy.
  80. mom was diagnosed with Superficial Siderosis
  81. Nerve damage?
  82. Newly Diagnosed
  83. Period
  84. bells palsy/Dental
  85. Sister Developed Bell's Palsy After Delivery
  86. 4th time lucky...
  87. Facial pain/numbness
  88. blurred vision in left eye headaches slight numbness now and again
  89. diagnosed today...
  90. Lost in Limbo, new poster not sure what is happening to me.
  91. can lymes cause eye problems?
  92. Altered sensations...is this part of the MS ordeal?
  93. Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help
  94. Idiopathic Nausea
  95. Oxcarbazepine meds question...
  96. Facial Numbness - Right Side Only :(
  97. 10 yrs later and still sick
  98. Graves and Anti-thyroid meds
  99. Scared...Please help me.
  100. Problems from Bystolic
  101. smiling uncontrolably for no reason
  102. Tingling in the face????
  103. Any idea what this is / how I can fix it?
  104. Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
  105. Pls help! Does this sound like Fibro?
  106. need advice,going nuts,
  107. Bell's Palsy
  108. Concerned, Confused, Need Help.... MS Questions! - Western PA Pittsburgh
  109. werid vision problems
  110. If Not Sjogren's then what is it?
  111. OCD worse at night? Wake up panicky anyone?
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  113. Does anyone have ear pain?
  114. Swollen Face
  115. IGIV Treatments?
  116. Seeking Advice!
  117. Anyone talk out of one side of their mouth?
  118. My Lyme test results
  119. please help me get a clue
  120. Lyme without fever, joint pain?
  121. Uneven lip/mouth
  122. Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling in head – Help!
  123. bells palsey
  124. what causes the right side of the face to fall
  125. Looking for some answers...
  126. Viruses-Labyrinthitis
  127. Superficial Siderosis
  128. question about lesions
  129. New and Scared
  130. Head to toe pain
  131. face tightening on right side of face and upper neck
  132. bells palsy
  133. why do i have burning sensation in the back of my head
  134. Strange one sided symptoms...help
  135. Frequent throwing up
  136. what would cause tingling to the right side of the face in diabetics?
  137. Stiff face
  138. numbness in my head and ear
  139. Progressive weakening of facial muscles
  140. Success on its way - finally.
  141. leg weakness
  142. Very Sick-Might Be Lyme Disease-Help!
  143. TMJ pain in the neck, literally...
  144. My Ridiculous 6 Year Health Problem: So The Jaw Is Responsible?
  145. Need Help With Facial Paralysis.
  146. Bells Palsy
  147. bull;s eye
  148. Newbie with first infection
  149. Maybe it's Lymes?!
  150. Face is numb
  151. Can any1 advise on Doc on Long Island Please
  152. new MS specialist
  153. LLMD in Maryland
  154. what improvments can i expect from treatment?
  155. new here w/ so many questions
  156. vist from a child hood friend
  157. recently diagnosed
  158. help! could this be a stroke?
  159. Is it important to start treatment early?
  160. LLMD in Georgia?
  161. I think I might have Lyme despite neggative tests. I need to desprately find help!
  162. IgM western blot test - I need some advice
  163. Mystery Diagnosis
  164. Bell's Palsy
  165. At the end of my Undiagnosed rope
  166. Multiple symptoms & getting worse. No diagnosis & getting desperate
  167. Ignorance
  168. Long history of symptoms - Is FM the diagnosis for me?
  169. Zoster or HSV 2 look like
  170. bellpalsy and irritation of optic nerve
  171. help please
  172. fibromyalgia and tooth pain
  173. Anyone get eye pain with migraines!?!?!
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  175. TIA at 24 and doctor is not helping me
  176. Help With My Symptoms!
  177. A Real Puzzler! Any guesses?
  178. Bells Palsy Recovery
  179. Please can anybody shed any light :(
  180. Do take my neuro word for it and say its psychological
  181. One-sided numbness/no coordination/normal tests---please help!
  182. Can't figure out what is wrong with me!
  183. Something most certainly wrong.
  184. Any ideas?
  185. I hurt all over...doctor ignores me...lymph infection...need advice!
  186. Is this lyme or something else, please help!
  187. 30 Year Old Female w/ Night Sweats
  188. I Dont Know What It Could Be????!?!?
  189. Swollen Tender Lymph Nodes
  190. Severe Jaw Pain and swollen lymph nodes behind ears, anyone else?
  191. Long time feeling down
  192. My face twitches when i smile. help!
  193. Please Help. I'm tired and I'm running out of fight.
  194. 4 Years of struggles any help I would appreciate it.
  195. Bell's Palsy~~any one else?
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  197. I've been sick off and on for 6 years
  198. Weird Feeling...
  199. Need support
  200. blood test questions - possible fibro?
  201. Poor health and trying to figure out whats causing fog, etc...
  202. Low potassium
  203. Serious health problem dont know what to do
  204. Dizziness, Fainting, Heart Palpitations, etc.
  205. Bells Palsy?
  206. West Nile or enlarged spleen
  207. Array of Symptoms, no explanation?
  208. night sweats
  209. Bell's Palsy~~any one else?
  210. Don't know whats wrong wit me eh.
  211. extreme muscle/joint pain
  212. Frustrated and still undiagnosed 4 years
  213. Chronic symptoms slowly getting worse
  214. numbness
  215. Is this Lyme's Disease, MS or?
  216. we don't know what's wrong with him
  217. Stroke or Bell's Palsy
  218. What's wrong with me
  219. Joint and muscle pain
  220. Bell's Palsy??
  221. Does my son have chicken pox?
  222. Bug/Spider Bite - Looking for 'bite picture chart'?
  223. Significant Insect Infection?
  224. Can't get my doctor to listen to me!
  225. bells palsy
  226. Help, please?
  227. have Bells Palsy what is happening
  228. Thyroid / Bells Palsy?
  229. weird.... I am coming down with Bells Palsy again
  230. Vestibular Neurtis to Bells Palsy?
  231. Headache for 2 months, now tingling...help please
  232. Lyme disease and bells palsy....
  233. Numbness in face
  234. Bells Palsy / Herpes?
  235. Muscle / Nerve Twitches, Movements
  236. Has anyone suffered from BELL PALSY?
  237. Has anyone experienced this before???
  238. Does anyone here suffer from Bell's Palsy?
  239. Can anyone list reasons for metallic taste and what to do for it?
  240. Age 44 Dr. thinks it's Alzheimer's-Could it be something else?
  241. Symptoms of ...I don't know what...?
  242. Why is my lower lip numb???
  243. bell's palsy
  244. dizziness, numbing, tingling, and pressure right side of face
  245. i gotta serious problem guys
  246. numing in face
  247. Eye / Face Twitching
  248. Straight Answers What could this be
  249. Bell's Palsy in Pregnancy
  250. Half face feeling numb